December 31, 2008

Here's A Toast To A Very Prosperous 2009 For Us All!!!

Goodbye 2008!!!

WELCOME 2009!!!

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December 30, 2008

Capture, Store, and Play Memories! With Ceiva Frame

Are you fond of storing digital photos in your personal computer? I do. In fact, a portion of the hard drive memory in my PC was allotted to all digital photos that date back to as old as almost 5 years ago. Whenever I want to recount the moments that transpired during a certain event on a certain year, I only browse my computer and browse my photos. It's very human nature to keep photos. People love preserving pictures and love coming back at them to reminisce the memories captured by them.

I remember my grandma (+), if she were alive now she would've been 100 years old. She had a bundle of all these black and white photo prints kept in her antique chest. Those photos were mostly of my father and his siblings. I used to look at each of the photos while my grandma explains the story behind it. It was so magical because it feels like I am transported to the time when those photos were taken.

Preserving photos is preserving memories. That is one sentimental aspect that we can never deny is innate in human beings. I guess that is also the reason why people keep coming up with new innovations which allow us to capture and store photos better than the previous ways. One example is the Ceiva Digital Photo Frame. This innovation no longer needs you to keep a partition of your computer's or laptop's hard drive for your photos as you can save thousands and thousands of them in the frame and and let each be displayed at the same time.

Digital photos to be uploaded can come from either your camera cellphone or digital camera. Other digital frames allow you this benefit; however, Ceiva digital frame is not just your ordinary digital photo frame. What makes it more special is that your friends and family can upload their captured photos too even if they are miles and miles away any time of the year.

Yes, even if they are from across the globe, they can send photos to your frame via email and even directly from their camera cellphones. If you have given these individuals access, there is no need for you to pre-approve the sent photos as these will automatically display in your Ceiva digital frame.

What's more?

If you become a member of the Ceiva PicturePlan, there are even lots of benefits for you, such as:
  1. Add channels. So you can receive news, weather, calendar, daily updates, and a lot more. These are sent directly to your Ceiva frame.
  2. Print photos. With just a touch of a button, you can choose which digital photos you want printed and then Ceiva will do the rest. The photos will arrive at your doorstep via US mail. You will be automatically billed with minimal fees by that.
  3. Connect to your internet. Use your existing phone line, wi-fi, or your broadband connection. Adapters are available for this function.
  4. Unlimited photos stored in personal albums. No additional fees.
  5. Lifetime Warranty. This is the best part of the deal. You get your Ceiva frame fixed or reparied if it breaks, as long as you are a member of PicturePlan. Everything for free! Only the postage is not.
See how different it is now to store photos and preserve memories as compared to early days? If my grandma was alive, I am 100% sure she will love this magical thing!

Anyway, fyi, Ceiva digital frame can be purchased as is or bundle it with PicturePlan Membership for $129.99 and $159.99, respectively, for more benefits as stated above.

December 27, 2008

My Son's Recuperating Now

Yad is recuperating now. He had his bandage on and anti-bacterial and pain reliever medicines. The anti-bacterial medicine has to be taken every 6 hours, so that means he has to take one at the middle of the night. He usually goes to sleep straight as early as from 8:30-9PM down to 6AM, but this time, I have to wake him up at 12MN for the med. I am the one who is assisting him with the meds, so I don't sleep until that time. He is sleeping on the couch at the sala as he is worried that his Tito Jay might hit his bandaged wound if he sleeps beside him, which on ordinary days he does.

I don't want him to feel like he is alone, so each night I leave my door open so he can see me from the couch. Normally, he can't sleep alone because he still thinks about monsters at night, but this time, he sleeps by himself. He just needs the lampshade turned on, and off he's ready to hit the bed, or the couch. Thank God he is doing well. On Friday, January 2, we're going back to the doctor to check the wound, and if all is well, to remove the stitching. He is lucky that this mishap happened on his vacation. Otherwise, he'd surely miss his classes. On January 5, he's going back to school. I'm sure by that time, he'll be able to walk and attend his classes.

Till next post again. I'm going back to my work. Ciao!

December 26, 2008

A Child's Pain Is A Mother's Pain

Today has been a long day. We brought Yad to the hospital because his left leg has been lacerated early in the afternoon today. The laceration was, I think, 4-5 inches long and the wound was so deep it needed to be stitched through. I had no idea what happened when suddenly my Uncle came running and screaming to bring Yad to the hospital. When I heard the word hospital, panic quickly got me before I can even get out of the house. There was a commotion outside the house and a handful of people was helping Yad walk because of the huge laceration.

When I saw it, I thought I fainted. No, I felt like I was dying. Blood was all over his left leg and foot - the sight of which, plus the gigantic, fresh, deep wound made me sick and screaming in terror, asking everybody what happened. Although everybody was telling how he got it, that while playing he fell from a trunk of banana tree and accidentally had his left leg lacerated by a broken glass or something, I didn't hear them. All I can think about was to bring Yad to the nearest hospital before the infection spreads out - and before my sanity runs out. I felt the agony that my son was going through. I always can't stand the sight of wound and blood - but to see that in my son? I thought I almost died.

But while I was scared to death and in tears, my son didn't even shed a drop. Although from his look you could tell that he was scared too, boy, how strong he was for not shedding a tear. I know he was just frightened because everybody around him was nervous and concerned. When he saw me crying, that's the only time when I saw the worried and pained look in his face. At the tiny part of my mind, I was so proud of him because whilst he has this worried look it never suggested that he wanted to cry. Of course, it tore my heart even more, who wouldn't when all the while you knew how terrible the physical pain was but your son was trying to be really brave and acting like a man to endure it all? It was unbelievable.

I kept on bragging on this blog how my boy is quickly growing to be a fine man. But today proved me that he is not just a man, but a strong man at that; because when the nurse cleaned and dressed his wound, he never cried as well - just covered his pained face with his hands. When I had a little accident on May, my cuts and wounds were cleaned and dressed like that, so I knew exactly how excruciating the pain that he endured through.

When he was injected with anesthesia to numb the part around the lacerated area, I also knew how worse the pain can go. But Yad, while holding my hands, just squeezed them really tight probably to reduce his agony. Oh boy, if only I could take all that from him.=( When the doctor, the same physician who treated me before, stitched his deep wound through, Yad did the same. Never cried. Just squeezed hard my hands while crimping his face because of pain. I held his hands because I wanted to share it with him.

All along this drama in the hospital, I was fighting hard to give in to my weakened emotions. It broke my heart to see my son going through it and I wanted to break down in tears again. But I refrained from doing so and never gave him the horrified look to lessen what he was feeling. I didn't want to see his mommy weak for he might get more scared. I just wanted him to feel that I will always be there and be strong for him, just like how strong he is, so that he'd knew everything will be alright.

When the stitching was done (Thank God), I released a long, deep breath of relief. I thanked God that my son is alright now. I thanked God that the wound didn't go deep down the muscles and tendons in his left leg - otherwise, that would have been a different case. I just thanked God that Yad still felt physically and emotionally strong after the treatment that he went without us supporting him walk when we were about to go home. I just thanked God that Yad is here with us now - soundly sleeping and braving through the post-pain and from what happened early this afternoon.

And finally, I thanked God that he made Yad as strong that he is. Because, if he weren't, I wouldn't have known where to derive more strength. Yes, he is my strength - actually the only strong force why I keep going through even amidst a sequence of trials, difficulties, and downfalls.

I know God is always with us, caring for us all. With all of my heart, Thank you so much for everything, Our Dear God!

December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Merry Christmas, Everyone! And Happy Birthday, Jesus!

I'm just wonderin', how old is He? Poor me, I don't know. I guess I need to dig my history. Anyone can answer me though?=D

Anyway, I hope we all had a great celebration of Christmas. And for those who had forgotten that we are celebrating JesusChrist's Birthday, remember to greet him. It's not too late to do that. This is just a reminder, guys. Your food, drinks, and decorations are for Him - and not just for you and your love ones to consume. )=

December 21, 2008

4 Days Before Christmas Day!

Hey, it's 4days before Christmas day! How have you been doing? What preparations are you taking for the celebration of our Redeemer's Birthday? Isn't it a great feeling that another year is almost over and a new year is about to unfold right before us? I am really excited to face the new year 2009. Although I know I will be still struggling in the coming years, it's a wonderful feeling that every year that comes off the calendar there are so much to remember and treasure. 2008 has been a year when a lot of nerve-wracking events has unfolded before us, particularly career-wise, so I am really glad that it is almost over. I am not regretting that those things have happened. I am just thankful that they were over. And more importantly, I am grateful that God has given as another year to experience the beauty and complexities of life. And I pray that more and more years will be given to us to enjoy life.

Don't you feel in your heart that the year 2009 promises a brighter future? I do. I hope you all do too. Because no matter how difficult or easy life can be, there are still so much to look for in this complex thing, called life. Living our life is the most wonderful thing that's happened to mankind. So don't sulk it in when you are faced with a storm. Just be thankful that you are undergoing that because it just means that God really loves you. It just means that He is giving you the hardships to make you even a stronger person who can fathom what life really is for. Be thankful for every little gift that comes your way, whether it is in physical form or not. Be thankful for every day that you wake up. It means the Lord wants you to enjoy life.
Hey, guys! PLEASE HAVE A VERY HAPPY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR! Let's celebrate life! Let's toast to all the wonderful things around us! In the coming 25th, let's greet and welcome our Little Jesus Christ in our hearts!photo

December 19, 2008

Would You Like To Sit On Santa's Lap?

We all have a Christmas wish, don't we? Me? I already stated my wish in my previous post. I would like to have a new cell phone unit since I lost my sony ericsson phone just yesterday. Having a phone is integral to me because that's the medium most of my communication with my friends and loved ones went with. Without a phone, I feel like I am out of the circulation. So, I hope Santa reads my wish =)

I bet you got a wish too, right? C'mon now, let out that inner child in you. Would you like to strike a pose with Santa but you're too embarrassed to be seen by people at the mall doing that? You don't have to go to that mall to take pictures with actually. If you so want to add a photo of you and Santa in your album or scrapbook, just go and upload your favorite or selected photo to a website especially made by Cieva just for Christmas wishes.

If your child is nagging you to go to the mall because they want to sit on Santa's lap and have a photo taken, you can show the website to them and upload their delightful photos as well. It would be so much fun doing that together with your family and loved ones. Surprise your grandpas and grandmas as well. Make their wish of posing beside Santa realized by uploading their photos as well. Surprise them by showing the result. For sure, that little gesture would mean so much to your family.

Cieva has other delightful surprise for you too. If you are 18 years of age, a US resident, you can be eligible to enter the optional sweepstakes. Everyday, a cool, whopping $500 is at stake for your winning. One random entry will be selected daily, so you'd have more chances of winning. $500 would be a lot of money, right? It could buy you a new phone, clothes, or whatever you want this Christmas. Be sure to visit the site of Cieva to see what I am talking about and if you can tell me your experience with it, that would be so much fun and cool. =)

Santa, My Wish Is A New Cell Phone Unit =)

I lost my cellular phone just yesterday while I was on my way to downtown Legazpi. My mind was probably too occupied (today was our preliminary exam week) that I haven't had a tad idea that my phone was about to be owned by someone else. I am not certain whether it was stolen right from inside my bag or I left it on the seat of the jeepney (a local public utility vehicle). I can't remember, really. On the other hand, how that thing got lost is not important anymore. Because, one thing, or rather two things, is for sure, I made one individual happy this Christmas with that new cell phone in their pocket and I am without a phone now.

I wasn't too upset that I lost my cell phone because of the phone itself. The unit can be replaced anytime when I've money. But the thing is, I still don't have cash to replace it and I don't know when I would be able to. In these days when everyone is struggling with bad financial conditions due to world-wide economic crisis, losing a costly cellular phone, or a costly possession for that matter, is the last thing that you wanna happen. Right now, I am one of those who are struggling because of my education fees and all.

Besides that thing, the lost contacts, saved text messages (some of those were received way back in 2006... yes, those messages that came from only 1 person were too special to be deleted), pictures, mp3s, and other files put me in a slight disadvantage now. It's so hard, or rather it takes time, to collect contact details especially if you got more than a handful of friends and family or relatives. But, of course, I know I can't hold on to things that are lost and are simply impossible to find now.

Sulking and fretting to as far as putting stress to myself wouldn't be of help, so instead, I consoled myself that it was meant to happen. Never mind the fact that it may be due to my carelessness and absent-mindedness. At least, the phone wasn't taken from me by force, which could have put my life in danger if it was. I still thank God that it was only the phone.

As for the replacement, all I can do now is to put a new cellular phone unit in my wishlist since I don't have the money right now to buy a replacement phone;) I wish someone out there would give a heart and gift me this very thing that I need most.

Paging Santa, where are you? I need you. =)

To those who have my old Globe number, please delete it now. I will be posting my new contact number once I got a new unit. In the meantime, you can contact me via email, via this blog, or via my ym: jirlzmnbajaro.

Thanks! And have a happy holiday to all of us!

December 14, 2008

2 Days Before the Misa De Gallo

Yad decided to complete the 9-day misa de gallo (Rooster's mass). It will start on the dawn of December 16th and will finish on the dawn of December 24rd. The misa de gallo will be culminated by celebrating a mass on the evening before midnight of the 24th, just before Christmas day, the birthday of our baby Jesus, ticks in. I also want to complete the 9-day mass, but at the rate of sleeping habit that I am having, I am really not certain about it. I wish I could, and I will try to.

Misa de gallo, by the way, is celebrated, I believe, only here in the Philippines (correct me if I'm wrong please). That is the reason why the Philippines has the longest celebration of Christmas season. It starts on December 16, which as mentioned celebrated with the first misa de gallo, and ends on the first Sunday of January, which is celebrated with the Feast of the Three Kings.

December 10, 2008

Save On Vacuum and Other Cleaning Supplies and Parts

We all need to clean our house - obviously for hygienic and health purposes. But then, when we get so busy especially with our work, cleaning the house becomes the last priority. This is so bad because we don't want to let dust, dirt, and grime pile up at every corner of our house. It is simply dangerous to our health, not to mention a sore to our eyesight.

Because most of us are having problems about having little time to clean the house, we want to have something that will allow us to do it in a quick manner. Fortunately nowadays, we got lots of high-end cleaning equipment and gadgets which allow us doing the chores easier and quicker. These are normally available in stores and it is a good thing that a variety of kinds is available to give us even better and faster way of cleaning the house.

But when it comes to cleaning equipment, we don't want those that easily break after a few months of using. We want an equipment that will not only allow us speedy cleaning process but will also let us save money by not frequently buying for a replacement. And that is probably what makes EzVacuum different from the other providers of cleaning contraptions like vacuum machines, vacuum cleaner bags, cleaner belts, cleaner filters, and a lot more because what they supply on the market are made of durable materials to give you long-lasting service.

So, if you want a cleaning equipment that lasts longer and saves you money, you can depend on EzVacuum. If you want to save even more, you can take advantage of their 10% Off Coupon EZVAC10 offer on vacuum cleaners bags belts filters brushrolls machines and other cleaning supplies and parts. This is available on orders over $20, so this is a great deal that we all could use for. Christmas day is fast approaching, so this is another great idea for a gift, don't you think so?

Happy and Sad Moments Concluded Filipinos' Week

The past week was concluded with two of the most memorable events of the year in the Philippines: first was Manny Pacquiao putting most Filipinos' fear of losing his Dream Fight with the THEN legendary Golden Boy of the ring, Mexican-American Oscar De la Hoya into rest after dominating and winning the fight; and, the untimely demise of Marky Cielo, the 20-year old Kapuso (GMA-Phil) star, reportedly after failing to wake up in the morning of Sunday, December 07, 2008, Philippine time.
Sunday was supposedly a moment of triumph for all the Filipinos. It was a day when there was no reported crime committed, no criminals loitering the streets of the cities, no political figures bickering at each other, and no pro- and anti-administration political images keeping themselves busy exposing scandals, scams, whatsoever. It was simply a day when all Filipinos were unified for a cause, a cause waiting for Manny to bring home the one thing that will make us all one and proud of being a Filipino: his victory against, as mentioned, the then boxing legend. Because, Oscar De La Hoya is no more a legend. Manny Pacquiao obliterated that status by knocking him out the ring via surrendering his white flag. After that fight, the People's Champ is now not only the nation's but the world's pound for pound fighter. It was indeed the sweetest victory for us all Filipinos amidst the burgeoning worldwide financial downfall. Manny, once again, becomes the hero for letting us all forget even for a moment the crisis that has been taking jobs away from many Filipinos. And I, amongst the millions celebrating this victory, want to give my salute to our People's Champ. For all reasons the people were telling about, there is no iota of doubt that HE DESERVED ALL THAT HE HAS ever since he won his first belt.

Congratulations, Manny Pacquiao!

It was only sad that the nation's great victory was slightly overshadowed by the fact that we lost at the same time the nation's only popular-because-of-his-Igorot-origin-and-untainted-image boy, Starstruck 2007 Sole Survivor, Marky Cielo. He was so young at the age of 20. We couldn't accept that he is gone now because we thought he still had so much to give for the Filipinos. But then, who are we to question his existence here on Earth? Only the Supreme Being above knows until when we get to enjoy the physical goodness of the earth. Only He can tell when are we to exist physically. Marky Cielo, no matter how little time we believed he gave to entertain the showbiz industry, has enough of his God's time here on Earth. It is time for him to be with the Being above.

Happy Journeying Up Above, Marky Cielo!

December 3, 2008

Wishes Granted Everyday by CEIVA

Guess what? I had just sat on Santa's lap today and it was so much fun! You think I am trying to be a kid again? No, I did not literally sit on his lap. :-) I just went to upload my currently favorite photo of the season to this website where a lot of great things is happening. You might be asking what are these great things and this site. Well, before I answer that, I just want to talk about the photo that I selected to upload. The photo shows me and my bosom friend, Yel, which was taken during the wedding of our two friends on October 18. I love that photo because it shows how our little friendship that started years ago has blossomed into something that I knew will never be broken by any obstacles. I had lots of close girl friends, but Yel is one of my closest. We shared lots of sad and memories together, so I knew what was it like to be with her during ups and downs. I love this woman and I knew she does love me too. The warmth of our friendship was captured in that photo (it was Gerard, Bebs' hubby, who took that photo). It is simply special for me that I want to treasure it for a lifetime. And that is the reason why I selected it to be uploaded in that site so that Santa will see it along with my Christmas wish. My christmas wish? It's a secret. :-)

Okay, now, I am going to tell you about it as I know you are wondering what these great things that I am telling you about that this website has. Actually, it is all about the CEIVA digital photo frame. It is a very special digital frame where you can upload all your special photos wherever you may happen to be. You can do that by simply sending the photos via email or even your cellular phone. Isn't that the greatest thing that ever happened as far as storing memories and special photos are concerned? And that is not the only thing about it. You can invite your family and friends too to send and upload photos in your CEIVA frame. Those who are invited are the only ones who can upload to your software, so it is protected. You can store thousands of photos and you automatically receive them once your family and friends from all over the world send them over to your digital frame. With CEIVA digital photo frame, you will never have to delete pictures now.

They are also running this sweepstakes contest called, Got a Wish Sweeepstakes. This is a fun game and at the same time you can win $500 as a winner, randomly selected everyday. Yes, everyday for 29 days you have the chances of winning a cool $500. It's just sad that I can't participate as I am not a resident of US as of now. Anyway, I am happy to share this great news to you guys. If you are in the US and 18 years old, enter the sweepstakes game and who knows? You might just be lucky and you'll run away with 5 hundred bucks. There's no catch here. No purchases required. Just enter the game, and that's it.

November 28, 2008

Yad Wants to Go to the Gym to Workout and Build Muscles

My son Yad is eating dinner while watching television just now. I am in front of my desktop computer taking care of some freelance tasks. Suddenly he called me to say he wants me to buy a treadmill. I asked him why. He said he wants to workout so he'd shed off his "bilbil sa tiyan (extra belly for you or baby fats for him)." I asked him again why. Answered me that because of the "bilbil sa tiyan," he doesn't have muscles (probably means a six-pack abs) in his stomach and he looks fat. He further told me that he wants to go to the gym to workout. Noncommittaly, I answered back why don't we both go and have body workout. He innocently (or is he?) but excitedly replied yes. All along our little discussion, I really wanted to laugh but refrained myself from doing so continued taunting him instead. I fired him my last question if he is already a "binata" (a man). He answered me with conviction and with a very beautiful handsome smile pasted on his lips, "iyo, mommy (yes, mommy)!"

In case you don't know, Yad is 10 years old. :D

Here he is:
He doesn't look fat at all, right? Here's another:
So, is he fat?

Here's a half-body photo of him:
Certainly, not fat!

Finally, whole body photo of him:
So, fat-not Yad. Slim, just like mommy;)

But I don't understand why he thinks of himself as fat and he needs to build muscles. At an early age of 10, he's certainly conscious of his body built.

Hhmmm... wait...

Could it be that he wants to look good in front of everybody or just of his crush? And he thinks that for a 10-yr old boy to look good, he also needs to build muscles just like those handsome and lean men? Or could it be that he is already courting this little girl he said he had a crush on? Is he growing up faster than I thought? OMG! Pray God No!!! It couldn't be! My little boy is my little boy! My little boy is my family's little boy! *Mommy extremely sad and nostalgic now:-(*

November 27, 2008

Stem Cell Preservation: Unique Christmas Gift of Hope and Well-Being

I know most of you are already thinking this early what better Christmas gift to give this holiday season. I already suggested one in one of my previous posts, but if you are looking for a meaningful and unique Christmas for this season, this post may be of help to you. Please continue reading the rest of this article to find it out:

Giving gifts is one of the normal routine you do to make your family and friends happy during the holiday season, or even during ordinary days. But what gifts do you pick to make them feel special during the Holiday season? Perhaps new clothes? Bags? Shoes? The latest computer game software or gadget? Cellular phone? All these things can make our loved ones happy, but how about making it extraordinarily special today?

Now, how about a life-saving gift? Haven't heard anything like that yet? If you want the most meaningful and thoughtful Christmas gift, you will love this gift idea from CryoCell International, which are:

C'elle Stem Preservation Holiday Gift Cards

To those of you who haven't followed this site, let me introduce CryoCell International: it is the company behind the groundbreaking medical innovation, which uses stem cells to preserve lives. To find out more About the Science and why this is going to be just the most meaningful gift yet to give to your loved ones, read more below:


Studies shown by the CryoCell International suggested that stem cells can treat over 75 diseases including life-threatening ones such:

  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • osteoporosis
  • Alzheimer's disease; and
  • Parkinson's disease.
C'elle's technology urges the people to preserve vital stem cells because these can be used for future treatment of many diseases. Stem cells can be collected from the newborn's baby cord blood or from women's. These cells, according to C'elle, are stored and cryopreserved under low temperature for future cellular therapies for diseases such as the mentioned ones above. This trend has already been popular years back making it one of the most talked and researched about in the medical industry. In fact, this has already been featured in one of the local weekly talk shows hosted by Korina Sanchez to open the eyes of the public how they can preserve lives of newborn babies by taking and storing their stem cells.

So, if you have loved ones who are pregnant, give them these C'elle stem preservation holiday gift cards this Christmas. It is going to be your most extraordinary statement of love and care because you are saving their babies from future diseases. If you want more information about this matter and to find out what this truly awesome gift is all about, just visit C'elle's website. You can also read C'elle Client Testimonial for further enlightenment of this issue.

I Can Feel The Christmas Spirit... And I'm So Excited

I've been thinking of something to blog but I couldn't come across any interesting stuff to write in here although I knew I have some things I promised will be posted here. But I'm too lazy to do it now and I have some freelance work to do. Anyway, I just want to say hi to all readers who visited this site and those who keep coming back. I hope we all have a great friday ahead of us. It's TGIF, so I guess most are excited for the weekend. And oh! Few more days and it's gonna be December. Last night when I, Epoy and his sister Ate Bon strolled at the mall to buy stuff, I kept telling them that at this early I could already feel the Christmas spirit; and with great enthusiasm I looked at the holiday decors and Christmas stuff around full of hope and light.

I don't know the reason but I am very excited and thrilled to welcome the holiday. Maybe something exciting and good are up for me in the coming month. I have a slight feeling too that starting this Christmas season, all things in my life are gonna be put on track and in places where they rightfully should be. I don't know what those are, but I hope they really are good and promising for me. Anyway, one thing is for sure I am gonna embrace those with great warmth in my heart and optimism in my mind whatever those are. In the meantime, gotta have some work to do. So, have a great one to all of us, alright?


November 26, 2008

Personalized Christmas Gifts!

How many days is it before Christmas? 29 days, right? Well, that means you still have plenty of time to shop for gifts. But if I were you, I wouldn't wait long before buying those Christmas gifts and wrapping them. As you know, when December steps in, it always means jam packed, long queue in malls and department stores. You don't want to get caught by the Christmas rush, so better start visiting the malls now and see what Christmas gift items are hot now.

But, are you too busy to do that just yet? I have a suggestion. Try shopping online for some personalized holiday gifts at Pexagon. They are offering 20% off on their personalized thumb drives. The promo runs until the end of this year, but are you going to wait until such time? Pexagon has cool thumb drives available in 14 different colors, with up to 16GB in capacity. You can make the thumb drive personalized by having it custom-laser engraved. Don't worry as all you have to pay is the discounted price, engraving is FREE. I think this is a very cool idea because I can have endearing words engraved to the mini flash disk if I am going to gift it to my dear one.
If thumb drives are not your personal cool idea for a gift, Pexagon also has other gift items, such as:

personalized pens - available in three unique styles, different colors, and free personalized engraving (as little as $1.59 discounted price);

Business card flash drives - this is a very cool one. It looks like it is a business card but when you flip it over, it actually has a mini USB cable with up to 3GB capacity. Free engraving; and

Wooden USB flash drives - if you are environment-conscious, why not have these wooden designed flash drives as your Christmas gifts to your colleagues and friends? These are available in 2-4GB capacities. Free engraving.

Super Bored...

Looking super bored while waiting for the Dean of Polytechnic Institute and a student to finish whatever transaction/discussion they were having yesterday. I intended to talk with the Dean because of that Math-instructor-and-replacement subject issue. I wanted to get her blessing first before I continue with this instructor's class to ensure the units will be credited at the end of the semester and yeah - not waste my tuition fee as well. I don't wanna repeat my mistake last semester when I took a lecture-laboratory Chemistry subject, which supposedly I already took years ago. I paid more or less 3 peso grands on that subject, but since we found out I just repeated the subject course, the money was put to nothing at all. Talk about being irresponsible again by not double checking my subjects. Whew! I better be careful now 'coz don't wanna do that again. Fortunately, the Dean assured me now that the Math subject I enrolled in for this semester will be credited on my transcript of records. So, yeah! Madame, I will see you for the rest of this semester - and I repeat, whether you like it or not!

November 25, 2008

Help Our Kids Improve Grades and Prep Their Way to Higher Education

I'm just done signing up with Brightstorm, an online education site offering educational services to elementary and high school kids. I had signed up because this is one thing that will I need for my son. In one of my previous posts, I have mentioned how Yad at one point had slowly lost his interest in school. Thank goodness, he's back on track now and proof of him being in the 9th place in the grade 5 class where he belongs with 50 or so pupils. I am happy and proud of him. However, I don't want to sit contented by that. I want to ensure he stays in that place, and better yet, progresses more and climbs up to the top spot (even second or third honor spot will make me really, really happy for him).

With Brightstorm, it will be easy for me to help him with his process of learning and studying. The education online site has different courses which are essential for the college-preparatory middle and high school students. The mission of this company is to help students reach their full potential by engaging them to study more through the online videos provided. In my own opinion, videos are great learning and studying tools that will get them more interested and improved with their study habits.

And you know what? I think their mission is going to benefit me too. ;) You see, I don't remember all the stuff that my teachers taught me about history, geometry, algebra, science, english, and others back then. So why don't I listen to these online teachers along with my son? Hmm, this is a very good idea especially now that I am taking up Math subjects too. And the good thing about it is, Brighstorm values our kids more because they have this teaching approach that reaches out the cognitive level or understanding capacity of middle and high school students.

Very informative, very educational, very easy to understand, with funness and professionalism to the content of each course, and more importantly, the site is 24 hour available - these are what you are going to have if you sign up. Education effectiveness is what Brighstorm wants for our kids so they could prepare themselves to their future higher education level. I would say, it is definitely worth it to sign up. In case you have a child(ren) who needs help with his grades, Sign up for a free brightstorm account. They will surely improve with the help of Brightstorm's pool of great teachers handling all subjects taught in middle and high school level.

Upon signing up, you can avail the free course as an instant bonus to you. I haven't used mine since I am yet to explore the website and find the subject that my son, Yad, needs most improved. Signing up for a free account that gives you access to a free episode in every course is sure going to be great start for us mommies to help our kids improve more their learning abilities.

Math? I love this subject!

I just got back from school. I only have two subjects for this day, but it felt like I've been to eight classes straight. The reason is because of the stress one instructor in Mathematics has been giving me since my first meeting with her. The subject is supposedly a replacement for the subject in my curriculum (an old curriculum) for the purpose of units completion. She didn't want to accept me because according to her, the subject was way too far from the one she is handling this semester. She further says that there is no relation at all. But the thing is, the Dean's office allowed me to take her subject as only a replacement to complete the lacking in my Math subject units. At first, I got quite frustrated since all I wanted at this time is to continue with my classes and end them as soon as possible. However, this instructor, as well as the other instructors of AUL, is giving me a hard time.

But heck! I won't easily give up on this one! There is no backing out now. A number of sacrifices on my part has been done - all because I wanted to finish my degree so that I could continue with whatever plans I have as far as my career is concerned. And right now, I don't have any plans of putting my sacrifices into nothing. All I want is to graduate. And because of that? That instructor will have to see me for the rest of this semester, whether she likes it or not! Because there's nothing that she can do now. Math? I love this subject, so she's no reason to belittle me that I can't make it to the top of her class. Let's just wait and see, Madame!

November 22, 2008

I'm Checking Out Holiday Zenni Glass Frames! How 'Bout You?

Have you bought a replacement to your eyeglasses yet? If not, that's good for you because you will still be able to avail the Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical. If you have been following my blog, you will know that Zenni is the shop that sells affordable yet stylish eyeglasses and frames online. They also appeared on Fox News, so it is no doubt that this online shop is going popular than ever.

The popular online eyeglasses shop is now back to give you more exciting choices of eyeglasses. See the photo of the pair of eyeglasses at the right? I have checked the online shop, and this is one that I found will most suit me. I am quite into style and function, so that is my personal favorite amongst the holiday glass frames. I just so love the design and the color white of it, plus the plaid, preppy look of the frame. It costs $12.95. That's rather affordable for that design and function, huh? If you will browse other designs available, you will find even more affordable ones, like the $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. If you like this design (I'm sure you do!), there are other color combis available like: black and burgundy, black and yellow, black and blue, and white and clear.

My Brillante Weblog Award!

I got another award for this blog, a Brillante Weblog Award. Honestly, I really don't the concept of the brillante weblog award, but I'd dare say that it is being given to cool blogs, like this Bubbles of Thoughts. Well, I would like to believe that my site is not only a cool one but has substance as well. ;)

I'm loving these blog awards now. So far, this is my second one but I hope more will come. By the way, this award was given by The Baby In Between. Actually, it has been ages since she gave it to me, but as you can see, I only accepted it now. I didn't want to let The Baby In Between think that I am ignoring this cool award, so here is now:

Thanks, Bem for this one!

The recipients of the Brillante Weblog are welcomed to put the Logo on their personal blogs and have the honor of passing this award to seven other bloggers.Here are the rules for passing on the award:

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Now, it's my turn to award this Brillante Weblog Premio to my other blogger friends:

Peach, Demcy, Yona, Olops, Florelee, Mina, and Celebritycarwatcher.

November 20, 2008

Nat and Alex Wolff of Naked Brothers Band Season 3 Finale

A lot of girls, and even guys, has been going gaga over The Jonas Brothers. It's clear than water that wherever they go, they create a chaos amongst their die-hard fanatics. These are what I have been thinking when I have learned and watched the video of Nat and Alex on Youtube. They are just soo cute and adorable. You are asking who Nat and Alex are? If you haven't been watching, these two cute adorable guys here are your Naked Brothers Band.

And the reason why I thought about The Jonas Brothers is because I do really think that this duo is in the same path. I mean, just judging at the amount of responses coming from their fans, Nat and Alex are sure a hit in the limelight. In the website, a lot is going on in there. You can hear the band's music, visit Nat's and Alex respective blogs, join the games and win prizes, and then participate on the site's boards, and etc. Videos and photos can be viewed as well.
Speaking more of Naked Brothers Band, Nat lost his Mojo so the band is heading to the woods to find it. But, hey, the audience can help find it. How? By simple visiting (I already did) their website and tuning in and live chatting with Nat and Alex Wolff. You can help too by subscribing to Nat's Youtube Channel. And there's more that you can do to get him more mojo. That is by watching the video together with your friends, spreading this word, and making it your homepage. And reminder: this Operation Mojo kicks off on Saturday. Post?slot_id=25695&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark

Got A Butterfly Award For The Coolest Blog!

I don't know what Aseem saw in my blog but he just gave me an award. It's called, The Butterfly Award for the Coolest Blog I Ever Know. He was a new visitor to my site, so it was kind of a surprise when he chose this Bubbles of Thoughts worthy to be given this award. On the other hand, I believe I deserve this award for working hard to set this site up, though it has started to become idle for a time. Anyway, thanks, The Infinity Blog!

Here are the rules for people who go on to accept their awards:

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3.Link 10 other bloggers whom you wanted to share this award to.

Flat Belly, Anyone?

I am a relatively skinny woman, thanks to that because I can wear almost anything, but the problem is I had a belly. Even before I gave birth to Yad, I already had this not-so flat belly. I remember when I was in my teens, my mother used to remind me to be careful on what I eat because of that. But back then, it wasn't that bad because it looked firmer than today. Maybe it was because of the giving birth, but I'd be most happy if my belly becomes flat.

We all know that to flatten belly is to work your body out, unless you undergo the expensive and sometimes dangerous knife surgery. I don't like the surgery because I'm just too afraid of the idea. And the thing is, I am too lazy to resort to body workouts, so is there still hope for me?

Are you asking the same question to yourself? Do you have a problem belly too? Now, it is a good thing that I found a new program just the right solution for this dilemma. Good news to us, ladies! We can dump the fat gathered inside our belly by this new Flat Belly Diet program. Yes, just food for the belly diet. That's the handiest solution for our dilemma, right?

This program is initiated by Prevention Magazine, wherein they are looking for select group of women who would like to participate and try the flat belly diet program for free. If you are chosen to try this out, you will have these benefits:
  • A free copy of the Flat Belly Diet book
  • A free 1-year membership to the Flat Belly Diet website
  • Exclusive membership to our Success Story Club
  • The chance to blog about Flat Belly Diet on our website
  • First look at exclusive Flat Belly Diet videos
I wish I could participate here, but there's the distance issue again. So, might as well help spread out this word and hopefully one of my blogger friends will be selected for this program. Go check it out, girls!

November 14, 2008

Yad and Sean William Scott Just Saved My Day!

I just had a fight with my younger brother. It's just one of those little things that I always get irritated with, like not being so hygienic with food. I always find my nerve flaring up when it comes to food issue. I don't like you picking on food with your fingers when it isn't supposed to be a "pika-pika" food. Use the right utensils so the stuff on your fingers doesn't get on my food. Even if you washed your hands with soap and water, don't pick on my food when it isn't a "pika-pika" food, and specifically... if it's a saucy or soupy food.

Coz you'd always lose my appetite then... and my temper! Grr!

That was a plain and super simple rule, right? But, yeah! My brother's always like the bitchy, quirky one, always trying on my temper. It's a good thing that Yad is there to console me. Well, not directly. He just went to make my day by telling me he was included in the top 10 of the class. He said he was in the 9th spot in a 45 or so students. I would have wished he had ended up at one of the top 3 students, but knowing how Yad changed his study habits, being in the 9th is enough to make me happy and proud of him. So yeah, this good news was enough for me to forget the little squabble that happened earlier.
You see? When he was in the first grade, he ended up in the 3rd honor place. However, when he stepped into the 2nd to 4th grade, he didn't make it even to the 10th spot. With all the cellphone and computer games, and the camaraderie he got himself bonded with his new friends, his school went into just his second priority. He wasn't the same Yad I remember back then who was so enthusiastic about going to school and learning new things. He slowly lost his interest that his grades started to show its toll. As a tough mother to a child (yes, you could call me a tough mother sometimesor maybe most of the times?), I complained how his grades turned out and became strict about getting his good grades back.

No, not just good, but high grades! I would force him to hit his books and tell him no to go out. I would sometimes bargain something for him in exchange of good grades, like a cellphone unit if he ended up an honor student after the school year. But you know, a kid's mind his age (he's 10 years old) can be lost exploring newfound friends, new cellphone games, cartoon network shows, and computer games. That's how Yad is! He's not the type like other children who is busy making good grades. His mind is full of anything but school. School is second priority, as what I have noticed during the past three grade school years. He is a hyperactive kiddo, no ADHD though.

So, it occurred to me that I cannot be harsh on Yad anymore because he is still busy exploring his childhood in him. I thought I might just give him this privilege since childhood happens only once to use, right? Thankfully, his grades were not that bad. He still manages to earn a satisfactory grade rating, so I decided to loosen myself a bit over him. I had stopped demanding him to be at one of the three top honor spots. Just as long as he isn't getting grades as low as 75%, I would get away with it. Occasionally, when I would notice how he's getting deeply lost in other things except school, I'd still be the tough mom who would impose something harsh on him. But generally, I had let him take his own course by stopping to be the strict mom. And see how it benefited him? Now, without the constant tough and tight orders on him, he went into that 9th spot. That's an improvement, ayt?

And why did Sean William Scott made my day too? Well, he did nothing but flash his oh so heart-melting smile and squint his deep, talking eyes. That's enough for me to forget the world. I so adore this Hollywood hunk. I was so, so lucky to chance upon him today on the Tyra Banks show. And even Tyra couldn't hide her admiration to the handsomeness of this American Pie star. And he's always got humor in him. I love the portion when Tyra wants to sit between Sean and 50 Cent, so they could strike a model pose. But the two purposely didn't move their legs, so she ended up sitting actually on both men's knees. This and Sean's so full of humor totally cracked me and the audience in the studio. I love, love, love, love, and just love SEAN WILLIAM SCOTT! He is my dream guy! He melts my heart, just at the sight of him in photos and screens. I LOVE YOU, SEAN WILLIAM SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Err, forgive me for acting like a young girl, but I simply am into SEAN WILLIAM SCOTT! lol!

November 10, 2008

Check Zenni Eyeglasses!

Did you break your expensive eyeglasses? Aghast at the thought of buying another due to tight financial problems lately? In this case, you don't need to buy expensive ones when you can have another from at affordable cost without sacrificing style. Yes, you can select from the many available designs and styles of prescription glasses, with prices that start from as low as $8. A huge Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni range from single vision lens, tinted sunglasses lens, progressive lens, sunsensor lens, and bifocal lens. has been popular because of the Great Eyeglasses For Less. You might wonder why they sell their products at extremely low prices. That's because they don't pay middlemen and ads to promote these glasses. They sell them directly to customers, like you; hence, less the operating costs. In case you still don't know, Zenni Optical was on FOX news!, speaking variably how popular now is this brand. Check Zenni on Fox today to see the reason why you should opt for Zenni pair of eyeglasses instead of extremely expensive counterparts.

November 6, 2008

What Shall We Expect From Obama's Runaway Victory?

Weeks before the US Elections, I already felt that Barack Obama will emerge triumphant from this considerably sensational and historical event in America. Some people I argued with, including my father and other friends, did not agree with me whenever I'd say that it will be Obama who's going to replace Pres. George W. Bush. It's true that this African-American Senator of Illinois has managed to get massive support from different communities, but I believed that somehow the Americans wanted change - a change they believe only Obama will give. McCain would have been the same instrument for this much-sought after change, especially as far as the current mess Pres. Bush will be leaving behind is concerned; but it is clear than water that the Americans have spoken. At the turnout of the election, Obama and his supporters rejoiced from the runaway victory. But for the people to rejoice this early, I would think that is not the right thing to do. We have yet to see what America will be like under Obama administration.

And why I am posting this one? And kinda late at that?

Because, as they say, when America sneezes, everyone, or rather, the world catches cold. Because we, Filipinos, will have to be aware what this will impact us - I don't know if good or bad (I pray though it will be the first), but it will. Don't forget that Obama does not like America outsourcing jobs because he wants to give job to every American individual. So, what does that mean to us? Philippines has always been one of the favorite nations, which the Westerners outsource jobs from - and I admit I am one of the individuals who have benefited from that - but if US President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama withdrew this outsourcing job relationship, where does that leave us? But then again, this is just one of the thoughts that have been running in my mind ever since Obama declared his platforms particularly concerning on that issue. I am never, and will never be, in a position to foresee what will happen under Obama's helm, but this is one fear that have been boiling inside me although I don't intend to stay longer in this outsourcing industry. One of my mentors in AUL quipped that if may that happen, it will undergo process and thus may take quite a long time. But what to those individuals who planned on staying in this industry forever?

On the other hand, my fear, or your fear, is unfounded and maybe what happens next is the contrast of that. So, I guess the right thing to do at this time is to wait and see.

And not that Obama will read this post, but I still want to congratulate this great man for giving this new adventure for America to face with!

Let's wrap this post up with "Long Live, America!"

and, of course!

"Mabuhay, Pilipinas!"

Photo sourced from here.
Disclaimer: This is just my personal thought. Any comment/reaction is welcome.

November 5, 2008

For Tech-Savvy and Not Too Tech-Savvy, Check This Out!

I have had the privilege to discover a great site called, Cqweb, which basically caters to readers who need a lot of information about Mac OS X, internet, money, and servers. I am not saying that I am ignorant about all these things, but I do admit that I still have a lot to go to claim that I am well-versed with all those stuff. Having visited this site made me realize that. Say for example, doing backups to your data might seem a simple idea, like you just buy a hardware, you connect it to your cpu, then perform backup works. However, having read some valuable information from the site opened my eyes up to a lot other options. Like with a large Redundant Array of Independent Disks bank (or what they call RAID), or doing away some local devices by individual departments, and best of all, archiving your files to an ever dependable DVD. The author of the site makes it possible to inform the readers how a lot other options are worth taking a time to consider things over. If you are an individual like me who aren't so well-versed with such technical stuff, it is best that you visit and bookmark this site for a lot of important issues can be found here much to your advantage of course.

November 4, 2008

For Marie!

Disclaimer: This post is meant only for Marie. This is not to alienate my other readers, but this message is extremely important. TY!

If by chance you visited this blog, please do contact me. I have been sending you messages thru your email but they keep on bouncing back to my email. The Mail Delivery System says that your email is already full; thus, is no longer capable of receiving messages. Also, I have tried to post PM thru GAF, but I have no idea if you have read or received them as I have not received any response from you. I hope you visit here again as this is about our project. Thanks and take care always! :)

November 3, 2008

Bubbles of Thoughts Rises Again!

Since getting this blog site active again sometime late last year, I have been very intent in keeping it updated with all happenings, thoughts, and just anything that is in my mind. I have been very enthusiastic in putting into words through this site all that boggles, bothers, interests, and things running in my mind. As you can see, I have enough posts in each month and all of them were random. I don't cater to a particular theme to make this blog site a great one. It is my personal site. I meant to use this blog as merely my avenue to release most of what is inside my heart and mind, and monetize it too on the one side. But I never meant to let it sit for a long time.

Though I left this Bubbles of Thoughts idling for two weeks, it feels like I have ignored it for years. It is a pity that I have let it go that way, because you see? This site is one of my most important possessions right now. It took me few minutes to set this site up, but I took many days and hours just to complete the layout. It took me months before deciding that I need just the white layout and nothing more elaborate on the design. It is hard work to completely set up a blog site. With my site, it isn't complete yet in terms of the design, the layout, the widgets, the banners, and other stuff. But then, I had put hard work and time to let it be as it is today. It is my precious baby now. So, I am really ashamed that I have been detaching it from my daily life for the past two weeks.

If I could talk verbally to this site, I will apologize and hug it. I am so ashamed that I ignored you, baby. My life was down for the past few months, and the past two weeks were even like hell to me. I have been so consumed by the adversities that went around me for a while. I wallowed in depression that I haven't had the strength to go out my room for most of the days in the past couple weeks. I have sent myself locked in this little sanctuary with no companion but my computer and internet connection. I had my kid and family whom I sometimes chat with, but most of the hours of the day, I am in front of my computer trying to work on things just to ease away the pain and longing in my heart. But that was a mistake I realized I should never do again coz it got me more depressed than ever.

The past two weeks was the lowest point of my life this year and I regretted that I allowed things to go the wrong way. But now that I am collecting the pieces of my life back together, I am hoping that everything will turn out alright in the end. I am waiting for things to happen In God's Time. I am in no rush here now. I am doing this post to signal that I have risen from the dark weeks I have suffered. I am writing this piece to remind myself that there are a lot of fine things that surround me and they are just waiting for me to use and maximize them.

Right now, I am ready to take on the brighter side of life. And this Bubbles of Thoughts site will accompany me to whatever point of life I may have reach in the future. We will both have more focus on things, so that I will never leave it hanging in oblivion once again. I will have more strengths that I will be using but I know there will be more weaknesses and failures I may have encounter yet again. But one thing is for sure, I will take the positive things that come with every weakness so I won't go down again to the grave of emotional pits.

October 21, 2008

Please Attend The Theater Church Conference This October 22-23

I have mentioned my favorite Bible verse, Psalms 118:8. in one of my previous posts. For those who don't know it, the verse says: "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man." I have been living a life under this line of the Lord. If you want to Find out more about this verse, just open your bible. It is located in the centre of this holy book.

If you happen to know the Ecclesiastes 3:10, which says "God has planted eternity in the hearts of men," I also live my life under that verse. I have been to many moments of my life. I have undergone sweet experiences, success stories. I have had many graces in my life, my family,my friends, and many other things. And I thank the Lord for loving me so much to give me all those things.

But you see? I am an individual who also suffers most of the time because of the things I never wished would come my way. I have endless pain in my heart because of some major changes in the courses of my life. I have failures and shortcomings that made me consider giving up. But each time though, my spirit will always be lifted so that I am ready to stand up and face the world again.

For all those sweet moments and failures, I knew these are just slivers of light coming from God's windows. I mean, God has something big in store for me and I should never question why those things have been happening to me because the door will open and shower full lights of hope and happiness for me. If I have been having my moments now, it's because I knew those are just an appetizer for the big dish to come. If I have been having my own dose of sorrow and unhappiness, it's because God is preparing me to readily appreciate what He has created for me to have in my ultimate life.

I have been talking about bible verses because I want to remind you to attend the Theatre Church Conference to be hosted by CineMeetings & Events at Silver Spring, MD. It is a two-day affair, happening on October 22-23 of this year. There is so much for you to discover through this conference, so Find out more by going over to that church conference.

I would have love to Find out more about bible verses, but unfortunately the distance is what's keeping me from attending the Church Conference. So, if you can do it, maybe you can just share it to me?

Canceled Trips and Outings...

Days before the wedding of Totie and Ces was to take off, we have received a text message from Burns, saying they unfortunately could not make it here in Legazpi as what was planned. She reasoned out that some job-related issue came up so that they need to cancel the trip. As far as I'm concerned, that was utterly a shame because that also meant cancellation of the planned agenda for four days. What made me regretful about were the outings to several Legazpi tourist destination spots we were supposed to visit. It has been a while (2 years and 3 months to be exact) since I had been to outings, and I missed the beaches, pools, water springs, and those tourist locations here in Legazpi.

I was already having picturesque scenery and images of Deo Endhekka, Mayon Resthouse, and Cagsawa (see photo at the left) running in my mind. I have been imagining the days that I would be taking off for myself and just relax and enjoy. I have been thinking what clothes or outfit to wear on those days and just don't think about all the things that have been bogging me for a few months now.

But, sadly, all plans did not materialize. Much to my dismay, there was nothing that I could do then. Maybe we could have that trip and those outings when everybody else is available. Right now, they are just too busy with their own corporate lives that they can't easily afford to take several days off and enjoy. I realized, that's the price as you age. And since people continue to age, will we be like this for the rest of our lives - not having enough time to just enjoy and relax, I mean? Well, it's a reality check.

On the one hand, the canceled trip and outings have been a blessing in disguise to me. I was spared of those supposedly full days so I had took more time to prepare for the wedding of our dear friends, Totie and Ces.(I am going to post about the big day and some pics later). And of course, I was able to concentrate more on my freelance works, which remind me I still have a deadline to beat and I gotta work faster now :)

Anyway, I want to take this opportunity TO ONCE AGAIN CONGRATULATE THE COUPLE, TOTIE AND CES, FOR A NEWLY EXCITING, MUCH DIFFERENT TURN OF EVENT FOR YOUR LIVES NOW! I am happy for you guys and I wish you a successful marriage life! I know you are too busy right now with your first marriage consummation, in short honeymoon (lol!), so get the most out of it! Hope to see you before you both go back overseas. :-)

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October 16, 2008

Is there a day better than today?

Good morning, everyone!

As I woke up late today, I felt a rush of love and hope in my heart. I just knew everything will be okay and things will fall back to where they were before. Last night, I promised to myself that I will do everything just so I would get the things that I terribly need and love. I vowed I'd never resort to my old self who always surrendered whenever my emotions were beaten or whenever things seemed to not work they way I want them to. This time, it is gonna be a different Jirl. A Jirl now will be that woman who will fight against all odds, who will fight in the name of love. It's gonna start today. My faith is restored. And my mind is so full of fond and only good memories.

Is there a day better than today?

God bless to all of us!

October 15, 2008

The Wedding Invitation Card By Totie And Ces Nuptial

I have promised that I am going to post the photos of the wedding invitation cards that Totie and Cecile sent me. It took me a while before I can do it, but anyway, here they are now:

First the long-wallet like invitation card from the outside:
As seen above, the color is plum/eggplant and moss green combination. The color looks dull in this photo due to poor quality image captured by the camera. However, it looks much nicer in actual. The whole facade of the card looks very simple but I find the simplicity more elegant than boring. The vertical green part on the left is actually a lace fabric. While rubber-like material was used to emboss the graphic designs, so as the lettering of the couple's names.

When you open this long wallet-like (as according to Marijo) wedding invitation card, you will find the main part (photo below), which contains the details of the nuptial

a shelf that holds four pieces of rectangular leaflet cards, which all contain the entourage of the bride and groom, plus the sponsors, the priests celebrating it, and the RSVP for moi as the guest. Here is the photo of the four leaflet cards:
Totie and Ces, it is still two days before your most important and biggest event happens. I am congratulating you in advance. I am the happiest for you both and I wish you not the perfect, as there is no such thing as one, but the most ideal marriage life. We'll see you on your WEDDING DAY!

Psalms 118:8 - My Favorite Bible Verse

I know, I know. This blog has been sooo shamefully idle for like a million years. But I am back now, and I promise not to let this site go to oblivion. And as for my first post after letting it sit for couple of weeks, I am going to mention my favorite part of the bible, which is the centre verse. Do you even know what is in the center of the bible? You are probably a bible reader, but most likely, you aren't aware that in the centre of the book is found the Psalms 118:8. Although this is my favorite verse, I too wasn't aware of it until someone forwarded me an email message containing lots of bible information including that one. Why did this verse become my favorite? First, let's Find out more what Psalms 118:8 says:

"It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."

In my early years, I used to become so naive whenever someone is putting me down. Naive because I often become so depressed when someone hurts me and never cares that I am hurting. In those days, I always pray to the Lord to guide me and heal my wounds but I never completely surrendered to His will. But as I have slowly matured, I have learnt not to give in to the negative feelings and instead dwelt on the goodness of life that God has bestowed upon me. I have learnt to put confidence on the Lord's plans and wills He has in store for me so that even when someone is trying to pull me down to the grave of terrible emotional pits, it gave me more reason to become stronger and fight the difficulties and trials with more determination. Life has lots of good things, and if I surrender by not trusting in the Lord, how am I ever going to enjoy those things? So, for me? It is always better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

How about you? Do you have a particular favorite bible verse too? Let me know about it. And if you want to Find out more about bible stories, here is your chance. CineMeetings & Events is bringing you the first ever Theatre Church Conference to Silver Spring, MD happening on October 22 and 23. This is a chance to Find out more of these bible stories and church experience, so be sure to attend the conference. I would like to hear more of your favorite bible verse and how your life experiences relate to it, so drop a comment here, alright?