October 21, 2008

Please Attend The Theater Church Conference This October 22-23

I have mentioned my favorite Bible verse, Psalms 118:8. in one of my previous posts. For those who don't know it, the verse says: "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man." I have been living a life under this line of the Lord. If you want to Find out more about this verse, just open your bible. It is located in the centre of this holy book.

If you happen to know the Ecclesiastes 3:10, which says "God has planted eternity in the hearts of men," I also live my life under that verse. I have been to many moments of my life. I have undergone sweet experiences, success stories. I have had many graces in my life, my family,my friends, and many other things. And I thank the Lord for loving me so much to give me all those things.

But you see? I am an individual who also suffers most of the time because of the things I never wished would come my way. I have endless pain in my heart because of some major changes in the courses of my life. I have failures and shortcomings that made me consider giving up. But each time though, my spirit will always be lifted so that I am ready to stand up and face the world again.

For all those sweet moments and failures, I knew these are just slivers of light coming from God's windows. I mean, God has something big in store for me and I should never question why those things have been happening to me because the door will open and shower full lights of hope and happiness for me. If I have been having my moments now, it's because I knew those are just an appetizer for the big dish to come. If I have been having my own dose of sorrow and unhappiness, it's because God is preparing me to readily appreciate what He has created for me to have in my ultimate life.

I have been talking about bible verses because I want to remind you to attend the Theatre Church Conference to be hosted by CineMeetings & Events at Silver Spring, MD. It is a two-day affair, happening on October 22-23 of this year. There is so much for you to discover through this conference, so Find out more by going over to that church conference.

I would have love to Find out more about bible verses, but unfortunately the distance is what's keeping me from attending the Church Conference. So, if you can do it, maybe you can just share it to me?

Canceled Trips and Outings...

Days before the wedding of Totie and Ces was to take off, we have received a text message from Burns, saying they unfortunately could not make it here in Legazpi as what was planned. She reasoned out that some job-related issue came up so that they need to cancel the trip. As far as I'm concerned, that was utterly a shame because that also meant cancellation of the planned agenda for four days. What made me regretful about were the outings to several Legazpi tourist destination spots we were supposed to visit. It has been a while (2 years and 3 months to be exact) since I had been to outings, and I missed the beaches, pools, water springs, and those tourist locations here in Legazpi.

I was already having picturesque scenery and images of Deo Endhekka, Mayon Resthouse, and Cagsawa (see photo at the left) running in my mind. I have been imagining the days that I would be taking off for myself and just relax and enjoy. I have been thinking what clothes or outfit to wear on those days and just don't think about all the things that have been bogging me for a few months now.

But, sadly, all plans did not materialize. Much to my dismay, there was nothing that I could do then. Maybe we could have that trip and those outings when everybody else is available. Right now, they are just too busy with their own corporate lives that they can't easily afford to take several days off and enjoy. I realized, that's the price as you age. And since people continue to age, will we be like this for the rest of our lives - not having enough time to just enjoy and relax, I mean? Well, it's a reality check.

On the one hand, the canceled trip and outings have been a blessing in disguise to me. I was spared of those supposedly full days so I had took more time to prepare for the wedding of our dear friends, Totie and Ces.(I am going to post about the big day and some pics later). And of course, I was able to concentrate more on my freelance works, which remind me I still have a deadline to beat and I gotta work faster now :)

Anyway, I want to take this opportunity TO ONCE AGAIN CONGRATULATE THE COUPLE, TOTIE AND CES, FOR A NEWLY EXCITING, MUCH DIFFERENT TURN OF EVENT FOR YOUR LIVES NOW! I am happy for you guys and I wish you a successful marriage life! I know you are too busy right now with your first marriage consummation, in short honeymoon (lol!), so get the most out of it! Hope to see you before you both go back overseas. :-)

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October 16, 2008

Is there a day better than today?

Good morning, everyone!

As I woke up late today, I felt a rush of love and hope in my heart. I just knew everything will be okay and things will fall back to where they were before. Last night, I promised to myself that I will do everything just so I would get the things that I terribly need and love. I vowed I'd never resort to my old self who always surrendered whenever my emotions were beaten or whenever things seemed to not work they way I want them to. This time, it is gonna be a different Jirl. A Jirl now will be that woman who will fight against all odds, who will fight in the name of love. It's gonna start today. My faith is restored. And my mind is so full of fond and only good memories.

Is there a day better than today?

God bless to all of us!

October 15, 2008

The Wedding Invitation Card By Totie And Ces Nuptial

I have promised that I am going to post the photos of the wedding invitation cards that Totie and Cecile sent me. It took me a while before I can do it, but anyway, here they are now:

First the long-wallet like invitation card from the outside:
As seen above, the color is plum/eggplant and moss green combination. The color looks dull in this photo due to poor quality image captured by the camera. However, it looks much nicer in actual. The whole facade of the card looks very simple but I find the simplicity more elegant than boring. The vertical green part on the left is actually a lace fabric. While rubber-like material was used to emboss the graphic designs, so as the lettering of the couple's names.

When you open this long wallet-like (as according to Marijo) wedding invitation card, you will find the main part (photo below), which contains the details of the nuptial

a shelf that holds four pieces of rectangular leaflet cards, which all contain the entourage of the bride and groom, plus the sponsors, the priests celebrating it, and the RSVP for moi as the guest. Here is the photo of the four leaflet cards:
Totie and Ces, it is still two days before your most important and biggest event happens. I am congratulating you in advance. I am the happiest for you both and I wish you not the perfect, as there is no such thing as one, but the most ideal marriage life. We'll see you on your WEDDING DAY!

Psalms 118:8 - My Favorite Bible Verse

I know, I know. This blog has been sooo shamefully idle for like a million years. But I am back now, and I promise not to let this site go to oblivion. And as for my first post after letting it sit for couple of weeks, I am going to mention my favorite part of the bible, which is the centre verse. Do you even know what is in the center of the bible? You are probably a bible reader, but most likely, you aren't aware that in the centre of the book is found the Psalms 118:8. Although this is my favorite verse, I too wasn't aware of it until someone forwarded me an email message containing lots of bible information including that one. Why did this verse become my favorite? First, let's Find out more what Psalms 118:8 says:

"It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."

In my early years, I used to become so naive whenever someone is putting me down. Naive because I often become so depressed when someone hurts me and never cares that I am hurting. In those days, I always pray to the Lord to guide me and heal my wounds but I never completely surrendered to His will. But as I have slowly matured, I have learnt not to give in to the negative feelings and instead dwelt on the goodness of life that God has bestowed upon me. I have learnt to put confidence on the Lord's plans and wills He has in store for me so that even when someone is trying to pull me down to the grave of terrible emotional pits, it gave me more reason to become stronger and fight the difficulties and trials with more determination. Life has lots of good things, and if I surrender by not trusting in the Lord, how am I ever going to enjoy those things? So, for me? It is always better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

How about you? Do you have a particular favorite bible verse too? Let me know about it. And if you want to Find out more about bible stories, here is your chance. CineMeetings & Events is bringing you the first ever Theatre Church Conference to Silver Spring, MD happening on October 22 and 23. This is a chance to Find out more of these bible stories and church experience, so be sure to attend the conference. I would like to hear more of your favorite bible verse and how your life experiences relate to it, so drop a comment here, alright?

October 2, 2008

Busy October For Me!

I didn't mean to neglect this blog, but some things have been putting my hands to other use, which is of course, doing freelance job and being a serious University student. I missed this blog. I have only happened to do a couple posts yesterday due to a deadline for a sponsored post.

Anyway, this October will be a busy month for me. Priority of course is my freelance writing. After all, that's where I derive income resources. lol! Since I have no other income sources, I am hoping that my current employer gives me more project after completing the first one. I need to earn more moola for my second semester's tuition fees, for my dental braces, dental works for Yad, plus Christmas gifts to my brothers, Yad, mam and papa, and of course, to my godchildren (Whew, got lots of them!).

Speaking of second semester, that's going to be a good month away. Because on the second week (oct. 9-11) of this month, that will be our finals! That makes it second in line to my long busy list. (At long last, I'm almost there! 1 semester to go! Yahoo!) And that means, I have to work my head off studying to ensure I don't fail in my subjects. (Please, please, my dear teachers?;P)

On the 11th, that's Saturday, I'm going to attend the baptismal ceremony for the son of my childhood friend cum cousin. I am going to stand as one of the "ninangs" (godmother to you please). Hhmmm, what dress shall I be wearing? And the gift?? Oh my, time and expenses again! I would have to remember too that on the same day is my final day of my final examinations. I wish I won't be late at the baptismal.

A very close friend (along with her close friend too) is coming over in the mid of this month. She's going here for us to attend a wedding of a very close friend, Toti, and a classmate back from college, Cecile. Oh, how do impossible things from the past make themselves possible in the future (or present, ces and toti?) Talk about destiny!

Burns and Lili will be here in Legazpi from October 17-20.

So what does that mean? 4 busy days with them, what else! Because they sure are gonna ask us to devote our precious times to them since we don't see each other that often. Hmmm, I can already picture where to go in these times. Buang, Mayon Rest House, and Cagsawa Ruins to tour Lili around? Burns says this girl wants to explore this city and nearby towns while they are here. Good thing, she'll be bringing her car. At least, there'd be no hassles with commutes. So, all in all, they are here not only for the wedding but to vacation as well. And that means, we need to take time off for them as well. Busy indeed!

If all plans of touring Lili around here push through, I promise I will be posting some pictures and information re beautiful tourist spot destinations here in Legazpi City. This is for the benefit of my readers from different parts of the world, to have an idea what my place looks like. Of course, I will be doing that as soon as possible if I'm not busy with freelance writing. If I am, I'd still do it, though I think it will be delayed.

Speaking of the wedding, this reminds me that I am yet to post in this site the wedding invitation card. Toti gave it to me last week after just arriving from Qatar. Cecile, by the way, will be coming over fresh from Dubai for her BIG DAY. Yes, both groom and bride are working abroad. They did the wedding planning courtesy of some close people.

Anyway, going back to the card, it was simple yet elegant on its own. There are no silly, frilly things there. Just the embossed rubbery letters/names on it. I am going to upload the pictures here later as my tribute to the upcoming wedding of our dear friends.

And... speaking of the wedding again... Did I read somewhere in the card about the formal attire? Oh wait! What dress and shoes to wear again?? Do I still have the money for them? I only have 15 days to go to cough up the money and to search for those needshuhuhu

So there! My pretty little hands are full this October. But before I wrap up this long list, I don't want to forget to include that I need to go to Manila sometime this October. Though I'm not sure yet as it will depend on all the budget. Sigh! So many things to do, so little money to spend. How difficult to earn money these days! Anyone who want to donate? Peach, you're not the only needing moola! I got my own paypal account too! Lol!