March 31, 2008

Brian Gorrell Buzz! A Taint To The Already Tainted Filipino Image?

What is this all about this Brian Gorrell thing? Stories, all frightening and degrading , told about how this Australian gay guy has gone with various affairs involving some of the most prominent people in Manila have been circulating not only here in the online world but on papers and televisions as well. I still haven't dug that blog this Aussie guy purportedly owns and in which he uses to account piece by piece the apparently degrading things that his Filipino lover has done to him, so I don't really know who these people are.

There were Filipino celebrities whom this guy mentioned in the blog. And, that, apparently is one of the reasons why this recent buzz has caused many people to react guiltily over this guy's claims. I haven't had time to research and that's why this post is a bit late given that this scandal has circulated for a few days already, but I sure am going to find out when I have more time.


I've been feeling lousy for a week now. I don't know what has happened that caused me to be peskier than the normal me. Perhaps, the low emotion has got a lot to do with that thing that got me irritated and angry some few nights ago. That "thing" I'm referring to got me really pissed off for many reasons. I could not elaborate them more here but it all sums up to only one thing - my failure to understand the lack of sensitivity that other people suffer from. And one thing that got me kinda more worried is the way I have reacted days afterwards.

I could have passed the whole thing up and resume to my old self, so that I can be more amiable and more passive as usual. But the past week? That woman who understands better even confronted with less-friendly situations, and that woman who fully understands and is always willing to let things pass up even if one has wronged her in one way or another was a completely different person in that week. It was a terrible week that ended one depressing incident to another - and the result of which? A more depressed me.

Yes, I was a failure. The length of my rope was put to a hard test. I was given my last straw, and because of that, I can't find in my heart to be the old, happy JIRLIE that I always once to be. I haven't successfully collected my thoughts and composure so I can deal with the whole matter as simpler as I would do before. Now, I still don't know who I am. And I can't say when the old JIRLIE would be back to her old self. But one thing that I know, time and God will help me recover.

March 27, 2008

Got a Summer Tote Bag From Ces! Thanks!:-)

My friend Ces, who is working in Dubai, and her fiance, Totie, a dear friend working in Qatar, were here a week ago. They were here for a vacation. But other than that, there was a far more significant purpose for the visit -- a purpose that could forever change their lives. But I'm mum about the whole thing until that purpose metamorphose into reality 7 months from now. I' m just a little afraid that the it will be preempted and got blown off even before it can happen. So, here, I am blogging not about that stuff about them, but the gift I got from Ces. Here it is:

When she handed this Forever 21 bag, I can't wait to open it. We were at Totie's house celebrating his dad's bday and the couple's arrival, so it's ok if I open it right at that moment. When i pulled out the thing from the bag, here's her "pasalubong" for me:

Weehhh!!! Bag! I love bags! Just as I love pretty and girly blouses, jeans, and shoes... This tote bag is perfect for summer! Thanks, Ces, for this present! This is perfect to carry my summer essentials to the beach. It is roomy enough to hold my sunblock lotions, swim suit, and lotsa lotsa more. It's a summer bag that will surely make it easier and handier for me to bring all my beach stuffs. And it's trendy and fashionable enough that I would sure carry it along on all my summer getaways ;)

And, Ces and Totie, let me say my best wishes! I can't stress enough how happy I am that two of my friends ended up together. As I frequently express myself to you, guys, I am one of the people that became the happiest because you are both happy with each other. Take care, guys! :-)

March 26, 2008

Blog For Money!

Writing about anything that keeps my mind interested has always been an outlet for me. Whether I am feeling good or down, you will normally find me jotting down on my notes or journaling just so I could ease whatever is occupying on my mind. When blogsites became popular, I was one of the most enthusiastic people because here it is! Blogging! The one thing that I might have been unconsciously looking for – a flexible, most convenient way to get down all things running on my mind into words.

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March 25, 2008

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March 23, 2008

Bye Holy Week! Hello Office!

Holy week's almost over and less than couple days and we're back to work. Vacation's off and once again, we gotta move on and face the reality - responsibilities (aka work). I wish I had more week to just lounge around home, sleep at anytime of the day, watch our favorite television shows, chomp down my fave chips, play pc games, and just sit down and sip coffee, or just doin' nothin. *sigh*

Except for the work backlogs I'm trying to catch up on at home, I've been doing nothing for the past 4days. I could've went out with friends and go swimming, but I preferred staying at home. It's the only time that I'd have my complete rest and bond with Yaddy, so I didn't think of trading these precious days for gimmicks.

Gimmicks would have to wait. Me and my friends got summer vacation plans about going to Caramoan, Camarines Sur on the third week of April. And May month would be either at La Union or Puerto Galera again. I hope all May plans would materialize, but it all depends on the availability and willingness of the group.

Haayy, just thinking of the bond and fun times we will have together makes me miss them! It's been a while since we went out to swim. College gimmicks were always about overnight swimming, and everytime, it's always fun! Unfortunately, these days are not exactly like college days. Everyone's so busy with their own affairs I think it would be hard to synch our time together. So, I guess, I'd just pray hard that these May summer getaways would allow us to bag our sunblock lotions, swimsuits, flip-flops, hats, and of course, our stories and laughs to share once again with the group.

March 14, 2008

NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer Resigns!

As of March 12, 2008, the government official of New York, Eliot spitzer, who got involved in the most recent sex scandal (the other party involving Ashley Alexandra Dupre), has resigned. He was quoted as saying: "I cannot allow my private failings to disrupt the people's work." Here's where the complete story located.

March 13, 2008


My YADDY is a certified bling-owner!

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This is Ashley Alexandra Dupré (The Spitzer-Dupre Scandal)

Aawwwww! She's gorgeous! I could've mistook her for another lovely face in the Hollywood or just one of the high-paid ramp, print, or commercial models. But disappointingly, she's not:(

She's the woman allegedly Governor Eliot Spitzer hooked up with for a price of more than 4 grand for only few hours of service. Damn, that's lotta money! This woman's really special, or as far as Spitzer thought! The picture says it all, ayt? She's so beautiful and perfect for a high-class call girl. Honestly, I pity her:( I just wish she'd be strong enough to get through that moral-personality-crushing scandal. I wish she'd still pursue her dream of becoming a singer one day...Well, we never know. This might be one of her (or people behind her) tactics to climb her way up. After all, in the world of politics and Hollywood, everything is possible...

Metrobank Server Failure

How about not having any access to any Metrobank atms, or even other atms, for more than 24 hours already? What if it is the only bank that you have an account for your money savings and nothin else? What will happen if your infant is running out of milk supply and you don't have credit cards with you? What if you got emergency financial obligations but you cannot withdraw from the funds of your account because the server nationwide is down? What will you do? Borrow money? But the thing is, you can't always rely on other people's help if they too are experiencing dilemma with you.

See, Metrobank, Philippines? This is the first time that we encountered your system offline for more than 24 hours. It is a hassle that can do affect many people's financial dilemma. You can't even take the simple protocol of providing advisory to your loyal customers. This is one thing that could've stopped us from fearing wondering what really happened behind this fiasco.

Did you, guys, have your main server or system attacked by suspicious/illegal transactions? Or did that system failed because of a huge net virus and abruptly corrupted your database and files? Whatever it is, inform us that we can't do transactions with you because your server is down! It is one little thing that you owe us and could help us big in these difficult times...

So, because this unwanted failure can occur anytime in the future, I am thinking now of using other bank services, which can allow us to shop or spend when we ran out of cash and no ATM machines dispense money. Well, credit cards are the perfect prospect for now, right? So, okay, I'm going to check what banks offer the best credit card services.

blogger spelling contest

March 10, 2008


1. General Clean - one thing I should make a weekly habit. But because of work-related matters, can't simply do it. Instead, I found myself cleaning my room once a month. Great!

2. Visit the mall - need to update my wardrobe. my closet has been full; unfortunately, with outdated clothes and accessories. online shopping might be great, but still don't have my home internet connection, which reminds me this is one thing to include in this list (will do at the last section of this page). Can't do online shopping at the office. Too busy with new projects and blog tasks.

3. Visit hair salon - need a hair trim. or why not a new short hairstyle? i would love to have this short bob hair of SANDRA BULLOCK copied to my mane. a hair treatment (perhaps hot oil?) will do uplift my spirit - badly need this.

4. Visit a dentist. need to have my upper and lower teeth corrected, plus some dental treatments applied, a task i should've taken cared of a long time ago.

4. Go to city registar's office. need to change my slightly erred name spelling. My BC inked the JERLIE (ggrrr to that person who did that little typo error X( ). It should have been JIRLIE (this is nicer, ayt), the right-spelled cutie name of mine :)

5. Go to school. need to talk to my instructors to let me take up final exams and give me a passed rating. haven't attended my subject courses for a few weeks now due to time-constraining tasks we've been piled up at work.

6. Go to beach with yad. need have nice, warm beach air freshen up my tensed nerves.

7. Organize my home PC and all files i got it loaded with.

8. Go to DCTV and apply for the cable connection and have internet activated as well.

9. And lastly, finish my BSCS tertiary course, so I could freely accomplish everything that's been planned.

obviously, i need better time management skills...

of course, getting lazy and procrastinating habits, and sedentary lifestyle off my system will do help big time...

March 8, 2008

What about them people trying to twist your biblical knowledge?

As a part-time devoted catholic and frequent church mass-goer who read bibles from time to time, I got a little disturbed by this recent theory coming from a man who took time to research and refute the legendary Moses, the prophet who wrote The 10 Commandments claimed to be inspired by the Voice of God.

I accidentally and initially learned about this new alternative theory when I was not supposedly listening to our regular-blaring-morning-AM-radio-show but caught my ears opened wide because the announcer suddenly brought it up on air. Although it caught my attention and caused my brain cells to run wild again, I dismissed the news, thinking it is too sensitive and complicated an issue for me to continue divulging on. But how can the thought be dismissed totally from my mind when here in my e-mail account was sprawled one of my daily subscribed Forbes newsletters containing the sensationalized news?

This recent alternative theory is not the first in the on-going crisis of religious-belief-twisting-attempts. Years back, there were others with related theory which expectedly prompted outrage from different concerned groups and citizens, especially from various religious sects and organizations. But I thought these issues were too complicated for me to continue opining with, so I am posting the new article that I am talking about so you can read it to your own burden pleasure and let your opinion run on it too. Sourced from, here is the article:

Moses: Let My People Get High?

LONDON -everyone thinks they know the story of Moses, the Biblical prophet who led the Hebrews out of Egypt over 3,000 years ago and into the Promised Land of Israel. But new research from Israel suggests that Moses's divinely-inspired visions, from the burning bush to the smoke and trumpet-blasts that shook Mount Sinai, were not so much holy as hallucinogenic.

A new study by Israeli professor Benny Shanon, of Jerusalem's Hebrew University, reportedly shows that two plants in the Sinai desert have a similar molecular structure to a powerful plant concoction from the Amazon rainforest. This brew, known as ayahuasca, is used for shamanic and medicinal purposes in the Amazon; its potent hallucinogenic effects led beat poet Allen Ginsberg to imagine he was a "vomiting snake."

Writing in British journal Time And Mind, Shanon said that similar plants in the Middle East had long been used for their healing powers. This could help explain the vivid images in the Book of Exodus, which include God's descent onto Mount Sinai: "The whole mount quaked greatly…the voice of the trumpet sounded long…Moses spoke, and God answered him." (Exodus, Chapter 19)

"As far as Moses on Mount Sinai is concerned," Shanon is reported as saying in an Israeli radio interview, "it was either a supernatural cosmic event, which I don't believe, or a legend, which I don't believe either. Or finally, and this is very probable, an event that joined Moses and the people of Israel under the effect of narcotics."

This is not the first time alternative theories have been put forward to try and explain Biblical legends. Moses's legendary parting of the Red Sea has been interpreted as a rather more mundane moment of low tide. Similarly, the smoking, trembling Mount Sinai could have been an example of volcanic activity rather than something divine.

It may take a while for Shanon's theory to become acceptable to the general public, given that classic movies like The Ten Commandments and the more recent Prince Of Egypt rely on a more respectful view of Moses and the Israelites. According to the BoxOfficeMojo website, which adjusts motion-picture earnings for inflation, The Ten Commandments is the fifth-highest grossing film of all time.

Get Paid for Blogging With Snapbomb

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March 7, 2008

What are Some Different Components of an Automobile Engine?

I should have read and absorbed the content of this article a long time ago. Maybe by now, I can claim that I'm more confident of all stuff i am putting in my articles, especially those concerning automobile engine activities and cycles. But, anyhow, im putting this wisegeek article for my fellow auto parts writers. Here, read and absorb this article too so you'd be more effective in writing stuff about engine, its parts and essentials:

The make up of an automobile engine varies based on the expected performance. For example, a greater number of cylinders are required for more power and highly tuned parts made to withstand greater heat are required for heightened speed. An automobile engine made for a truck or SUV requires more power than an engine made for use in a small car or minivan.

Within an automobile engine, you will find cylinders. Within each cylinder is a piston. The piston cycles up and down opening and closing the intake valve. In small engines, there is often just one cylinder, while in larger equipment or vehicles, there can be many more. The range for a common automobile engine runs from four cylinder to eight cylinder, with six cylinders being a commonly used construction. When you hear someone say a car is a V6 or a “six banger” that means it is a six cylinder engine.

As the piston moves downward, fuel and air are combined and pulled into the combustion chamber via the intake valves. When the piston changes course, the valve closes. This leads to increased temperature and pressure of the fuel and air mixture. The piston rings create a seal between the piston and the cylinder, which helps keep the fuel and air mixture from leaking.

Then another part takes its turn. The spark plugs give off a spark, which in turn causes the air and fuel mixture to begin burning. The heat generated by this process causes the mixture to expand, which pushes the piston back down, generating power. Now, the piston must continue its cycle, working its way back up.

During the upward movement, the exhaust valve rather than the intake valve will now open, releasing air and fuel that has not been burned. This mixture will make its way through the engine, to the manifold, and will ultimately be expelled through the exhaust pipe. This process repeats as long as the automobile engine is running.

The cylinder, the piston, piston rings, the intake valve or valves, combustion chamber, spark plugs, exhaust valve, and the exhaust manifold are all basic components. The automobile engine, while innovative and useful, is based on simple parts and processes that work together, essentially to turn fuel into energy. What is described here is the way an automobile engine works with a common four-stroke cycle.

article above sourced from:

March 6, 2008

me working in an automotive online parts store? who got me kidding?

Hate those out-of-this-world-kws! I am not a true blue automotive enthusiast, but look where I am! I am hired and have worked since late 2005 until for a backbone company of an auto parts online store based in the United States. But strangely enough, I don't even have enough knowledge about the million parts you would find in a car. That may be an underrated statement, but all my knowledge about these stuff came from research, research, and research only. I don't have firsthand knowledge about them. I don't get to see most of these car parts I am writing about with my own very eyes. I don't even own and drive a car...

So, why am I writing stuff about car parts? What am I doing?

Is there anybody out there who knows how many battery cable ends are there in a car??? or how many cable ends are there in each battery cable??

See... I don't even know and can't find an answer to these two very simple questions! Nah, researching is time consuming...

So, what is my best resort to find the answer?

*sob**sob* I don't think I am an effective writer for car parts and stuff...:(

more moolah, more responsibilities...

The last time, i posted about the salary increase i recently received. 'twas all about the blessing and how much millions 'twas worth thanking for. sure, i's thankful enough for that moolah! but what didn't hit me was, the thing that i was supposed to sacrifice in return of the little moneki i got. i was so full with excited nerves and cells all trapped up in my brain, all bcoz of the blessings (ohryt, more money!), that i didn't realize am being stupid to forgot that in every lil good thing, there is a price. and that price in this case, is... of course! everybody in the room know the answer! -- work, work, and more work! what else!

yes, i know i really gotta work in return of the pay (with the added hefty increase of course!). it was what am here for, in the first place. But because my brain was so busy sending my body messages about that monetary stuff, only monetary pleasures and nothin' else, i got all so wrapped up with all these stuff that i only realized now that the new tasks were going to be this, nosebleeding! yeeeyyy!!!!

so what does this mean? it is going to be the end of my "lax" times here in front of my pc. it is going to be the end of my endless hopping from one website to another website to read and read and read. it is going to be the end of my frequent browsing and sometimes online shopping at ebay. and, of course, it is going to be the end of more napping times! *sigh* sometimes, you really gotta be a little mature enough to learn that you should not have these good things because you are supposedly working your ass off to give them what they've paid you for. (but are we really paid enough? was merely askin, boss!)and yes, i admit it. i've been very lax here at the office that i thought i kinda overused their resources and stuff so much so that i still can't get used to working like this too demanding a work/task. you say i've been abusive? pardon me pardon me... im trying to change those lazy habits. give me that right. and anyway, i believe most of us here have been abusive of their positions. korek, mga peeps?Ü

well, i still can do that reading and reading and reading stuff. but only this time, it gotta be websites about aftermarket brand parts, their specs, functions, etc... etc... another, yeeeeeyyyy!!!! these days, there is so much to learn about all these car parts i've no idea where on earth did they come from. funny. i've been writing stuff on all these auto parts you wouldn't think were in existence, yet am still not sure if i can point the exact things i've been researching and writing about for three years right under the hood of your car, or inside its wheels and tires.

yes, am that too booboo! hahhaha!!!

but, back to the stupidity or, okay, to say it a little harsher, memory deficiencies...:)

we, employees, who have just recently received hefty pay increases, must be working all our brain off to make creative, technical, and whatsoever, auto parts articles because that was what the increase is for... don't forget that with every additional pay, there is something you have to put more labor on... even if you think the increase is still -- KULANG! hahhahaha! peace to our bosses up there! but seriously, keep your brain informed that "with every monetary increase, there's gotta be responsibility in return."

aww, i gotta end this rant. i've been writing and writing nonsense here. and here i am, supposedly finishing the nosebleeding task and not complaining because im paid to work. but you see, i gotta blog this out! i gotta blog this out! like anybody else who has had enough of the keywords!

*im lifting my two thumbs up, y'all!*

March 5, 2008

Haven't started even a homepage...

Less than two weeks and I gotta submit the url of the project website as a subject course (CS 4.1 - Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver) requirement for the mid and final terms in school. Will I ever make it? Whew! I haven't started even the homepage of the site. I just wish I could manage well my time, so I can finish all the things I need to accomplish at the right time. But, well, I haven't mastered the art of time management. So, of course, I gotta cram yet again. Based on my experiences back in high school and my undergraduate-before-I-decided-to-stop-and-work-for-a-while-days, cramming is what I have mastered best. And now, I gotta use that little tactic and make sure the project is submitted on time.

Aja, JIRL!