September 24, 2009

Mystery Shoppers Wanted!

Out of boredom, I opened the Facebook application, Restaurant City, to entertain myself a little early this afternoon. While it was loading, I noticed the ad placed at the right part of the page named "Mystery Shoppers Wanted." I have a vague notion of what mystery shoppers are so it caught my interest. I clicked on it to see what it was about and seconds later was directed into this site. Click if you want to see.

I know there are existing real mystery shopping jobs out there, but this one wasn't anywhere near it. Let me tell you how I found this out:

If you open the site, you will find a testimonial story of a certain Rosario Bautista, attesting to the fact how she earned quite a huge sum of money (Php70,000 after only a week, what the heck!) allegedly coming from Google by simply posting links.

Yes, you read it right. Google, the giant internet company. I know Google pays people posting links, but only via Adsense. And you have to have a blog or website in order to become a member. I'm a legitimate Adsense member myself, but to this date I haven't earned a dime (that's because of my blog's anonymity for quite a while).

To continue my story, I got excited and interested (who wouldn't when you are promised to earn quick cash by doing simple instructions?). I then opened the site she claimed the reason of her quick cash flow. It's called "Internet Home Business Kit." Her story was supported by a number of comments/testimonials how it likewise worked for them so it even fueled my excitement. If you too got interested after reading it and convinced by the simple instructions, I don't blame you, because I myself was already on the verge of filling out the needed information. It's a good thing that I stopped to do some precautionary measures first. So, don't just fill out any information yet, especially the credit card section.

As many of my friends know what I have been doing for a living while I am unemployed and a student at the moment, I have been writing web articles of different topics, which included online opportunities, homebased residual income opportunities, work-at-home online jobs, etc. etc. Why I am telling you this? Because this job has given me lots of advantages other than financial benefits, specifically as it is through some of my freelance writing gigs that I got indirectly and a little educated yet enough for me to identify legitimate from illegitimate homebased online jobs.

So while I am guilty at believing for a minute that this "Internet Home Business Kit" might be legitimate and so tried filling out that form, I did the first thing that I always do before hitting the submit button (or joining any earn money online scheme), research before proceeding.

What did I find? For experienced online people (like me?), you guessed it right:


The Facebook ad "Mystery Shoppers Wanted" is misleading. And more importantly, illegitimate too because the site is run by some people belonging to category of freeloaders, scammers, and fraudsters. They make their evilish intentions work by directing you to input very minimal yet confidential information, such as your Visa or Mastercard information, and promising to send you a free kit with instructions how to earn online money from Google in exchange of a measly USD3.99 for the shipping fee. It turned out, that system charges your credit or debit card higher. If you already filled that form out, chances are, your card is already debited with as high as USD88.00 or even more.

And, pun intended, congratulations! Because you just recently became the victim of those unscrupulous, evilish freeloaders/fraudsters!

Here's the lesson I learned a long time ago:

If you are inexperienced in the field of legitimate online work at home jobs, beware at filling out forms, and by golly, at paying any amount, no matter how little or big, without doing a research first. While there are numerous kinds of legitimate online homebased jobs, a double or triple even of that number is alloted for scammers.

So, addicted Facebookers, and even non-facebookers yet frequent online users, be very aware and don't just get easily smitten by those false misleading claims. Educate yourself about this matter. There are lots of information you can get from the internet, don't just turn on your desktop and use waste it to Facebook, Youtube, download, chat, and social network. Research, research, research, and research!

Read the supporting article I researched for this issue.

September 22, 2009

Does He Remember Today Is Our Appointment With The Doctor?

It was only last night that I remember today is my monthly pre-natal checkup. If I didn't remember this important pregnancy date until last night, I am more than a hundred percent it never crossed Daddy R's mind that he gotta be here today.

Being a pregnant mommy, I always want the daddy of my baby to be with me always, especially during my monthly checkups and when I am craving for something to eat or when I am going to shop maternity or baby clothes/essentials, or other pregnancy-related activities. But as hard the situation that it is today, I can't always get what I want now. He is so busy that I have to always remind him whenever I need him to accompany me to the doctor and share the experiences of dealing with this whole pregnancy.
"..Sometimes, I can't help but take pity because of the thought that why do I have to go alone when we did and wanted this together?"

I always believe that it is a conjugal interest or initiative or obligation, or whatever you call it, for mom and dad to go to the OB together so both will have knowledge of the condition not only of the baby's but the mom's as well. I am not saying that dads have to come each time but I am more compelled to think that they should feel obliged especially to hear the first heartbeats of the baby, hold her hands during ultrasounds, learn of the baby's sex, check its anatomy, and other similar significant events.

Besides, it is bonding moment for us three together. I always feel great when Daddy R drives me to the clinic and supports me when I have to go into the cubicle of the OB-gyne. Somehow, it gives me the sense of security, protection, care, and love. I always treasure the moment that he has to get himself involved during my second pregnancy. After all, he wasn't there the entire time when I was doing the same with Yad, our first-born, was he?
"...Would it be unfair for me to assume or expect he would be more than thrilled now to share this whole experience since we never get to during my first pregnancy of Yad and so this second has become our real 'first family experience?' Forgive me, but I feel terribly devastated now. Sob!"

During my previous prenatal visits, I don't care if I look like a nagging partner just to convince him to go with me and we do it together. But today, I don't feel like doing the same. As proud as I always am, I get tired of constantly reminding him that today is my checkup so he needs to stop whatever he is doing and accompany me. I get tired of the thought that he is not thinking enough of us to always forget this special date. And so, my pained ego says again, don't make the first move...

... And yet, I don't want to go alone... What am I gonna do?:-(
" ...It saddens me to think that his business and other occupancies matter more to him than us. It depresses me to think that money comes first before family."

Now, I'm really having second thoughts as to contact Daddy R and remind him that today is our appointment with the doctor. I really want him to remember and contact me first. How happy and fulfilled would I feel if he calls me first and asks me to prepare because we have to go to the doctor now.
"...Sigh. I feel so discontented... though it is not so right."

I know I have to be positive with all these things, but yeah, of course, I never forget it and I am always full of hope albeit it doesn't always manifest because I am always grumpy and critical towards him whenever we are together.

"But... If only he knew... that I feel so BLESSED that he is here for us now and is giving me a brand new joy with this second baby."

... I just wish he'd give me more reasons to keep feeling that way.


September 21, 2009

God Has The Highest Good For Me, I Know...

Okay, I'm doing a quick post yet again for this day since my day is filled with hectic schedule, from school to an appointment/meeting with colleagues to dropping by some places for importat errands. I have to drop by at Yona's office at Circa to get an important document Ry had sent through his brother Rowell. By the way, Ry, thanks much! I owe you one for that. I also have to go to Peachy's house again to borrow some important documents which are necessary for my meeting later after lunch.

Anyway, back to why I am doing this quick post, I have browsed some Friendster pages this morning and I now realized I am regretting this action as it has done nothing but clouded my already shrouded/blackened emotions. Now, I am feeling very bad about something for the nth time, to the point that I am now holding back my tears. There's a huge lump in my throat that I am trying to gulp back with difficulty caused probably by the rising anger and pity in my heart.

After all those months, it still pains me a lot. I can't remember ever feeling this way. I can't believe this is happening to me. I don't know when I would ever overcome this nagging reality. I know it is unhealthy to wallow in anger and pity, not to mention that it could affect the precious thing I am carrying in my womb, but in times like this, I really can't help it.

There's always a time when I can't help but look back at what happened and wish I could turn back time or erase the memories so everything would go back to its normal life again. It is also during these times that I really need to gather all my strengths and guts so I can face all the troubles in my life. Or else, you will never see me smiling again.

There is no doubt that I can make things run the way I want them too, but I knew also that they
would not always be according to my will. All I know is that there is sunshine after the rain. Glory after sufferings. Light after darkness. And hope after pain. My baby and Yad alone are already one of the greatest blessings in my life. I am leaving it all up to God above. He knows what's best for me and He has this great plan documented in His book for my future. I may never knew it at this time, but I knew everything and everybody will be in the right places at the right time.

As what I would always say it: INSHALLAH!

September 18, 2009

Need A Memory

I'm having a problem with my desktop lately. There are times when it is so slow that I have to wait for a while before a page can load up. I have it reformatted not too long ago so I knew it wasn't about the virus. The internet connection service is also doing well. So, that makes me think I need to get an additional RAM, at least another 512MB, or 1GB.

September 16, 2009

Gotta Be More Careful W/ This Pregnancy

Just got back from downtown Legazpi. Was so warm outside I thought my body will give in from the tormenting and exhausting hot temperature. Although I've gone to DTI only this morning, it was tiring since I have to go back and forth to DTI and outside to have some documents photocopied and my 500 bill changed.

The fact that I am five months along the way didn't help. When I got back home, I was a little afraid because my lower abdomen was in a little pain. It's like the baby was pushed low that it was about to come out. I instantly took a bed rest and though I have a meeting later this afternoon, I ignored the fact that I might be late. My baby is more important than anything else, so my colleagues would have to wait for me.

Anyway, I have to be more careful next time if I don't want to lose my baby. Walking too much, I think, is not advised at this stage of pregnancy. I must not forget to consult my OB regarding this matter later at my next visit this week.

I wish Daddy R is here all the time so there'll be someone who will drive for me wherever I go. But, of course, that is impossible at the moment. He has more important things to do than be at my side all day and night, right Daddy?

Well, maybe you can give me a car and a driver instead?

Daddy R, are you reading my blog?

September 10, 2009

Tame Me... If You Can

Can you tame me? Coz I doubt if you can. And if you think you can, how?

Forgive me, but there is no doubt in my mind that am really doubting if you can...

You see, it's gonna be hard because you yourself has not been a good example to me. How can you tell what is good for me when you did me wrong in the first place? How can you say that I am sheerly a stubborn woman, when it was you who enforced my mind to be always searching for truth, or my heart to become hard like I was never before? I am in utter confusion, my dear! You brought this on...

So sorry that I'm being hard on you during my difficult times.

I cannot always submit to you because I cannot pretend that I like submitting to whatever you say. I was willing to surrender once, but what happened? How did it go? How did things can go wrong this way?

Is there room for forgiveness? Is there any for me to lighten up to you? I am begging you, please tell me how... 'Coz it's always been hard to wallow in this dark pit of emotion. But, I admit, I still wanna be what you desire for me to be one day... even though I get so crazy b'coz of your craziness...

'coz you see? are an important piece of my life.

But Dear One, I know, Inshallah!

September 9, 2009

Found An Apartment...

I almost forgot I have a Midterm Exam at 1:00 PM today. And it's almost 11:00 AM, so I know I have to be preparing especially since I haven't browsed my notes yet. Anyway, I will do just a quick post.

The other day, I found an apartment in downtown Legazpi. I should say I liked it coz it's relatively big enough for a starting family. The 2-storey apartment is nice, clean, has 2 bedrooms, a bath, a living/receiving room, kitchen-cum-dining, dirty kitchen, and laundry area. The two adjoining bedrooms are upstairs, and this is the only fault I can see since I don't know if it's alright for an expectant mom to do the stairs daily. Anyway, I have to do some consultation regarding with that matter.

The apartment is one of the five units in the compound. I like it because only two of the five units are being rented. The other one has already been occupied while the other one was just recently vacated on that day so I must be really quick if I really wanted it. The other three were up for renovation. You know these days? Everyone seems to be looking for a place coz we found it kind of hard to locate a nice vacant house or apartment. Or maybe, we were just being choosy, that's why.

But anyway, the place will be safe for the kids because of the gate. According to the other tenant, the location is quiet and safe. No delinquent reports. Good, coz all the more that I'm liking it. And oh! I haven't mentioned it's near Estevez Hospital, so just in case it's my due, no problem to hospital access.

The only big deal will be the other person as he hasn't seen it yet since he didn't arrive yesterday. I hope he will today so I can show him the place and the apartment. I hope he likes and approves as it will still be up to his judgment if we can have it or not. *Fingers crossed*

Have to go now! Gotta hit my notes for the exams! Have a great day, everyone! Ciao!


September 7, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMA MARY! goodluck to my physics exams today too...

It's the 8th of the month. And it's also the birthday of our Beloved Mama Mary.


It's also our first day of midterm exams. Well, it's actually the third (or fourth if they included Saturday) day. The midterm started on Wednesday, September 2, but since that day was declared as no classes, the first day was moved today. Thursday and Friday schedule of exams was retained as second and third, respectively. Anyway, I was just telling you this to show how is AUL when it comes to doing schedules and re-schedules hehehe.

So, since it's Mama Mary's birthday today, I know She will be guiding me during my entire Physics exams. I know you love me, Ever Loving Mother of all Filipinos! I love you too, my Mama Mary!

September 6, 2009

Happy Long Weekend Vacation!

It's a non-working holiday here in the Philippines! Not surprisingly, PGMA declared the burial of Ka Erdy Manalo, the 84-yr(?) old Iglesia Ni Cristo's leader!

It also means, no classes and midterm exams for us today! Yay!

Well, not entirely no exams as the day was only moved for tomorrow. So, I still gotta hit my notes else I'd flank my Physics.

Anyway, I just wish we are all having a happy long vacation!

September 5, 2009

Blog Revamped! Need Your Links Back!

Obviously, I have my blog newly revamped.
I didn't remember how tedious revamping a blog site can be until just now. The last time I remodeled this site was probably two years ago. The last 3months or so, this was left almost untouched, so I found myself starting from scratch.

You can just imagine the time I spent searching blogger templates, editing html stuff, moving widgets, and etc. Lucky for me, I found this newly-uploaded template from this source. If you want to remodel your site, you can find free templates from that website too.

Anyway, since I've changed the theme of this blog site, I've lost all the old widgets, links, and stuff including blog lists. So, if you want the link of your site added, kindly put your url in the comment section so I can add it again. For my co-bloggers and friends who know my YM or email, you can just buzz me the URLs of your site/s. I will gladly put them back.
Do you like my new template? I love it. It's called COFFEEDESK. I am a caffeine addict, so no need to explain, lol! Which makes me remember, I can't take any caffeinated beverage because of my condition not until february 2, 2010. Boohoo for that!

Back to topic, I still have got a lot to do with this site. I need to recover the old links, widgets, and banners from the websites I previously signed with. It will take more time to do that, but in the meantime, I will settle for what this site has for now.

Why I have revamped this site, you may ask? As I've mentioned from my previous posts, I wanna revive this blog for the second time. And this is just the start of all of it.

Once again, I am back to the blogosphere! So, welcome me, you there co-bloggers!

September 3, 2009

My Decision Will Be My Decision

He is not amenable to my decision of my moving out...yet. Says it is not safe for me since I would be alone most of the time when I finally move into the house. Despite my few efforts of convincing him, Yad still doesn't want to come with us because he's a heavy heart leaving mama and papa, plus his tito's.

Yad grew up closer to my mother than me because she was the one who raised and took care of him from the very first day he was born. I don't know how to convince him, but I know he's just in a state of shock. This is gonna be his first major change in his life after all; so I understand how difficult it could be for him.

As for him, I understand his point, because he would be gone most days of the week due to his business and other reasons. He is worried for my safety when there is no one to look after me when we finally move in to a new house. I am in a delicate condition right now, with my 4th going to 5th month expectancy.

Yet, I need this big decision because if not now, when would I ever start growing up and taking care of myself or learning how to care for my own family? Of course, as he would always say, I am always the same obstinate Jirlie. Stubborn mind in a naive, vulnerable small woman that I am.

So, end of the story?

After several attempts of talking me out of my decision, it is clear to him that no more conversation for this issue as I firmly made up my mind the moment I made it. Well, I hope so! In the meantime, I would continue looking for a nice place and start packing my clothes (and Yad's, for God's sake, he will come whether he likes it or not!) as soon as we find one. Period.

September 2, 2009

Soon, Moving Out - Big Decision, Big Step Of A Future

Middle Term Examination Week...

I can't believe it's less than two months before the semester ends. I thought I'll never do it, but way to go, I am at last very near it! You go, Jirl!

On another topic...

I am off to school in a little while to check my schedule of exams.

And also off to some places to look for a house for rent after school.

Yes, I am moving out.

Because I need to build a life of my own. Not under my parents' protection and care. Because I am no longer their only little girl who will continue to depend on them with every failure I make myself. I must learn to live on my own. I must learn to get by without their hands on me every time I stumble to the ground and am on my knees.

Besides, I am making my own family now. So, isn't it inappropriate for me to still shelter myself around my parents and brothers?

I am a little afraid, but hey! If others can, why can't I? I am also a little excited, but fear's a larger quantity of what's been creeping my thoughts since I've come to this HUGE decision.

But I know, I will learn. Maybe not from the start. But, eventually, I will be standing on my own two little, vulnerable feet. One person is guiding me, so at least, that helps me feel a little better.


September 1, 2009

I'm gonna be back...

I hope to get back in the blogosphere! Soon, I will! After all this chaos of my life started simplifying itself, and then I will be here! Go Jirl!