May 31, 2008

Wretched Creature

My temple is aching. I am catching with work tasks. Work is giving me tough times. Hubby and I still not in good terms. Haven't cleaned my room for more than a week. Dust is piling up again. School classes are due in two weeks time. Haven't gone to school to enroll. Still haven't decided how many subjects to take up for the semester. Still don't know if work schedule permits me to take up more than 18units. I feel physically and emotionally exhausted with all these thoughts. I am a wretched creature now, but I need to get through it all... because I must...

My Birthday Gifts This Year!

Just for the purpose of showing how grateful I am, I am posting these photos to thank my dear friends and kins for the birthday gifts they gave me:-)

First off, Burns bought me this Nafnaf baby tee when we went out SM Cubao malling last January (yes, five months before my actual birthdate. She's that thoughtful and way prompt, really... hehehe. Love yah, Burns!). I visited her and Baby Zyv after I attended the funeral of my late Auntie Inday at Sanctuarium. She also let me ride on her credit card purchases when I saw a nice red-and -white polka dot baby doll flats and a white shirt. Plus, together with Fhurer and Epoy, she bought us dinner to Hap Chan Chinese restaurant in the same SM mall. Thanks, thanks, thanks, Burns! You've always been the most generous friend in the group and while others would sometimes forget my day, you are my best friend who never fails to remember it and even on other special days. Miss yah and your most adorable baby ZYV!

Second to the list, a therapy pillow. Although Yel, another dear and very best friend forever, didn't indicate it was a birthday gift (she also gave Ryan one, a Kerokeroppi-designed therapy pillow), I included it in the list. Gave it to me when she visited Legazpi City on March for the Holy Week vacation while we're having a cup of coffee at Southern Cafe. I asked her what was it for, and if it is for my birthday. Said, just a token of being a friend to me. But since it was two months off to my birthday, I decided it was a birthday gift hehehe. Yel was always the sweetest friend of mine. Like Burns, she's also one of those whom I can trust to spill my dirty secrets over and still not care whether they'd betray my trust for them simply b'coz I knew... they wouldn't. Heart you, Yel. Thanks for this uber-cute gift. My officemates loved it as well. They envy me, in fact, especially Pinkistah, b'coz it' s pink. lol

This one on the right photo was the third gift I received. It was from Ces, another dear friend, who is working in Dubai. Wait, that's me in the picture, I know. But that funky black-and-white summer tote bag I am carrying was the gift Ces gave me. It was intended as a pasalubong, but again, just barely two months off to my natal day, so I also listed it here in my post. I love the bag! It's just too perfect for my summer getaways. Ces was not one in my college group (she has another), but we talk a lot often way back then. And up to now, we still talk about life, life, life, and life. Thanks, Ces! I'm excited at the upcoming BIGGEST EVENT in your life this October! Mwuah!

My favorite cousin, Ate Lot, who is in Australia right now, sent me a little package as her birthday gift for me. I received it on the last week of April. I love the three fashion necklaces, one funky and two chunky. (I'd post the pics later) I don't have the pictures yet, but in the photo above, I was wearing one of them. The package also contains a beautiful dress, a lovely satiny, pink tunic, and a black bolero. Love them all because they all look great in me! lol Ate, you sure know what looks great in me and what's not. Bunch of thanks, ate! Mwuah mwuah mwuah!

Of course, I wouldn't end this post without mentioning that my co-workers gave me a gift - a cash gift. Ü I guess, they couldn't think of what better gift to give me, so they handed me the cash instead. What a thoughtful way of gift-giving. I remember my childhood days when my ninang and ninong hand me several Php hundred bucks hehehe... By the way, I am correcting my last post. I mentioned that my co-workers didn't give me a birthday gift. It turned out they were to hand it on Tuesday. Thanks loads, my dear co-workers!

I know some of you may be wondering where were the gifts from my family and My Hubby? Well, Hubby isn't the type who'd give you gifts on special days. Kinda sad, but in fairness to him, he'd always give me gifts on ordinary days when I wasn't expecting'd call it thoughtful, wouldn't you? Perhaps... but no comment from this author hehehe. My family didn't give me a gift, but they bought and prepared birthday food for the whole family to celebrate.

So, there... This post may not mean to others, but it does a lot to me... I feel so grateful for having these wonderful people around me. You are all what keeps me going on with my life. Thank you so much!

May 27, 2008

My Only Photo During Usautoparts Network 2-Day Weekend Getaway!

We look rather cute in here, right Pinkistah? lol! It was the only digi-photo taken that luckily I got included with during our Team Building Activity on May 17-18, held at Pitogo Beach, San Antonio, Pilar Sorsogon. I was probably too busy chit-chatting with the girls from the IMS Department, and at times with my cousin and his wife, plus, too occupied enjoying the green scenery so much so that I haven't paid attention to all photograph sessions going on.

It would have been so much fun to capture all nooks and crannies of the beach place. I love it there! It was the kind that is unpretentious, still unexploited nature with rich grass aroma wafting through the afternoon air, morning sea breeze enveloping you as you rouse up from a good night's sleep and face what the day can offer you. It is all about pure nature - exactly my kind of place where I can just settle myself on a lounge chair and read my fave novel book, or be with my Other Half, just the two of us, and spend an entire week just being with him.

Isn't that romantic? And carefree too? Without others disturbing you? Geezz, I am dreaming... When can that ever happen? Wake up, Jirl!

Anyway, photo above was taken on the first day of our 2-day-rest-from-work adventure. I was late (anything new?Ü), or rather, we (with my cousin Mong, who's a non-USAUTOPARTS network employee) we're late. In fact, we arrived half a day late (hehehe).

I wouldn't delve too much how we got there commuting on our own, roughly 1-hr van ride + 30-min looonng tricy ride and all; but I would say, it was one of the best bonding moments with my dear cousin. Proof is the photo at the right taken with my cam mobile phone while on our way to a 1km-exhaustive-yet-fun-walking-trip to the beach resort. Isn't that right, Mong? All in all, I enjoyed the weekend getaway although I did nothing but sit, have a girlie talk, and feast my eyes on the place' wondrous beauty, I'm hoping there'd be another in the future like this.

May 25, 2008

Why You Should Add The Spark To Your Site?

Why did I join SocialSpark? Well, I can say that I did it for the common reason most bloggers share – to generate more income out of blogging. You sign up with the site, submit your blog for approval, and then take opportunities available for you. It’s all that easy. However, there are other more important reasons why I joined. I know there are other sites that are like this one, but SocialSpark is different for many things.

For one, it does not only allow bloggers to earn by taking opportunities from the Blog Sponsorship section to review, post a video, or install a widget and banners, and get paid for it. They are also given the benefits of getting reviewed by other members by taking opportunities or advertising their own sites via the Sparks section. These are available to all members; therefore, a chance for them to promote and drive more traffic to their blogs without spending a dime. All this free advertisement in exchange of either a link back or a review back.

Second, the site is actually just like a social networking website – another interest I have in mind for joining. It was also probably the reason why the site was named as SocialSpark, wherein being a member allows you to collect friends from all over the cyber world. As you sign up, you can build a community and collect as many members as you like by simply inviting them to be your friends. You can interact and exchange ideas with all other members by using the message option. You can prop them and have them propped you too, so you get the popularity you need in this site.

And of course, the site is undoubtedly one of the hottest in the blogosphere. Just taking a quick browse to the site automatically validates this fact. The site features a user-friendly interface too; therefore, no worries when navigating site. So, if I were you, I am not going to pass up this great chance to be popular in the blogosphere while adding dollars to your paypal or whatever account permitted by the site. And in case, you are signing up already, remember these Code of Ethics by SocialSpark:

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly
Sponsored by SocialSpark

May 24, 2008

A Little Office Pantry Party for My Advanced Birthday Celebration

It's the eve of my birthday. But since tomorrow is going to be a non-working day (a Sunday), I thought I'm going to let my officemates celebrate with me a day early by treating them with a food on the table at the pantry. So, that's going to be a Saturday, which is today, of course. I had asked Psychosanctum a few days back if his father could cook his most delicious miki bihon for me. I knew he'll never refuse a favor, knowing how generous and kind he is, so, he said yes even without his papa's approval lol!

This afternoon, the miki bihon Dex' dad cooked and the chiffon cake (sponge cake to you) Gerry & florelee's thoughts and I bought from Albay Bakery were shared by the Content Development Dep't and Internet Marketing Specialists Dep't employees, plus other staffs of the company here in Legazpi. It was a good thing that the food was enough to feed all, more or less, 80 employees present this day LOL! It's just too bad that drinking session is out of option since I had myself promised to a complete alcohol and smoke absolution almost two years ago; so, guys, I apologize that I can't give you a night-out to party with booze.

Anyway, thank you to all those people who advanced greeted me. Even though I received no traditional-annual gift LOL from co-employees this year(I received a green shirt from them last year, thanks all!), it is a joy to see all people here in the office convening at the pantry to eat the little food I prepared for them. And, of course, I'm grateful to all the people who remember my special day. It's kinda touching that there are many of them who make you feel, well yeah, special, because it's your special day.

Speaking of birthday gift, I already received some from dear friends, like Verna, Yel, Ces, and a favorite cousin, Ate Lot, who is in Australia right now, in as early as January(yes, I had a birthday gift received last January when I went to Manila hehehe). In the next post, I am going to upload the pictures of all these birthday gifts I collected from them. Thank you so much! And by the way, Mina also gave me a gift by linking back to her site through a birthday greeting post. I'm kinda moved with the article because we were not that close when I was just starting here in the company. We even had a not-so good story in the past worth junking deep into the bottom of the trash bag. But, she's right. As the years moved on, we learned more of each other and discovered how our company can be worth keeping for a lifetime. Thanks, Mina, that somehow I influenced a few good things in you :-)

And for those who haven't presented me with a birthday gift, I am still open for cash, goods, mobile phone, laptop, a shopping spree, and, a salon certificate good for one or two hair treatment (perhaps, a hair rebond?hahaha). I'm just kidding, folks! It's my way of saying thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Of course, I wanna greet myself, Advanced Happy Birthday To Me! :D

Grace, my dear BFF, I wouldn't forget you, no? It's your birthday tomorrow too. I'm not forgetting it, okay? So, here:

Happy Birthday, too! May we continue enjoying our lives and more wealth, better health, and more wisdom to both of us!

May 23, 2008

Silk Green Plants - Most Ideal for People Allergic to Pollens and Dust

A relative of mine has been complaining about her nasal problems – sneezing, colds, cough, and other sickness - that continue to recur even though she’s been taking anti-allergy medications. We thought it was just the dust and the microscopic particles scattering around the house because she has lots of animals living with her family. A week ago, she gave all animals to our other relatives in hope of alleviating the problem. Then, she hired a house help so the house is kept clean and dust-free. She thought the cause of allergies was treated; but when she called me up yesterday, I was greeted by a sneezing voice and apparently, the same illness caught her only days ago.

When I visited her, I see a number of real “green” things decorating some sections of the house – in the foyer, in the living room, in the kitchen, and even in the bathroom. The indoor/outdoor plants, trees, and flowers look great with the house; I instantly fell in love with the natural glow and fresh atmosphere that they provided in the house. However, when she sneezed in front of me, I was reminded of something else. My thoughts flew to the pollen particles coming from these “real green” ornaments. I knew it right then that all cause of the illness was not actually eliminated.

That’s when I suggested that she has to get rid of the living ornaments. Much as I hate seeing the natural colors the lovely plants and trees are giving the house going away, they have to go because I want her to stop sneezing and getting frequently sick due to the allergies. She also got upset that the colors have to go, but I got one great solution in mind. There are faux silk plants, which look as lovely and as real like those living plants, to cure the problem. These are ideal as they not only look great at indoors and outdoors, but they last long as well. And, most importantly, they are not genuine green plants; meaning, they don’t contain pollen articles, which were triggering more her allergies.

Another advantage of using faux silk foliage is that it is not that hard to maintain – without the need to plant everyday, trim, or the likes. Well, if you are suffering dilemma the same as my cousin, why not have faux silk plants in your house too?

Sponsored by Silk Fair

May 22, 2008

I'm Feeling Happy and Inspired!

I am so happy and inspired today. Don't ask why, because it was for many reasons. God has been so good. Even though tasks are piling up once again, I don't regard it as a burden. In fact, I need lots of work to keep me occupied and feeling needed lol!

Well, as you can see the date of my last post, I haven't been blogging for a good round of 12days now. But, with things that are happening lately, I think, I have more reasons to stay frequently with my site.

But, in the meantime, need to finish my editing tasks and get back here later.

By the way, I just want to thank Michelle for giving me one reason to be inspired today. Appreciated it lots! Thanks! :-)

May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day, Mama!

Warning: This Post Is Quite Long For It Is Intended For My Mother, who is celebrating her birthday today.

Today is my mama's birthday. It should've been her special day and I know she should be the one who's served and not her children. But, as caring and attentive to our needs that she was, she got up from bed early to prepare our breakfast and my lunch food. Yad was the next to got up from bed, and while I'm still feeling lazy and don't want to get up yet, heard him shouting-greeting his mama lola, "Ma, Ma! Happy Birthday!" Such a sweet son of mine! He never fails to show how important we are for him. I really love, love, and love this kid. A little later, he was murmuring loud enough for me to hear, "Happy Mother's Day pa, Ma!"

Oh, I'm sure, my mama's heart melted again. She always does whenever someone from the family manages to show the affection directed to her, which unfortunately for her, is a rare occurrence in the household. It's not everyday that my mother gets showered with our affection towards her as me and my four brothers were never showy when it comes to our love for her.

In fact, I can't even remember me and my siblings telling her "Ma, I love you and thank you very much for all the care you gave us!"

We are very fortunate to have a mother like her; but it's sad that she was not lucky enough for having rebellious, hard-hearted/headed offspring like us.

So, right! I am going to do it here in my site. Since we don't often show our affection towards her, I am gonna express how much I love and treasure all the things she did, and still doing to us, right here for the world to read. Although you won't get to read this, I'm quite happy that I can, finally in my own world, tell you that:

"You Are The Best Mother In The World!"

This, I want the world to know
that I wouldn't trade you
to any successful career mother in the world
...because you are truly the greatest!

How would I ever survive without you, I don't know yet!
You cook breakfast and lunch for me and Yad I can bring it to work.
You wash my clothes (and even my undies)
...b'coz you know I never do it.

You clean and make my bed
...because I don't have time to do it.
You tend to and look after my son like he is your own
even though I'm around(never fails!)
...because you know I'm not fit enough to do it.

You just let you tears down
whenever I am sorta involved in a mess
...and never question me about it.
You never despise me
despite of all the nightmares I went into
...and embrace me with your doting and hardworking hands
after coming back to you.

You accept me
no matter how grave and embarrassing failures and shortcomings were.
You see, ma? I knew you never know it,
...but didn't you realize how great a mother you are?

You are supposedly the queen in the family,
and being the only daughter you have,
...I am supposedly the princess, just next to your rank;
but, inside our home, it's the other way around.
You do things that make me feel I am the QUEEN
...and you are the PRINCESS.

Where on earth would they find a mother like you?
I know there are mothers
treating their daughters the way you do,

I won't let anyone argue with me for that!"

So, here for you, ma!




Ma, even if you seldom feel our love for you, you are treasured here in the deepest core of our hearts.

You may not be the perfect mother we wish you to be, but you showed how a mother's real essence is to your sons and daughter.

You may not be the highly-educated mother like the others I knew, but when it comes to maternal knowledge, you are the most intelligent of them all.

You may have had lifted your hands to us, but the pain of them all made us feel loved even more.

You may have had shouted the harshest words to us, but through those slaps, you have made us stronger that we are today.


FOR, we love you so much! We love every single minute that you are taking care of us!

I knew, until such time comes that I have to look after myself when I am away from you, I am going to enjoy and love every minute that we are together.

Meanwhile, I am going to look for the perfect Mother's Day Gift. What do we have here in the net? Hhmm... let's see...

May 8, 2008

Susan Roces Cinema Collection: Maligno starring Claudine Barretto Gave Me the Creeps!

I swear I'm never gonna watch Susan Roces Cinema Collection: Maligno at ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida ever again! It had caused me nightmares that I promise are all products of the hair-raising Maligno scenes.

Earlier, I can't find enough courage to watch it knowing it was a horror sineserye. And the reason why I don't in the past week since it started playing on air time is the fear churning inside me whenever watching this kind of movies or tv programs. I have a weak stomach over horror films or movies with too much violence and blood in them; and most of the time, I always end up having nightmares at night after watching. That is why, I always avoided these movies.

But, out of curiosity, I tried it last night. I didn't expect the scenes to be more brutal and bloody, and in fact, I think, those are comparatively lighter than the earlier or the succeeding ones; however, I can't stand the scenes where the demon boy, I believed called Angelo (Carlo Lacana) and the birthchild of the sexually-abused Angela (Claudine Barretto) courtesy of Lucas Santander(Rafael Rossell), was causing a classmate/bully to bleed from his mouth or in the bathroom where the latter was getting wounds and bleeding because of excruciating heat coming from the faucet's water.

I thought I can handle the scenes, but my stomach was causing more butterflies to flutter their wings, and my heart racing faster than normal. And lighter as they were, my fear once again took hold of me as soon as I hit the bed and fell asleep. They were trying to make my mind running wild and my dreams creepy too as the scenes started to crawl my unconsciousness. It was like the nightmare is pulling me down to my grave and fighting against it was hard. It only stopped when I have had gathered enough strength to pray.

I know there are not many like me who can't stand watching horror movies, but I really swear I'm never gonna watch it again. Though the story is a beautifully classic one, I really can't stand it. But, if you want the story of Sineserye Presents, Susan Roces Cinema Collection: Maligno, you can watch if after Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition. For more info, it was created by Celso Ad Castillo and directed by Wenn Deramas. This is the second installment of the Susan Roces Cinema Collection, the first installment starring Philippines' Queen of Game Show Host Miss Kris Aquino. Maligno also stars Diether Ocampo, Kim Chui, Gerald Anderson, Empoy Marquez, and DJ Durano.

May 6, 2008

One's Painful Clamor Over Alexa and Google Page Rank!

Alexa and Google Page Rankings!

Guys, when are you two gonna give me the high two thumbs up?

I've been waiting for you both to take notice on my blogsite.

Have I been so slothful as to start doing the right ways on how to increase Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank? Oh yeah, don't remind me of that, okay?

Tell me now, co'z I'm so freakin' desperate at having you high up in this bubbles of thoughts blog. *sob* *sob*

May 3, 2008

My Speedtest Result

Okay, so here's how fast I type on my keyboard. 4 years of using typewriter during my high school days, and roughly 10 years of typing on computer keyboard after that? -> gave me this result:

76 words


May 1, 2008

Labor Day - Not a Rest Day For Me!

Labor Day - rest day for employees. But, of course, it's not gonna be entirely a rest day since I'm certain they are gonna go out and have fun. I'm sure, to others, this day's gonna be great opp to go out swimming or bonding with friends or family. But, me? I'm gonna be bonding with my room, lol! Am having general cleaning, as in, general cleaning! I need to free some stuffs out that have I have no more need of. They've been sitting in my room for a long time now, and I thought I wanted to free some space for a more relaxed room-feel. After general cleaning, I'm gonna be back on my computer to work on the unfinished tasks at work. This day's a labor day but my hands are full with these tasks. And in order that I finish them, I gotta start right now! Way to go, Jirl!