October 27, 2009

Let's Make Our Travel Dream Come True With Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific

Traveling to places abroad is a dream that is hard to achieve especially for the individuals who have always lived a 'make-ends-meet' lifestyle. There are just too many basic expenses and bills to take care of, that thinking of spending huge money over travels seemed not a very good idea at all.

I myself have been dying to go to Thailand, Korea, Japan and New Zealand for several years now, but I still can't because of financial constraints as one of the primary reasons. The fact that I am going to give birth to a baby girl in three months time doesn't help either. And the thought of the hospital bills, medicines, infant milk, diapers, baby essentials, and others makes traveling out of the options for another year or so.

Going out of the country is not exactly cheap, knowing how expensive hotel room rates are, not to mention the cost of a round-trip plane tickets was once so sky high. It is a good thing for us nowadays here in the Philippines that low ticket airfares have become available ever since the local airline companies begun sending out promotional campaigns to allow and help people of nearly all walks of life achieve their dream of flying.

Not a long time ago, plane tickets were so absurdly expensive that only the privileged ones can avail of the air flight. But now, everyone is given the chance to travel via air. In fact, many of my friends and colleagues already took the advantage and had been to Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia because of the local airline companies' low ticket costs promotional campaign.

And now that another inexpensive travel campaign courtesy of Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific has recently been released, traveling abroad has become very flexible for a majority of the people. Yes, if you have been waiting for this kind of opportunity, you can avail now because from October 27-30, there are super low room rates starting from US$30/night offered by this campaign.

There are over a million room nights which will be held on sale, and can be availed at participating hotels in the world's most exciting cities of Asia Pacific, including:
  • Thailand
  • Korea
  • China
  • Japan
  • HongKong
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • India
  • Bali
Staying period will be from December 2009 t0 April 2010, a time I believe is perfect to make our dream travel come true. And oh! Various hotels participating in this Super Sale super low room rates include:
  • Sofitel
  • Pullman
  • Grand Mercure
  • Novotel
  • Mercure
  • All Seasons, and
  • Ibis hotels
Why don't we check this out by visiting the website? I can't wait to tell my friends and relatives about this super fantastic deal. I know they would be raving about it particularly because they are planning again to take some time off and go out on another trip abroad.

With this promotional campaign, plus the low airplane ticket rates, I know it will be possible for me as well to make one of my dreams come true in the near future. I just hope though that similar campaign will be released in the future when I am ready to take long travel time. In the meantime, I will regularly check the website for updates.

Bon voyage to us all!

And Yes, They Are Right! It's A Baby Girl!

After six months of guessing, I am finally certain about the gender of my baby. It's a baby girl! I'm so thrilled after the OB-Gyne/Sonologist told me the ultrasound result showed a female in the scan. You could just imagine how I am exhilarated at the thought that on February 01, 2010 I am going to give birth to a baby girl I have been waiting all my life. Now, I feel complete. With Yad and his baby sister, I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me this blessing!

October 25, 2009


All an eagle would really like, is a teapot

October 22, 2009

My 2nd Ultrasound

I underwent my second ultrasound this afternoon. As I've mentioned in my last post, I wasn't supposed to undergo another test yet, but since I was really eager and excited to learn of my 2nd baby's gender, I urged my OB-Gyne to give me a recommendation. So, at 3:00PM this afternoon, the sonologist had a run over my belly with her apparatus to scan it. Boy, was I surprised with the result, or more appropriately, the discovery of my present pregnancy condition. It wasn't something that I would wish for, or any mom would for that matter, but I was really stunned after the sonologist announced it. It never crossed my mind until today that my condition would be like this, but I hope it would still change. I am not ready to divulge about it here unless I had a talk with my OB-Gyne first, so I am going to have an early checkup this week because this is something that I wasn't prepared for.

About the gender of the baby, I'll write about it in my next post.

October 17, 2009

They Say I Am Going To Have A Baby Girl! :-)

I've been meaning to post something here for the last two weeks, but it just happened now. Pardon me again for that as I only found myself willing to put another entry here today. There has been much going on lately with me and it was expected since I am into another relevant phase of my life.

Regarding my pregnancy, I am now on my 24th week (as per my last visit to my OB-gyne on October 7th, she told me I was on my way to 23-24 week), or perhaps older. I and Daddy R found it confusing as we thought I am still a little early on my pregnancy. But if that's what the OB said, so be it. I don't want to do more computations for now. All I'm waiting is February 2, 2010, the baby's due to come out.
I found my second pregnancy way easier to handle than my first. In fact, after going through the first semester which involved a lot of morning sickness and other unpleasant experiences, I am now really enjoying this whole thing. I am so excited for the baby to come out. Perhaps, one big factor for this excitement is the fact that almost all of my colleagues I bump into believe I am gonna have a baby girl this time because of the aura I exude.

As most of my friends already knew, I have been desperately longing to have a baby girl - largely because I don't have a sister; and all my life, was deprived of the stuff that usually shared between two girl siblings. You could just imagine how I long to be with at least a sister to share clothes, gossips and heartaches with.

All my pre-pubescent, teenage, and adult life, there was never a sister to consult with and so at the back of my mind, I was partly (only partly) blaming my being a unica hija in the family to lack the needed factors during my growing up as a female. I mean, my mother could have replaced a sister's position, but I always thought she can never do that since it's so different. So, perhaps you see now why I have been so obsessed at having a baby girl?

If this baby comes out of my womb with a feminine genitalia, I would probably be the merriest mom on the world. Not that I'm being unfair or biased here or I'd be disappointed if it's gonna be a boy, since I knew in my heart I would still be the merriest mom come February 2 regardless of the gender; but the thought of having a baby girl just couldn't get through me.

It really electrifies more my anticipation to bond with her for the rest of her life. I knew it would be like having a dream come true for me. Dressing her up, guiding her until she grows up and becomes the fine woman every man will adore and respect, and simply just talking to her like we're buddies, are thoughts that touch and extend my already uplifted-due-to-my-pregnancy emotions.
Daddy R wanted another baby boy and said we could have a girl for the third member of the siblings. But, given the rather complex situation, I am not banking on that chance that is likely or unlikely to happen in the future. Obviously, we were having conflicted interests when it comes to kids, but in fairness to him, he has said twice that whatever it is to come out, we will welcome with the whole of our hearts. If it's a girl, the favor was on me. If it's a boy, then it's his. Whatever it is, this second baby is another greatest thing that happened to our lives, next to Yad.

Because I can't contain my excitement, I am going to undergo an ultrasound come Monday to determine the gender of the baby even if the OB-gyne did not think it was a good idea at this stage. She said that I could have the test next month so we'd have clear results, but no, I want to know now. I am just too excited that I cannot sleep on this thought each evening. So, goodluck to us, Daddy R! Whoever's favor wins, we are gonna have a helluva new life with our second tot!

Baby, I am so excited, so please show up your cute little, ehem, genitals as mommy is having her ultrasound examinations, alright? We love you so much!

October 3, 2009

Busted Desktop!

After a few days of being offline, I am back. The reason of my "absence," is due to a busted desktop. Yes, my desktop went useless after it's hard disk got stuck up. I made several attempts to make it work, hoping it was just a mild technical problem that goes away after I allowed my desktop to rest for a while. Unfortunately, only for futile efforts. I remember posting an entry here days back about requiring a new memory as my computer was starting to act up. Now, it turned out it needed a different computer replacement part.
After coaxing the husband of my cousin Weng to check my computer, we found out that I need a new hard drive. Waaahhh! That spells shelling a few thousands of pesos! Too bad for me because I was trying to save up for the past days to pay a yearlong debt to a friend, and for the expenses I am about to occur in the near future for my plans of moving out. Added to the injury is the fact that I can no longer retrieve all the files I compiled since 2006. Great!

But since it is through this desktop and my internet connection where I earn some moolah from my freelance gigs, I have no choice but to buy a new hard disk. So, much as I hate parting with some of my of earned money, I went out late this afternoon to buy a new hard drive. Found one, got it installed, for free because Lan won't charge me a dime for his services (Thanks to you!). So I am here once again.

Sigh! The downside of technologies! You gotta maintain them to give you good functioning life for a long while. And when you mean maintenance, it involves doing upgrades, periodic checkups, taking good care of what you do with them, and so on and so forth. Anyway, I'm just a little lucky that I got some ready cash to spend for this necessity.

Now, I am here to accept freelance writing gigs again. Sigh, if only we no longer need freelance gigs here! Anyway, I am thankful that there are freelance jobs available, so work-at-home moms, like me, can still earn money while steady employment is not for me to take yet.