February 28, 2008

salary, salary, salary... and increase!

I wasn't really expecting some things to pour in, but here I am, wondering how on earth did I get a little lucky from somewhere and receive something that I did not really ask for. Judging from the employee evaluation rating I recently got from my bosses, you wouldn't expect me to anticipate some more compensation (aka, salary raise).

It has been a while since I received hefty raise. And since I wasn't really performing well from the past 2 years (or so they believe), I had stopped dreaming of a bigger salary rate. Not that I am complaining with my old rate. It's more than enough for my current financial needs. **I will crave for bigger compensation in the next few years when my needs are bigger, but not now.**

Regarding my position here in the company, I guess that's another story. Some of my co-workers have been very vocal how much they wanted to see my position elevated too. True, I haven't done anything to improve my work status. But I guess, I got many things and issues to settle myself with that I wasn't able to pay particular attention to that one aspect of my life. It was something that I thought I don't need.

And although I admit I'd be very much happy (who wouldn't?) if they'd finally notice my capacity and worth, it was originally not my goal that I be elevated from the current position I am holding. No, im not being a hyprocrite here... Or maybe, you don't believe me for saying that. But right now, it's just that I have other important things to achieve and I think embracing a higher degree of responsibility is something that i believe i can't handle right now. But still, who knows? Maybe in the next few months, I can but I still don't know... anyway, let's wait and see..

But going back to the salary raise issue, it was an achievement. For someone who always don't expect too much and just take the day as it is, getting a little over a grand pesoseses:) in a monthly basis in addition to how much I was receiving is something worth celebrating for. In fact, the day that Miss Mel told me how much I earned in the last six months for the rate increase is also one of the happiest days of my stay here in MBSTEK Corporation.

Well, what can I say? I guess, thank you, thank you, thank you! It may be little for some, but it is a blessing worth of millions thanking for. As for the status? Well, never mind for now... Just lemme enjoy my stay here...

So, anything else to say? Till the next hefty raise! Way to go, jirl! AJA!

February 11, 2008

Got a Website Project to finish for my CS 4.1 class

I'm currently at Lab A room of AUL, trying to create a website/program that we will have to submit for the midterm and final requirements. We are using Macromedia Flash version 8 and Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 to finish the site.

To those who do not know Macromedia, it is the software technology that allows you to build a website and upload it in the internet. You don't have to worry about the codes. They are all ready for you. All you have to do is to learn how to navigate and play with the elements, properties, designs, and others. Pictures to be used on the site can be sourced from your own picture folders, Photoshop folders, various websites, and others.

Right now, the project that we are assigned to do is to convert any children's book (like Grolier encyclopedia) into a website, complete with homepage, link/s for each page of the book, graphics, images, texts, and Flash videos we previously created for our subject activities.

Pray tell that I can do and finish this project website. I'm quite a busy person, with other obligations and responsibilities to accomplish in between, so finishing this task is quite a difficult thing to do. Anyhow, time management would be the key. So, keep time management in your head...alright, jirl?

Ok, ciao for now! Back to discovering Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Aja, jirl!