November 11, 2009

"You Gotta See This" Video Contest by AMO

Just a few months ago, I had an eye checkup as I was already complaining about eye strain. During the checkup, I found out that my left eye has a blurred vision as compared to my right one. Luckily, the attendant told me that I don't need a pair of eyeglasses or contacts. Speaking of eye checkup, a friend who has an eye condition mentioned about Lasik and that she was thinking of it as her best option to replace the discomfort that her pair of spectacle brings to her when worn. I got curious about it that I googled it and based on my research, Lasik is an eye treatment procedure that will correct and repair your vision

Incidentally, while I was researching I found out about a certain contest regarding laser vision correction. It is about “You Gotta See This” Video Contest, brought by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO). AMO has been a leader in laser vision correction and the people behind it wanted to help improve the lives of the people by offering solutions to eye problems. And by offering this contest, it is giving people the opportunity to be more aware of how they can have better lives by having better vision.

The contest is inviting participants to make and upload a video showing how an improved vision could change your life. Of course, the participants will have the chance to win cash and prizes. They can submit any video, as long as it falls under any of the categories:

• “My contacts are getting in the way of my good time”
• “My favorite sport or activity would be so much cooler with better vision”
• “You should see life after the iLASIK® Procedure”

The prizes at stake are as follows:

$5,000 Grand Prize

First Prize (one in each video category):

HDTV package — a $2,500 value

Second Prize (one in each video category):

The Flip UltraHD™ camcorder — a $199.99 value

To win, you can tell your friends and relatives to see and vote for your submitted video. The votes play a big factor to make your entry win one of those fabulous prizes. If you want to learn more about this contest, you can visit this site, iLASIK Video Contest.

I can't wait to see the participating videos and how the lives of the owners were transformed because of having a better vision, and of course, on who will win this contest. I can relate well to the advocacy of this contest because I can feel for the people experiencing the inconveniences because of suffering from poor vision. I hope that whoever reads this post will be inspired and will want to know more about AMO and iLasik.


November 9, 2009

My 7th Month Pregnancy

I am now on my 7th month. I am starting to feel really heavy, though I really haven't had gained more than 5 lbs each month. As per my last weigh-in on Nov. 5, I was only at 110 lbs. My back is also starting to ache, perhaps from the weight inside my tummy. It is now easy for me to get tired whenever I am out just strolling at the mall. And unlike the last time, my baby is now stronger. She would do a 'somersault' inside my womb. She would kick really hard that sometimes the hit hurts and makes me gasp for some breath for a few seconds.

It has sometimes become uncomfortable for me, but I feel the fulfillment of being a mother nurturing her baby inside her womb. I must say that am enjoying all these inconveniences. Even the strong kicks and somersaults bring me unexplainable joy and pride in my heart. I can't describe the feeling every time she would move. I can't fathom the weird yet contented feeling whenever I feel uncomfortable because she feels heavy now. It's perhaps an emotion that only expecting women and moms can understand and share with me.

This is already my second pregnancy but it feels like it's my first, making me very excited to finally see and meet my baby girl. And the fact that Yad is also very excited for the baby to come out doubles my happiness and fulfillment. I can see it in his eyes whenever we would talk about her. He already has plans on how he would take care of his baby sister. I am thankful that he isn't the type of kids who get jealous whenever a new member of the family is born. He already talks about learning how to change diapers and how he would take care of his little sister.

Baby, we are happy that you came into our lives. You are a blessing that I know will keep our lives fulfilled, happy, and contented. You will become a reason for everyone of us to continue fighting whatever the odd is. You will become an inspiration to me, your Mommy, Kuya Yad, and Daddy D. We can't wait for you to come out into this world and share the goodness of what it can offer us. We love you, baby!

November 2, 2009

DCTV - This Is A Letter For You!

Dear DCTV,

Here, please take a look first at the image above. I have been getting used to seeing that page and it has been my companion for a week that I thought we've already made friends and that it'll stick with me for a long time just like a loyal friend would.

What happened to our sweet deal, huh? Have you checked the paper that we both signed more than a year ago?

I have been very pissed lately with you, DCTV. It's almost a week since my internet connection was off and also a week of interruptions on my freelance writing gigs. You promised to restore it last week, but what? Still nothing? And guess what? I have been having bouts of intermittent connections for the past months too, for reasons that I don't have any idea of. Okay, I give credits to you for sending technicians aboard to fix whatever is there to fix, but why do the same trouble has to come back again? I do think, this all happened because of your poor service commitment to your loyal clients. And again, here is my news, I have confirmed that you have not been attending to your server, particularly to where my IP is connected, causing my internet to get ruined. So, isn't that called poor service?

I hate at the thought that I am paying you a complete month's subscription fee but I cannot fully take advantage of the agreed unlimited supply of online connection. Shouldn't you be paying me back for the week's loss of service? Or since I've already settled my latest account, at least a discount for my next bill? To think that I've already bought a Globe Tattoo and made unnecessary expenses because of your poor service! Shouldn't you be reimbursing that as well? And lastly, shouldn't I be considering calling our signed deal off and changing the internet subscription company now?

A Pissed Customer,


October 27, 2009

Let's Make Our Travel Dream Come True With Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific

Traveling to places abroad is a dream that is hard to achieve especially for the individuals who have always lived a 'make-ends-meet' lifestyle. There are just too many basic expenses and bills to take care of, that thinking of spending huge money over travels seemed not a very good idea at all.

I myself have been dying to go to Thailand, Korea, Japan and New Zealand for several years now, but I still can't because of financial constraints as one of the primary reasons. The fact that I am going to give birth to a baby girl in three months time doesn't help either. And the thought of the hospital bills, medicines, infant milk, diapers, baby essentials, and others makes traveling out of the options for another year or so.

Going out of the country is not exactly cheap, knowing how expensive hotel room rates are, not to mention the cost of a round-trip plane tickets was once so sky high. It is a good thing for us nowadays here in the Philippines that low ticket airfares have become available ever since the local airline companies begun sending out promotional campaigns to allow and help people of nearly all walks of life achieve their dream of flying.

Not a long time ago, plane tickets were so absurdly expensive that only the privileged ones can avail of the air flight. But now, everyone is given the chance to travel via air. In fact, many of my friends and colleagues already took the advantage and had been to Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia because of the local airline companies' low ticket costs promotional campaign.

And now that another inexpensive travel campaign courtesy of Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific has recently been released, traveling abroad has become very flexible for a majority of the people. Yes, if you have been waiting for this kind of opportunity, you can avail now because from October 27-30, there are super low room rates starting from US$30/night offered by this campaign.

There are over a million room nights which will be held on sale, and can be availed at participating hotels in the world's most exciting cities of Asia Pacific, including:
  • Thailand
  • Korea
  • China
  • Japan
  • HongKong
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • India
  • Bali
Staying period will be from December 2009 t0 April 2010, a time I believe is perfect to make our dream travel come true. And oh! Various hotels participating in this Super Sale super low room rates include:
  • Sofitel
  • Pullman
  • Grand Mercure
  • Novotel
  • Mercure
  • All Seasons, and
  • Ibis hotels
Why don't we check this out by visiting the website? I can't wait to tell my friends and relatives about this super fantastic deal. I know they would be raving about it particularly because they are planning again to take some time off and go out on another trip abroad.

With this promotional campaign, plus the low airplane ticket rates, I know it will be possible for me as well to make one of my dreams come true in the near future. I just hope though that similar campaign will be released in the future when I am ready to take long travel time. In the meantime, I will regularly check the website for updates.

Bon voyage to us all!

And Yes, They Are Right! It's A Baby Girl!

After six months of guessing, I am finally certain about the gender of my baby. It's a baby girl! I'm so thrilled after the OB-Gyne/Sonologist told me the ultrasound result showed a female in the scan. You could just imagine how I am exhilarated at the thought that on February 01, 2010 I am going to give birth to a baby girl I have been waiting all my life. Now, I feel complete. With Yad and his baby sister, I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me this blessing!

October 25, 2009


All an eagle would really like, is a teapot

October 22, 2009

My 2nd Ultrasound

I underwent my second ultrasound this afternoon. As I've mentioned in my last post, I wasn't supposed to undergo another test yet, but since I was really eager and excited to learn of my 2nd baby's gender, I urged my OB-Gyne to give me a recommendation. So, at 3:00PM this afternoon, the sonologist had a run over my belly with her apparatus to scan it. Boy, was I surprised with the result, or more appropriately, the discovery of my present pregnancy condition. It wasn't something that I would wish for, or any mom would for that matter, but I was really stunned after the sonologist announced it. It never crossed my mind until today that my condition would be like this, but I hope it would still change. I am not ready to divulge about it here unless I had a talk with my OB-Gyne first, so I am going to have an early checkup this week because this is something that I wasn't prepared for.

About the gender of the baby, I'll write about it in my next post.

October 17, 2009

They Say I Am Going To Have A Baby Girl! :-)

I've been meaning to post something here for the last two weeks, but it just happened now. Pardon me again for that as I only found myself willing to put another entry here today. There has been much going on lately with me and it was expected since I am into another relevant phase of my life.

Regarding my pregnancy, I am now on my 24th week (as per my last visit to my OB-gyne on October 7th, she told me I was on my way to 23-24 week), or perhaps older. I and Daddy R found it confusing as we thought I am still a little early on my pregnancy. But if that's what the OB said, so be it. I don't want to do more computations for now. All I'm waiting is February 2, 2010, the baby's due to come out.
I found my second pregnancy way easier to handle than my first. In fact, after going through the first semester which involved a lot of morning sickness and other unpleasant experiences, I am now really enjoying this whole thing. I am so excited for the baby to come out. Perhaps, one big factor for this excitement is the fact that almost all of my colleagues I bump into believe I am gonna have a baby girl this time because of the aura I exude.

As most of my friends already knew, I have been desperately longing to have a baby girl - largely because I don't have a sister; and all my life, was deprived of the stuff that usually shared between two girl siblings. You could just imagine how I long to be with at least a sister to share clothes, gossips and heartaches with.

All my pre-pubescent, teenage, and adult life, there was never a sister to consult with and so at the back of my mind, I was partly (only partly) blaming my being a unica hija in the family to lack the needed factors during my growing up as a female. I mean, my mother could have replaced a sister's position, but I always thought she can never do that since it's so different. So, perhaps you see now why I have been so obsessed at having a baby girl?

If this baby comes out of my womb with a feminine genitalia, I would probably be the merriest mom on the world. Not that I'm being unfair or biased here or I'd be disappointed if it's gonna be a boy, since I knew in my heart I would still be the merriest mom come February 2 regardless of the gender; but the thought of having a baby girl just couldn't get through me.

It really electrifies more my anticipation to bond with her for the rest of her life. I knew it would be like having a dream come true for me. Dressing her up, guiding her until she grows up and becomes the fine woman every man will adore and respect, and simply just talking to her like we're buddies, are thoughts that touch and extend my already uplifted-due-to-my-pregnancy emotions.
Daddy R wanted another baby boy and said we could have a girl for the third member of the siblings. But, given the rather complex situation, I am not banking on that chance that is likely or unlikely to happen in the future. Obviously, we were having conflicted interests when it comes to kids, but in fairness to him, he has said twice that whatever it is to come out, we will welcome with the whole of our hearts. If it's a girl, the favor was on me. If it's a boy, then it's his. Whatever it is, this second baby is another greatest thing that happened to our lives, next to Yad.

Because I can't contain my excitement, I am going to undergo an ultrasound come Monday to determine the gender of the baby even if the OB-gyne did not think it was a good idea at this stage. She said that I could have the test next month so we'd have clear results, but no, I want to know now. I am just too excited that I cannot sleep on this thought each evening. So, goodluck to us, Daddy R! Whoever's favor wins, we are gonna have a helluva new life with our second tot!

Baby, I am so excited, so please show up your cute little, ehem, genitals as mommy is having her ultrasound examinations, alright? We love you so much!

October 3, 2009

Busted Desktop!

After a few days of being offline, I am back. The reason of my "absence," is due to a busted desktop. Yes, my desktop went useless after it's hard disk got stuck up. I made several attempts to make it work, hoping it was just a mild technical problem that goes away after I allowed my desktop to rest for a while. Unfortunately, only for futile efforts. I remember posting an entry here days back about requiring a new memory as my computer was starting to act up. Now, it turned out it needed a different computer replacement part.
After coaxing the husband of my cousin Weng to check my computer, we found out that I need a new hard drive. Waaahhh! That spells shelling a few thousands of pesos! Too bad for me because I was trying to save up for the past days to pay a yearlong debt to a friend, and for the expenses I am about to occur in the near future for my plans of moving out. Added to the injury is the fact that I can no longer retrieve all the files I compiled since 2006. Great!

But since it is through this desktop and my internet connection where I earn some moolah from my freelance gigs, I have no choice but to buy a new hard disk. So, much as I hate parting with some of my of earned money, I went out late this afternoon to buy a new hard drive. Found one, got it installed, for free because Lan won't charge me a dime for his services (Thanks to you!). So I am here once again.

Sigh! The downside of technologies! You gotta maintain them to give you good functioning life for a long while. And when you mean maintenance, it involves doing upgrades, periodic checkups, taking good care of what you do with them, and so on and so forth. Anyway, I'm just a little lucky that I got some ready cash to spend for this necessity.

Now, I am here to accept freelance writing gigs again. Sigh, if only we no longer need freelance gigs here! Anyway, I am thankful that there are freelance jobs available, so work-at-home moms, like me, can still earn money while steady employment is not for me to take yet.

September 24, 2009

Mystery Shoppers Wanted!

Out of boredom, I opened the Facebook application, Restaurant City, to entertain myself a little early this afternoon. While it was loading, I noticed the ad placed at the right part of the page named "Mystery Shoppers Wanted." I have a vague notion of what mystery shoppers are so it caught my interest. I clicked on it to see what it was about and seconds later was directed into this site. Click if you want to see.

I know there are existing real mystery shopping jobs out there, but this one wasn't anywhere near it. Let me tell you how I found this out:

If you open the site, you will find a testimonial story of a certain Rosario Bautista, attesting to the fact how she earned quite a huge sum of money (Php70,000 after only a week, what the heck!) allegedly coming from Google by simply posting links.

Yes, you read it right. Google, the giant internet company. I know Google pays people posting links, but only via Adsense. And you have to have a blog or website in order to become a member. I'm a legitimate Adsense member myself, but to this date I haven't earned a dime (that's because of my blog's anonymity for quite a while).

To continue my story, I got excited and interested (who wouldn't when you are promised to earn quick cash by doing simple instructions?). I then opened the site she claimed the reason of her quick cash flow. It's called "Internet Home Business Kit." Her story was supported by a number of comments/testimonials how it likewise worked for them so it even fueled my excitement. If you too got interested after reading it and convinced by the simple instructions, I don't blame you, because I myself was already on the verge of filling out the needed information. It's a good thing that I stopped to do some precautionary measures first. So, don't just fill out any information yet, especially the credit card section.

As many of my friends know what I have been doing for a living while I am unemployed and a student at the moment, I have been writing web articles of different topics, which included online opportunities, homebased residual income opportunities, work-at-home online jobs, etc. etc. Why I am telling you this? Because this job has given me lots of advantages other than financial benefits, specifically as it is through some of my freelance writing gigs that I got indirectly and a little educated yet enough for me to identify legitimate from illegitimate homebased online jobs.

So while I am guilty at believing for a minute that this "Internet Home Business Kit" might be legitimate and so tried filling out that form, I did the first thing that I always do before hitting the submit button (or joining any earn money online scheme), research before proceeding.

What did I find? For experienced online people (like me?), you guessed it right:


The Facebook ad "Mystery Shoppers Wanted" is misleading. And more importantly, illegitimate too because the site is run by some people belonging to category of freeloaders, scammers, and fraudsters. They make their evilish intentions work by directing you to input very minimal yet confidential information, such as your Visa or Mastercard information, and promising to send you a free kit with instructions how to earn online money from Google in exchange of a measly USD3.99 for the shipping fee. It turned out, that system charges your credit or debit card higher. If you already filled that form out, chances are, your card is already debited with as high as USD88.00 or even more.

And, pun intended, congratulations! Because you just recently became the victim of those unscrupulous, evilish freeloaders/fraudsters!

Here's the lesson I learned a long time ago:

If you are inexperienced in the field of legitimate online work at home jobs, beware at filling out forms, and by golly, at paying any amount, no matter how little or big, without doing a research first. While there are numerous kinds of legitimate online homebased jobs, a double or triple even of that number is alloted for scammers.

So, addicted Facebookers, and even non-facebookers yet frequent online users, be very aware and don't just get easily smitten by those false misleading claims. Educate yourself about this matter. There are lots of information you can get from the internet, don't just turn on your desktop and use waste it to Facebook, Youtube, download, chat, and social network. Research, research, research, and research!

Read the supporting article I researched for this issue.

September 22, 2009

Does He Remember Today Is Our Appointment With The Doctor?

It was only last night that I remember today is my monthly pre-natal checkup. If I didn't remember this important pregnancy date until last night, I am more than a hundred percent it never crossed Daddy R's mind that he gotta be here today.

Being a pregnant mommy, I always want the daddy of my baby to be with me always, especially during my monthly checkups and when I am craving for something to eat or when I am going to shop maternity or baby clothes/essentials, or other pregnancy-related activities. But as hard the situation that it is today, I can't always get what I want now. He is so busy that I have to always remind him whenever I need him to accompany me to the doctor and share the experiences of dealing with this whole pregnancy.
"..Sometimes, I can't help but take pity because of the thought that why do I have to go alone when we did and wanted this together?"

I always believe that it is a conjugal interest or initiative or obligation, or whatever you call it, for mom and dad to go to the OB together so both will have knowledge of the condition not only of the baby's but the mom's as well. I am not saying that dads have to come each time but I am more compelled to think that they should feel obliged especially to hear the first heartbeats of the baby, hold her hands during ultrasounds, learn of the baby's sex, check its anatomy, and other similar significant events.

Besides, it is bonding moment for us three together. I always feel great when Daddy R drives me to the clinic and supports me when I have to go into the cubicle of the OB-gyne. Somehow, it gives me the sense of security, protection, care, and love. I always treasure the moment that he has to get himself involved during my second pregnancy. After all, he wasn't there the entire time when I was doing the same with Yad, our first-born, was he?
"...Would it be unfair for me to assume or expect he would be more than thrilled now to share this whole experience since we never get to during my first pregnancy of Yad and so this second has become our real 'first family experience?' Forgive me, but I feel terribly devastated now. Sob!"

During my previous prenatal visits, I don't care if I look like a nagging partner just to convince him to go with me and we do it together. But today, I don't feel like doing the same. As proud as I always am, I get tired of constantly reminding him that today is my checkup so he needs to stop whatever he is doing and accompany me. I get tired of the thought that he is not thinking enough of us to always forget this special date. And so, my pained ego says again, don't make the first move...

... And yet, I don't want to go alone... What am I gonna do?:-(
" ...It saddens me to think that his business and other occupancies matter more to him than us. It depresses me to think that money comes first before family."

Now, I'm really having second thoughts as to contact Daddy R and remind him that today is our appointment with the doctor. I really want him to remember and contact me first. How happy and fulfilled would I feel if he calls me first and asks me to prepare because we have to go to the doctor now.
"...Sigh. I feel so discontented... though it is not so right."

I know I have to be positive with all these things, but yeah, of course, I never forget it and I am always full of hope albeit it doesn't always manifest because I am always grumpy and critical towards him whenever we are together.

"But... If only he knew... that I feel so BLESSED that he is here for us now and is giving me a brand new joy with this second baby."

... I just wish he'd give me more reasons to keep feeling that way.


September 21, 2009

God Has The Highest Good For Me, I Know...

Okay, I'm doing a quick post yet again for this day since my day is filled with hectic schedule, from school to an appointment/meeting with colleagues to dropping by some places for importat errands. I have to drop by at Yona's office at Circa to get an important document Ry had sent through his brother Rowell. By the way, Ry, thanks much! I owe you one for that. I also have to go to Peachy's house again to borrow some important documents which are necessary for my meeting later after lunch.

Anyway, back to why I am doing this quick post, I have browsed some Friendster pages this morning and I now realized I am regretting this action as it has done nothing but clouded my already shrouded/blackened emotions. Now, I am feeling very bad about something for the nth time, to the point that I am now holding back my tears. There's a huge lump in my throat that I am trying to gulp back with difficulty caused probably by the rising anger and pity in my heart.

After all those months, it still pains me a lot. I can't remember ever feeling this way. I can't believe this is happening to me. I don't know when I would ever overcome this nagging reality. I know it is unhealthy to wallow in anger and pity, not to mention that it could affect the precious thing I am carrying in my womb, but in times like this, I really can't help it.

There's always a time when I can't help but look back at what happened and wish I could turn back time or erase the memories so everything would go back to its normal life again. It is also during these times that I really need to gather all my strengths and guts so I can face all the troubles in my life. Or else, you will never see me smiling again.

There is no doubt that I can make things run the way I want them too, but I knew also that they
would not always be according to my will. All I know is that there is sunshine after the rain. Glory after sufferings. Light after darkness. And hope after pain. My baby and Yad alone are already one of the greatest blessings in my life. I am leaving it all up to God above. He knows what's best for me and He has this great plan documented in His book for my future. I may never knew it at this time, but I knew everything and everybody will be in the right places at the right time.

As what I would always say it: INSHALLAH!

September 18, 2009

Need A Memory

I'm having a problem with my desktop lately. There are times when it is so slow that I have to wait for a while before a page can load up. I have it reformatted not too long ago so I knew it wasn't about the virus. The internet connection service is also doing well. So, that makes me think I need to get an additional RAM, at least another 512MB, or 1GB.

September 16, 2009

Gotta Be More Careful W/ This Pregnancy

Just got back from downtown Legazpi. Was so warm outside I thought my body will give in from the tormenting and exhausting hot temperature. Although I've gone to DTI only this morning, it was tiring since I have to go back and forth to DTI and outside to have some documents photocopied and my 500 bill changed.

The fact that I am five months along the way didn't help. When I got back home, I was a little afraid because my lower abdomen was in a little pain. It's like the baby was pushed low that it was about to come out. I instantly took a bed rest and though I have a meeting later this afternoon, I ignored the fact that I might be late. My baby is more important than anything else, so my colleagues would have to wait for me.

Anyway, I have to be more careful next time if I don't want to lose my baby. Walking too much, I think, is not advised at this stage of pregnancy. I must not forget to consult my OB regarding this matter later at my next visit this week.

I wish Daddy R is here all the time so there'll be someone who will drive for me wherever I go. But, of course, that is impossible at the moment. He has more important things to do than be at my side all day and night, right Daddy?

Well, maybe you can give me a car and a driver instead?

Daddy R, are you reading my blog?

September 10, 2009

Tame Me... If You Can

Can you tame me? Coz I doubt if you can. And if you think you can, how?

Forgive me, but there is no doubt in my mind that am really doubting if you can...

You see, it's gonna be hard because you yourself has not been a good example to me. How can you tell what is good for me when you did me wrong in the first place? How can you say that I am sheerly a stubborn woman, when it was you who enforced my mind to be always searching for truth, or my heart to become hard like I was never before? I am in utter confusion, my dear! You brought this on...

So sorry that I'm being hard on you during my difficult times.

I cannot always submit to you because I cannot pretend that I like submitting to whatever you say. I was willing to surrender once, but what happened? How did it go? How did things can go wrong this way?

Is there room for forgiveness? Is there any for me to lighten up to you? I am begging you, please tell me how... 'Coz it's always been hard to wallow in this dark pit of emotion. But, I admit, I still wanna be what you desire for me to be one day... even though I get so crazy b'coz of your craziness...

'coz you see? are an important piece of my life.

But Dear One, I know, Inshallah!

September 9, 2009

Found An Apartment...

I almost forgot I have a Midterm Exam at 1:00 PM today. And it's almost 11:00 AM, so I know I have to be preparing especially since I haven't browsed my notes yet. Anyway, I will do just a quick post.

The other day, I found an apartment in downtown Legazpi. I should say I liked it coz it's relatively big enough for a starting family. The 2-storey apartment is nice, clean, has 2 bedrooms, a bath, a living/receiving room, kitchen-cum-dining, dirty kitchen, and laundry area. The two adjoining bedrooms are upstairs, and this is the only fault I can see since I don't know if it's alright for an expectant mom to do the stairs daily. Anyway, I have to do some consultation regarding with that matter.

The apartment is one of the five units in the compound. I like it because only two of the five units are being rented. The other one has already been occupied while the other one was just recently vacated on that day so I must be really quick if I really wanted it. The other three were up for renovation. You know these days? Everyone seems to be looking for a place coz we found it kind of hard to locate a nice vacant house or apartment. Or maybe, we were just being choosy, that's why.

But anyway, the place will be safe for the kids because of the gate. According to the other tenant, the location is quiet and safe. No delinquent reports. Good, coz all the more that I'm liking it. And oh! I haven't mentioned it's near Estevez Hospital, so just in case it's my due, no problem to hospital access.

The only big deal will be the other person as he hasn't seen it yet since he didn't arrive yesterday. I hope he will today so I can show him the place and the apartment. I hope he likes and approves as it will still be up to his judgment if we can have it or not. *Fingers crossed*

Have to go now! Gotta hit my notes for the exams! Have a great day, everyone! Ciao!


September 7, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMA MARY! goodluck to my physics exams today too...

It's the 8th of the month. And it's also the birthday of our Beloved Mama Mary.


It's also our first day of midterm exams. Well, it's actually the third (or fourth if they included Saturday) day. The midterm started on Wednesday, September 2, but since that day was declared as no classes, the first day was moved today. Thursday and Friday schedule of exams was retained as second and third, respectively. Anyway, I was just telling you this to show how is AUL when it comes to doing schedules and re-schedules hehehe.

So, since it's Mama Mary's birthday today, I know She will be guiding me during my entire Physics exams. I know you love me, Ever Loving Mother of all Filipinos! I love you too, my Mama Mary!

September 6, 2009

Happy Long Weekend Vacation!

It's a non-working holiday here in the Philippines! Not surprisingly, PGMA declared the burial of Ka Erdy Manalo, the 84-yr(?) old Iglesia Ni Cristo's leader!

It also means, no classes and midterm exams for us today! Yay!

Well, not entirely no exams as the day was only moved for tomorrow. So, I still gotta hit my notes else I'd flank my Physics.

Anyway, I just wish we are all having a happy long vacation!

September 5, 2009

Blog Revamped! Need Your Links Back!

Obviously, I have my blog newly revamped.
I didn't remember how tedious revamping a blog site can be until just now. The last time I remodeled this site was probably two years ago. The last 3months or so, this was left almost untouched, so I found myself starting from scratch.

You can just imagine the time I spent searching blogger templates, editing html stuff, moving widgets, and etc. Lucky for me, I found this newly-uploaded template from this source. If you want to remodel your site, you can find free templates from that website too.

Anyway, since I've changed the theme of this blog site, I've lost all the old widgets, links, and stuff including blog lists. So, if you want the link of your site added, kindly put your url in the comment section so I can add it again. For my co-bloggers and friends who know my YM or email, you can just buzz me the URLs of your site/s. I will gladly put them back.
Do you like my new template? I love it. It's called COFFEEDESK. I am a caffeine addict, so no need to explain, lol! Which makes me remember, I can't take any caffeinated beverage because of my condition not until february 2, 2010. Boohoo for that!

Back to topic, I still have got a lot to do with this site. I need to recover the old links, widgets, and banners from the websites I previously signed with. It will take more time to do that, but in the meantime, I will settle for what this site has for now.

Why I have revamped this site, you may ask? As I've mentioned from my previous posts, I wanna revive this blog for the second time. And this is just the start of all of it.

Once again, I am back to the blogosphere! So, welcome me, you there co-bloggers!

September 3, 2009

My Decision Will Be My Decision

He is not amenable to my decision of my moving out...yet. Says it is not safe for me since I would be alone most of the time when I finally move into the house. Despite my few efforts of convincing him, Yad still doesn't want to come with us because he's a heavy heart leaving mama and papa, plus his tito's.

Yad grew up closer to my mother than me because she was the one who raised and took care of him from the very first day he was born. I don't know how to convince him, but I know he's just in a state of shock. This is gonna be his first major change in his life after all; so I understand how difficult it could be for him.

As for him, I understand his point, because he would be gone most days of the week due to his business and other reasons. He is worried for my safety when there is no one to look after me when we finally move in to a new house. I am in a delicate condition right now, with my 4th going to 5th month expectancy.

Yet, I need this big decision because if not now, when would I ever start growing up and taking care of myself or learning how to care for my own family? Of course, as he would always say, I am always the same obstinate Jirlie. Stubborn mind in a naive, vulnerable small woman that I am.

So, end of the story?

After several attempts of talking me out of my decision, it is clear to him that no more conversation for this issue as I firmly made up my mind the moment I made it. Well, I hope so! In the meantime, I would continue looking for a nice place and start packing my clothes (and Yad's, for God's sake, he will come whether he likes it or not!) as soon as we find one. Period.

September 2, 2009

Soon, Moving Out - Big Decision, Big Step Of A Future

Middle Term Examination Week...

I can't believe it's less than two months before the semester ends. I thought I'll never do it, but way to go, I am at last very near it! You go, Jirl!

On another topic...

I am off to school in a little while to check my schedule of exams.

And also off to some places to look for a house for rent after school.

Yes, I am moving out.

Because I need to build a life of my own. Not under my parents' protection and care. Because I am no longer their only little girl who will continue to depend on them with every failure I make myself. I must learn to live on my own. I must learn to get by without their hands on me every time I stumble to the ground and am on my knees.

Besides, I am making my own family now. So, isn't it inappropriate for me to still shelter myself around my parents and brothers?

I am a little afraid, but hey! If others can, why can't I? I am also a little excited, but fear's a larger quantity of what's been creeping my thoughts since I've come to this HUGE decision.

But I know, I will learn. Maybe not from the start. But, eventually, I will be standing on my own two little, vulnerable feet. One person is guiding me, so at least, that helps me feel a little better.


September 1, 2009

I'm gonna be back...

I hope to get back in the blogosphere! Soon, I will! After all this chaos of my life started simplifying itself, and then I will be here! Go Jirl!

August 19, 2009

One Web of Lies and Thousand More Faith and Trust

It's been ages since I posted an entry here. I know. There is no excuse. But now, I will start trying my best to be a regular postee in my own blog. Sounds an easy task, but man, that's become a tough one for me since I started dealing with drastic changes in my life for the past months. I am dying to have something to do during those times, something that will really take my mind off things.

But blogging became never one of them.

I should have paid attention to this blog, especially this one's become my sanctuary in the past when I wanted to blurt things up in the absence of my real best friends, never mind the fact that it's also provided me good monetary opportunities.

But if you know me, a master of procrastinating things and an expert of becoming sedentary for a quite a time, blogging, despite with all the goodness that it's brought on, will really just become a thing of the past.

Thank goodness that I have started eliminating these bad habits, and so far, so good... Now, I am trying to momentarily deviate myself away from my current predicaments.

It's good for me.

After all, I am gonna have another serious turn of my life, one that's sure to bring a not-so unfamiliar angles of future for me.

I have been hurting for the past months.
I have pitying myself for the past months.
I have been allowing anger to take hold of me for the past 3 months.
I have been letting all negativity to flow in me that I have become bitter and bitter as the days wore on and until I found myself doing nothing but cry in the middle of my solitude moments and making me despise one person each time.

For the most part, I would hate the lies webbed and entangled to us. But I realize, if not for my painfully naivete and little less careful manner, all this wouldn't happen.

And so, I am a little easier on you now. Just for the reason that I was also a part of it.

As they say, nothing and no one's accountable for what is happening to you, except you...


you are that person who started all of it.

So, don't blame me if I continue to blame you and hold accountable for the big part of all this

But don't worry, you little master-webber-of-lies!

I am a little alright now. And yes, though I can't believe it, YOU STILL HOLD A VERY SOFT SPOT HERE IN MY HEART...

After all the meditations and realizations, I decided I am making things even worse than it was by wallowing in self-pity. There's no good in living in what-has-been and what-would-have-been, or what-ifs and if-I-only-knew. I must live to look forward to the good things that will come out from all of this. This is God's perfect plan for me, and a perfect way to trust and have faith in Him even more today...

Before I am consumed by my own emotions of anger, hatred, regrets, and despise, I am moving forward. Just to show to you that I never surrender. Just to show to myself that I am still a child of God, whom will never leave me especially in the midst of storms. I am a woman, a strong woman. I will get by, will work through this situation just as gracefully and effectively as I always be.

Now, why don't I keep my attitude positive and hopeful? Let's see what happens next.

All Good Luck is in me!

"I Am A Strong Woman, Perfected By God In His Image!"

July 3, 2009

For The Nth Time, Lights Off Here In Ligao!

For the nth time, the lights went off and nothing was saved so I am starting again with this post. I am not home, I am here in Ligao City, in an internet shop, while waiting Dadi to return from his visit to the quarry site for machine testing. It's really frustrating, but I know, it was beyond my control. So, hold your temper, little Jirl!

Try Again...

Just when I was about to finish my entry, the lights went off and nothing was saved. So, here I am again, starting from scratch. Sigh! By the way, I am not home. I am here in Ligao, in an internet shop, waiting for Dadi to come back from the site he is visiting for machine testing.

My post was about trying to revive this blog. It has been months since my last update, so I am pretty much stuck up at what I should do to make this blog alive again. In the months that this site went stagnant was also the months that brought so much changes in my life. If I would to with them down here one by one, one day or few days would not be enough for me to do so.

So, even though It's hard starting this blog for the second time, I am trying. I have not only missed the blogging times when I wanted to put down my opinions and personal thoughts but lost so many opportunities, and maybe a few hundreds of dollars in equivalent.

But never mind, what's important is that I am back again...

I Am Reviving This Blog!

I need to revive this blog. But I don't know how. I have a vague idea when this site's started to get stagnant. I have lost many opportunities, that could amount to hundreds of dollars, and one that I could use to so many things right now.

In the months that I left this blog without the updates that it needed from me, more than a thousand of things has happened in between. Things that would forever change my future! If I would to write them down one by one here, perhaps, it would take at least not only a day but weeks for me to do so.

By the way, I dumped my old URL months ago. And perhaps, you are wondering why. Well, if you are a close friend (or even not so-close), you probably knew the reason. So, forgive me, but nothing for me to elaborate here.

But, anyway, now that I have started thinking about this blog, it is a signal that I am back once again. I want to start doing those opportunities as extra dollars has always been a big help. I want to regularly update this blog because it is one way to release my inner feelings and just to have somewhere to write off when I have an opinion to write down. And more importantly, to continue the friendship I have made with many co-bloggers from across the world.

So, now, please welcome me back! Coz, I intend to not let this blog rot down into oblivion.

May 23, 2009

Happiness Is The Term...

I am happy... so happy. I don't want to think of any other things, besides the reason why I am being so happy right now. I don't wanna cut it too short, because it's real happiness that I am feeling. 

May 2, 2009



Bob Arum couldn't agree more to that when Hatton loses via knockout only after 2 rounds of the fight. In fact, that was a quote from him.  

PacMan, you are truly the greatest! The most ginormous fighter! Truly a Filipino Pride!

Congratulations, Manny Pacquiao! And thank you for always  being a saving grace to the nation's failing reputation. 

Mabuhay Pilipinas!

May 1, 2009

Labor Day Here!

It's the first of May and the entire Philippines is observing the Labor's Day.

Happy Long Weekend to All!

April 14, 2009

What Do You Do To Make Things Right?

Ever gotten into a situation where you cannot decide over one thing because you don't know what to do even though you know what you MUST do? Sounds perplexing, but I do. Right now. 

Well, heck! I don't wanna trouble myself with that. I know this is a serious issue. In fact, a matter between lifetime happiness or eternal discontentment. But, hell, I knew in my heart, things will fall right into their respective places. Just need to wait for that right time. Let them do the worrying. 'Coz me? I will stay beautiful and kicking as always! lolz!

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April 8, 2009

First Letter Tag

The Rules: Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each questions. You can't use any answer twice and don't use your own name for questions # 3 & 4. After you're done, tag 10 people.

1. What is your name? Jirl 
2. A four letter word: Jump
3. A boy's name : Jaerald
4. A girl's name : Jem
5. An occupation : Jock
6. A color : Jade green
7. Something you wear : Jade Pendant
8. A type of food : Jelly
9. Something found in the bathroom : Jockey
10. A place : Jacksonville
11. A reason for being late : Jaded
12. Something you shout : Jeezzz!
13. A movie title : Jurassic Park
14. Something you drink : Jin hehehe Jack
15. A musical group : Journey
16. A street name : Jose Abad Santos
17. A type of car : Jaguar
18. A song title : Jaded by Aerosmith
19. A verb : Jog

Whew! Madali lang pala to! lolz!

Anyone can take this tag... Go, grab and post it on your site too! 

April 5, 2009

Love 'Em Dolphins!

If you click the above link, you will find these cute little dolphins. I can't get over them. They are just so the cutest thing I've ever adored! Super lovable! I remember Leigh, a friend from college. She just super loves dolphins and I'm sure she'll gonna love this site. 

Are you fan of dolphins too? Check them here if you do:

March 23, 2009

Here Is Me Again! ;)

Apparently, I haven't reached my final decision whether yet I've to close this site down or not. Which, fortunately for me and am happy because I've got a heavy heart doing that. So, I might just continue doing this blog. Hmm, I need it anyway. So, well? 

Anyway, I am posting yet another nonsense here but then I am starting a tiny step to let out my passion again. And that, should I say, is a big step towards getting back that once-enthusiastic-me over blogging and writing. Few more courage and then this site will be up and kicking again. Wish me for that. 

Mornighty, sweets! Hope we all've sweet dreams and they come true the morning or days after. Ciao!

March 22, 2009

I'm Back.... Not!

Hello everyone! 

Not that you missed me, but I'm still apologizing that this site is swimming into oblivion. I missed Bubbles of Thoughts! But, unfortunately, I still don't have the motivation to write something really worthwhile here. *sigh* 

So, ciao for now! I'm gonna go to bed, it's quite late here in the Philippines. My computer's eternal clock says it's the unholy hour of 1:38 in the morning. And my rhinitis is getting worse after it went down on me a few days ago because of neglecting my body's supply of ascorbic acid few weeks since. Stupid me for that! Really need to visit the doctor to ask prescription meds. In the meantime, I am off to bed and rest now.

Nighty (or mornighty?), everyone! 

March 5, 2009

This Blog Has Earned 10,008 Hits!

It's a surprise that even though this blog hasn't been regularly updated, there were still people who continue to come back to visit it. And even more surprising is the fact that, to date, it has earned 10,008 visitors/readers. When I started this blog, I never imagined it would attract visitors/readers/bloggers from different parts of the world. I even remembered constantly complaining to my colleagues coz at one time it didn't seem to earn a good decent enough number of visitors and at another time that it did, I thought it was too slow that at one point, I got really discouraged at the idea of continuing this blog site. But, now, I am glad that I did not stop updating it until it has marked its own niche, albeit at a considerably microscopic spot, in the blogosphere. Along its journey, I was able to earn some blogger friends and discovered ways to monetize it on the one side. I am still not certain whether I still want to continue updating or to close it down for good but I am glad that it is still up at this moment. 

February 8, 2009

Shall I Close This Site Down Or Not?

For a time, I have considered closing this site down for good. For what reason, you probably might ask me. Well, major one is sort of personal but another reason is I find no lots of time to attend to this. This site is very important to me. Although it hasn't been as successful as those sites ranking #1 at search engines and raking in pots and pots of dollars, Bubbles of Thoughts is significant to me. It is an extension of my life, in the sense that when I don't have someone to discuss with, to talk with, to pour out my thoughts with, I turn to this site and do those things like it has a life of its own and can understand me. I know my fellow bloggers know what I am talking about. I wrote random things here as a result of my imaginations, opinions, thoughts, and just sheer nonsense. Presently, I have been occupied by a lot of other important things that I don't know if I still can regularly update this blog. Now, if you would ask me, I am still in the process of deciding whether I would have to keep this blog or not. For those who have been visiting this site even though it has been sitting for a long time, I thank you for appreciating it and I apologize at the same time for not updating it so often. I wish I'd have more heart and will to continue looking after this blog. After all, it has done me a lot of good things, not only money-wise but the chance to meet other people on the blogosphere. 

January 21, 2009

Blogging and Advertising - Bloggers and Advertisers

Blogging nowadays has stirred a lot of interest among almost all kinds of individuals. Some do it for the sheer purpose of having a platform where they can write whatever they want or have a journal-like site where they can scribble the daily events that transpired with or around their lives. While some others blog for monetary purpose.

At first, my objective when I started this blog in 2006 was to turn it into some sort of journal so I can have a platform where I can release my opinions or whatever is in my heart and my mind. For the first year, I have neglected it because of lack of drive and perhaps because at that time I still haven't had my internet connection. But after seeing my former colleagues going gaga over blogging thing because of the monetary compensation they were getting from different sources, which basically just require them to write about a certain product or service, I begin to see blogging in a different way.

That's when I started running into sources to turn this blog into money-generating machine. Yes, I went with the flow. I registered into a number of websites that pay bloggers for writing reviews, promoting products and services, and advertising on blogs. Next thing I know, I begun realizing that my paypal account started to accumulate a nice, decent amount of dollars. To date, that amount has helped me pay for my internet bills, my personal needs, and sometimes, travel fares. Isn't that a great thing? In these days when we are stricken with financial difficulty, everyone seems to receive meager income. Therefore, everyone needs to be really resourceful. And blog marketing is just one good way to augment everyone's meager income.
And for the purpose of getting another source of income, I registered with PayingPost. The site has already received a new, simple layout which makes it easier for me to navigate. It connects bloggers and advertisers by having the former write about the products/services of the latter. The principle is, advertisers pay bloggers for the exposure of their products/services, while bloggers earn as much as they want. Now, that I say, is lesser effort for advertisers of product promotions/advertisements and for bloggers to earning huge sum of money, wouldn't you agree?

So Much To Look Forward To AFter US Pres Obama's Inauguration Day

I stayed up late last night because I wanted to watch the INAUGURATION of Barrack Obama as the 44th President of United States of America. It was 1:00AM here in the Philippines when he was sworn in, and even if it was rather late for my sleeping time, I stayed wide awake just to witness this very historic event that happened to America, and to the world, so to speak.

Obama is the first African-American that serve the US with the highest leadership level. He is black. He has lived in different parts of the globe. He is also no doubt a charismatic speaker. America is still in recession. Many lost their jobs and many are living a life sub-standard than the kind they used to enjoy. And due to the US economic difficulty that started a few years ago, the world has caught the epidemic and is also in the same page financial page. There are wars going on, Iraq, Gaza strip, Israel, Palestine, even here in the Philippines. Terrorism is still a worldwide problem.

These are factors that made people believe Obama is the ideal person to serve the US and the world. They decided that he is the answer to the burgeoning worldwide financial and security crises. That's why the American citizens voted for him to win and was inaugurated last night as the new US President. And because of this turnout, it is not only the Americans but the people of the world who celebrated it. Amazingly, the world has caught the Obama fever. This was clearly manifested by last night's attention the globe has paid to in the swearing in of Obama under a sacred and legal oath. In fact, the whole world stopped the whole time the event transpired. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world tuned in to be part of this making of a new history.

Time had even stood still when he delivered his speech. The atmosphere was electrifying when the whole world waited for all what he has to say. I can say he is indeed a person who is exuding a lot of wisdom and charisma when he talks. His speech was rich and substantive of heartfelt promises. And it is apparent that the people believe whatever he says. He is like a magnet that attracts all people and make them pay attention. You feel the depth of his commitment to this new chapter of his life.

To expect a lot from this big man is not surprising. But the burden is his. He has lots of pressure in his shoulder to deal with. The people has high hopes and highest of high expectations from him. Somehow, this is kind of frightening. It is as if there is no room for Obama to make mistakes. People have made that clear. But what if he does? Will people accept it? What if Obama is not as good as he is in the honeymoon stage as in the later stage of his presidency? It is too early to tell.

In the meantime, we know what is certain. The whole world, including me, is very positive and is depending on him to change the world.

As what he puts it in one part of his speech last night, "the world has changed, and we must change with it."

January 19, 2009

They All Come In P's!

If you haven't followed the singing and guesting stints of Charice Pempengco to various States in America, here is a mini-slide show created by barako221 of Youtube. Thanks, man, for doing this slideshow!

I love the comment of bennyhilg:

"just like the international 3P's



Oo nga no? They all come in P's:

Pempengco, Charice - Oprah's "alaga," the Little, Young Filipina Int'l Singing Sensation
Pacquiao, Manny - World's Pound for Pound Champ
Pineda, Arnel - Currently the band's, Journey, lead singer

What's with P's, anyway? =)

Charice Did Sing At The Pre-Inaugural Ball! Oh Wow!

Oh my god! It wasn't true!

That Charice Pempengco did not sing at the pre-inauguration ball!

Oh my, I can't explain how I am feeling right now (and as if it matters to you huh!lol!) but I am sure, so sure, I am so, so, uberly, excessively, extremely, and very, very, very proud because a Pinay, in the name of Ms. Charice Pempengco, did it to astound yet again not only the American politics and celebrity people but the big man himself, President Barack Obama! Wow! She's huge! No, not huge! She's GINORMOUS! She wowed the audience alright, it's very evident at the teaser of TV Patrol played just a while ago. I am very excited and waiting to catch the report. I can't wait, excitement rushes into my nerves. This young girl sure has the biggest future ahead, and it's started now. I am so feeling really happy for her and for the Filipinos at the same time. It only connotes one thing - that we Pinays and Pinoys have what others also have - talent and the tenacity to dream big!

Let's congratulate this unbelievable little girl from Laguna!

January 18, 2009

Did Charice Sing On US President-Elect Barack Obama's Pre-Inauguration Today?

I know... it's been 10 days now. Don't blame me for still having this too messed up to post condition blogger's block. It's one epidemic in the blogosphere, you know. And I'm struggling... hard... to keep this blog

...still alive.

But anyway, I am so excited and really looking forward for today's events, January 18 in the United States and January 19 here in PI. I know all Filipinos feel the same knowing that Charice Pempengco is singing at the Pre-Inauguration Day of President-elect Barack Obama. I wish we could watch her live performing but unfortunately word says her performance, as well as other celebrities' performances, wouldn't be broadcasted on regular TV shows as it is HBO which has gotten the rights to the entertainment portion of the event. Being a non-US resident, I don't understand why it wouldn't be aired. Maybe, it's for security's sake, or whatever. Well, anyway, since we wouldn't see the performance of Charice, I guess we'll have to wait it on Youtube, right, youtubers?=)

BUT, will there be a youtube video of her performance? What's this buzz going around that there was no Charice singing "One Moment in Time" and "God Bless America" in the US President's Pre-Inauguration? Is this true, people? If that's true, we'd be extremely sad. It should've been her most ginormous performance to date. Imagine the only Filipino singing over the widely-celebrated President Obama's inaugaration? That's deep! A laurel to her cap indeed, and a gigantic pride to us Filipinos.

I wish someone enlightens me over this issue. Did she, or did she not, perform?

January 9, 2009

Talk About Tiny Entreprenuerial Skill

My mood for today: happy and hopeful.

Why: Because with less effort, I sold all 4 imported-from-US watches at the University with the help of one of my dearest mentors/instructors. In fact, Miss Q literally did the selling talks mostly to her co-leagues. I just did the explanation part where the items came from and if they were authentic. Yes, they are authentic, or at least that's what the seller said, because I want to sell only authentic products.

And oh, I don't want to forget mentioning that the purple/light green Makgio bag (also from US) was also sold, and 4 of the 8 pairs of US stud earrings too. Isn't today my most wonderful day of the week? This was one of my most productive days and I hope many more days would be like this 'coz I need to earn more money.=)

Hhmmm, I could get used to this. Why not? Buying and selling is the job of my papa and why not I do it too? I could make money out of buying imported-from-US watches, bags, and jewelry and then selling them here. I know at this time there is no way I could make money as much as what papa can, but at least, what amount I can make could augment my income.

Plus, I am starting to do something really worthwhile. As you know, this current financial phenomenon, called the worldwide economic downturn, has taken a toll to almost everybody. It wouldn't help if we just rely on just one source of income and we're not doing anything at all to alleviate the difficulty.

Besides earning, I am also practicing my entrepreneurial skills, which I have a gut feeling that I might just become an expert of in the future, perhaps 15 or 20 years from now. It isn't a crime to dream big, yes? I remember one day at my former office, a co-worker remarked that I might just have it. I know you felt it, Ryan. Because I did too.

Goodluck to me! =)

Of course, I am not concentrating yet on this business as I am still attending the University. Plus, I am still writing, my bread and butter, and I have lots of other things to attend to so it's hard to squeeze in each task to my somewhat full schedule. However, if this tiny "entreprenuering" drama turns out well, hhmm, I'm no Miss Super Woman but I might just reconsider. In the meantime, it can be a really good sideline of mine and hopefully a really, really productive one.

Aja Jirl!

January 8, 2009

"Blogger's Block"

Sigh, my site was put into the sea of oblivion once again for a week. I wonder when did I start to have this "writer's block," err "blogger's block. It's like I have zillion articles/topics to write here and my imagination is always working hard but, alas, my fingers and my will wouldn't just cooperate. I guess this is really what everybody calls it, a "blogger's block." Now, I know the feeling. I have read it at other's blog site, the writer complaining how he went through that blogger's sickness for so long and eventually conquering that dilemma. Now, I'm wondering when would I start regularly writing stuff in here and believe there's no such thing as "blogger's block."

January 1, 2009

Do You Have A New Year's Resolution?

I do. But unlike last time, I don't have a list. Because if I list my new year's resolution, that would gonna be like impossible to achieve. It's always like that, you know what I mean?

You'd say you're gonna change this bad habit. You'd say, you're gonna forget your bad mannerisms and all. You'd say, you're gonna change this negative attitude. You'd say, you're gonna achieve it this year... and so on, so forth.

But the thing is? They always end up just like that, a new year's resolution listed on a paper, or perhaps, a new year's resolution stamped on your brain. But nothing's really happened.

Well, I don't want to go on a new year's resolution that I won't actually "resolve" this year at all. So before the year 2008 ended, I made a promise to myself - a promise that I not only stamped on my head, but took it to my heart. I have only one resolution for the year 2009 - and for the many coming years to come - that is, just to be a better person.

Not that I am a bad person. I just want to improve everything about me. No more, no less. =) Think that's hard to achieve? Not at all. In fact, I thought, this one is the easiest I would ever have to deal with.

So, what's your new year's resolution?

Have a very wealthy 2009 to us all!