January 21, 2009

Blogging and Advertising - Bloggers and Advertisers

Blogging nowadays has stirred a lot of interest among almost all kinds of individuals. Some do it for the sheer purpose of having a platform where they can write whatever they want or have a journal-like site where they can scribble the daily events that transpired with or around their lives. While some others blog for monetary purpose.

At first, my objective when I started this blog in 2006 was to turn it into some sort of journal so I can have a platform where I can release my opinions or whatever is in my heart and my mind. For the first year, I have neglected it because of lack of drive and perhaps because at that time I still haven't had my internet connection. But after seeing my former colleagues going gaga over blogging thing because of the monetary compensation they were getting from different sources, which basically just require them to write about a certain product or service, I begin to see blogging in a different way.

That's when I started running into sources to turn this blog into money-generating machine. Yes, I went with the flow. I registered into a number of websites that pay bloggers for writing reviews, promoting products and services, and advertising on blogs. Next thing I know, I begun realizing that my paypal account started to accumulate a nice, decent amount of dollars. To date, that amount has helped me pay for my internet bills, my personal needs, and sometimes, travel fares. Isn't that a great thing? In these days when we are stricken with financial difficulty, everyone seems to receive meager income. Therefore, everyone needs to be really resourceful. And blog marketing is just one good way to augment everyone's meager income.
And for the purpose of getting another source of income, I registered with PayingPost. The site has already received a new, simple layout which makes it easier for me to navigate. It connects bloggers and advertisers by having the former write about the products/services of the latter. The principle is, advertisers pay bloggers for the exposure of their products/services, while bloggers earn as much as they want. Now, that I say, is lesser effort for advertisers of product promotions/advertisements and for bloggers to earning huge sum of money, wouldn't you agree?

So Much To Look Forward To AFter US Pres Obama's Inauguration Day

I stayed up late last night because I wanted to watch the INAUGURATION of Barrack Obama as the 44th President of United States of America. It was 1:00AM here in the Philippines when he was sworn in, and even if it was rather late for my sleeping time, I stayed wide awake just to witness this very historic event that happened to America, and to the world, so to speak.

Obama is the first African-American that serve the US with the highest leadership level. He is black. He has lived in different parts of the globe. He is also no doubt a charismatic speaker. America is still in recession. Many lost their jobs and many are living a life sub-standard than the kind they used to enjoy. And due to the US economic difficulty that started a few years ago, the world has caught the epidemic and is also in the same page financial page. There are wars going on, Iraq, Gaza strip, Israel, Palestine, even here in the Philippines. Terrorism is still a worldwide problem.

These are factors that made people believe Obama is the ideal person to serve the US and the world. They decided that he is the answer to the burgeoning worldwide financial and security crises. That's why the American citizens voted for him to win and was inaugurated last night as the new US President. And because of this turnout, it is not only the Americans but the people of the world who celebrated it. Amazingly, the world has caught the Obama fever. This was clearly manifested by last night's attention the globe has paid to in the swearing in of Obama under a sacred and legal oath. In fact, the whole world stopped the whole time the event transpired. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world tuned in to be part of this making of a new history.

Time had even stood still when he delivered his speech. The atmosphere was electrifying when the whole world waited for all what he has to say. I can say he is indeed a person who is exuding a lot of wisdom and charisma when he talks. His speech was rich and substantive of heartfelt promises. And it is apparent that the people believe whatever he says. He is like a magnet that attracts all people and make them pay attention. You feel the depth of his commitment to this new chapter of his life.

To expect a lot from this big man is not surprising. But the burden is his. He has lots of pressure in his shoulder to deal with. The people has high hopes and highest of high expectations from him. Somehow, this is kind of frightening. It is as if there is no room for Obama to make mistakes. People have made that clear. But what if he does? Will people accept it? What if Obama is not as good as he is in the honeymoon stage as in the later stage of his presidency? It is too early to tell.

In the meantime, we know what is certain. The whole world, including me, is very positive and is depending on him to change the world.

As what he puts it in one part of his speech last night, "the world has changed, and we must change with it."

January 19, 2009

They All Come In P's!

If you haven't followed the singing and guesting stints of Charice Pempengco to various States in America, here is a mini-slide show created by barako221 of Youtube. Thanks, man, for doing this slideshow!

I love the comment of bennyhilg:

"just like the international 3P's



Oo nga no? They all come in P's:

Pempengco, Charice - Oprah's "alaga," the Little, Young Filipina Int'l Singing Sensation
Pacquiao, Manny - World's Pound for Pound Champ
Pineda, Arnel - Currently the band's, Journey, lead singer

What's with P's, anyway? =)

Charice Did Sing At The Pre-Inaugural Ball! Oh Wow!

Oh my god! It wasn't true!

That Charice Pempengco did not sing at the pre-inauguration ball!

Oh my, I can't explain how I am feeling right now (and as if it matters to you huh!lol!) but I am sure, so sure, I am so, so, uberly, excessively, extremely, and very, very, very proud because a Pinay, in the name of Ms. Charice Pempengco, did it to astound yet again not only the American politics and celebrity people but the big man himself, President Barack Obama! Wow! She's huge! No, not huge! She's GINORMOUS! She wowed the audience alright, it's very evident at the teaser of TV Patrol played just a while ago. I am very excited and waiting to catch the report. I can't wait, excitement rushes into my nerves. This young girl sure has the biggest future ahead, and it's started now. I am so feeling really happy for her and for the Filipinos at the same time. It only connotes one thing - that we Pinays and Pinoys have what others also have - talent and the tenacity to dream big!

Let's congratulate this unbelievable little girl from Laguna!

January 18, 2009

Did Charice Sing On US President-Elect Barack Obama's Pre-Inauguration Today?

I know... it's been 10 days now. Don't blame me for still having this too messed up to post condition blogger's block. It's one epidemic in the blogosphere, you know. And I'm struggling... hard... to keep this blog

...still alive.

But anyway, I am so excited and really looking forward for today's events, January 18 in the United States and January 19 here in PI. I know all Filipinos feel the same knowing that Charice Pempengco is singing at the Pre-Inauguration Day of President-elect Barack Obama. I wish we could watch her live performing but unfortunately word says her performance, as well as other celebrities' performances, wouldn't be broadcasted on regular TV shows as it is HBO which has gotten the rights to the entertainment portion of the event. Being a non-US resident, I don't understand why it wouldn't be aired. Maybe, it's for security's sake, or whatever. Well, anyway, since we wouldn't see the performance of Charice, I guess we'll have to wait it on Youtube, right, youtubers?=)

BUT, will there be a youtube video of her performance? What's this buzz going around that there was no Charice singing "One Moment in Time" and "God Bless America" in the US President's Pre-Inauguration? Is this true, people? If that's true, we'd be extremely sad. It should've been her most ginormous performance to date. Imagine the only Filipino singing over the widely-celebrated President Obama's inaugaration? That's deep! A laurel to her cap indeed, and a gigantic pride to us Filipinos.

I wish someone enlightens me over this issue. Did she, or did she not, perform?

January 9, 2009

Talk About Tiny Entreprenuerial Skill

My mood for today: happy and hopeful.

Why: Because with less effort, I sold all 4 imported-from-US watches at the University with the help of one of my dearest mentors/instructors. In fact, Miss Q literally did the selling talks mostly to her co-leagues. I just did the explanation part where the items came from and if they were authentic. Yes, they are authentic, or at least that's what the seller said, because I want to sell only authentic products.

And oh, I don't want to forget mentioning that the purple/light green Makgio bag (also from US) was also sold, and 4 of the 8 pairs of US stud earrings too. Isn't today my most wonderful day of the week? This was one of my most productive days and I hope many more days would be like this 'coz I need to earn more money.=)

Hhmmm, I could get used to this. Why not? Buying and selling is the job of my papa and why not I do it too? I could make money out of buying imported-from-US watches, bags, and jewelry and then selling them here. I know at this time there is no way I could make money as much as what papa can, but at least, what amount I can make could augment my income.

Plus, I am starting to do something really worthwhile. As you know, this current financial phenomenon, called the worldwide economic downturn, has taken a toll to almost everybody. It wouldn't help if we just rely on just one source of income and we're not doing anything at all to alleviate the difficulty.

Besides earning, I am also practicing my entrepreneurial skills, which I have a gut feeling that I might just become an expert of in the future, perhaps 15 or 20 years from now. It isn't a crime to dream big, yes? I remember one day at my former office, a co-worker remarked that I might just have it. I know you felt it, Ryan. Because I did too.

Goodluck to me! =)

Of course, I am not concentrating yet on this business as I am still attending the University. Plus, I am still writing, my bread and butter, and I have lots of other things to attend to so it's hard to squeeze in each task to my somewhat full schedule. However, if this tiny "entreprenuering" drama turns out well, hhmm, I'm no Miss Super Woman but I might just reconsider. In the meantime, it can be a really good sideline of mine and hopefully a really, really productive one.

Aja Jirl!

January 8, 2009

"Blogger's Block"

Sigh, my site was put into the sea of oblivion once again for a week. I wonder when did I start to have this "writer's block," err "blogger's block. It's like I have zillion articles/topics to write here and my imagination is always working hard but, alas, my fingers and my will wouldn't just cooperate. I guess this is really what everybody calls it, a "blogger's block." Now, I know the feeling. I have read it at other's blog site, the writer complaining how he went through that blogger's sickness for so long and eventually conquering that dilemma. Now, I'm wondering when would I start regularly writing stuff in here and believe there's no such thing as "blogger's block."

January 1, 2009

Do You Have A New Year's Resolution?

I do. But unlike last time, I don't have a list. Because if I list my new year's resolution, that would gonna be like impossible to achieve. It's always like that, you know what I mean?

You'd say you're gonna change this bad habit. You'd say, you're gonna forget your bad mannerisms and all. You'd say, you're gonna change this negative attitude. You'd say, you're gonna achieve it this year... and so on, so forth.

But the thing is? They always end up just like that, a new year's resolution listed on a paper, or perhaps, a new year's resolution stamped on your brain. But nothing's really happened.

Well, I don't want to go on a new year's resolution that I won't actually "resolve" this year at all. So before the year 2008 ended, I made a promise to myself - a promise that I not only stamped on my head, but took it to my heart. I have only one resolution for the year 2009 - and for the many coming years to come - that is, just to be a better person.

Not that I am a bad person. I just want to improve everything about me. No more, no less. =) Think that's hard to achieve? Not at all. In fact, I thought, this one is the easiest I would ever have to deal with.

So, what's your new year's resolution?

Have a very wealthy 2009 to us all!