March 23, 2009

Here Is Me Again! ;)

Apparently, I haven't reached my final decision whether yet I've to close this site down or not. Which, fortunately for me and am happy because I've got a heavy heart doing that. So, I might just continue doing this blog. Hmm, I need it anyway. So, well? 

Anyway, I am posting yet another nonsense here but then I am starting a tiny step to let out my passion again. And that, should I say, is a big step towards getting back that once-enthusiastic-me over blogging and writing. Few more courage and then this site will be up and kicking again. Wish me for that. 

Mornighty, sweets! Hope we all've sweet dreams and they come true the morning or days after. Ciao!

March 22, 2009

I'm Back.... Not!

Hello everyone! 

Not that you missed me, but I'm still apologizing that this site is swimming into oblivion. I missed Bubbles of Thoughts! But, unfortunately, I still don't have the motivation to write something really worthwhile here. *sigh* 

So, ciao for now! I'm gonna go to bed, it's quite late here in the Philippines. My computer's eternal clock says it's the unholy hour of 1:38 in the morning. And my rhinitis is getting worse after it went down on me a few days ago because of neglecting my body's supply of ascorbic acid few weeks since. Stupid me for that! Really need to visit the doctor to ask prescription meds. In the meantime, I am off to bed and rest now.

Nighty (or mornighty?), everyone! 

March 5, 2009

This Blog Has Earned 10,008 Hits!

It's a surprise that even though this blog hasn't been regularly updated, there were still people who continue to come back to visit it. And even more surprising is the fact that, to date, it has earned 10,008 visitors/readers. When I started this blog, I never imagined it would attract visitors/readers/bloggers from different parts of the world. I even remembered constantly complaining to my colleagues coz at one time it didn't seem to earn a good decent enough number of visitors and at another time that it did, I thought it was too slow that at one point, I got really discouraged at the idea of continuing this blog site. But, now, I am glad that I did not stop updating it until it has marked its own niche, albeit at a considerably microscopic spot, in the blogosphere. Along its journey, I was able to earn some blogger friends and discovered ways to monetize it on the one side. I am still not certain whether I still want to continue updating or to close it down for good but I am glad that it is still up at this moment.