November 11, 2009

"You Gotta See This" Video Contest by AMO

Just a few months ago, I had an eye checkup as I was already complaining about eye strain. During the checkup, I found out that my left eye has a blurred vision as compared to my right one. Luckily, the attendant told me that I don't need a pair of eyeglasses or contacts. Speaking of eye checkup, a friend who has an eye condition mentioned about Lasik and that she was thinking of it as her best option to replace the discomfort that her pair of spectacle brings to her when worn. I got curious about it that I googled it and based on my research, Lasik is an eye treatment procedure that will correct and repair your vision

Incidentally, while I was researching I found out about a certain contest regarding laser vision correction. It is about “You Gotta See This” Video Contest, brought by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO). AMO has been a leader in laser vision correction and the people behind it wanted to help improve the lives of the people by offering solutions to eye problems. And by offering this contest, it is giving people the opportunity to be more aware of how they can have better lives by having better vision.

The contest is inviting participants to make and upload a video showing how an improved vision could change your life. Of course, the participants will have the chance to win cash and prizes. They can submit any video, as long as it falls under any of the categories:

• “My contacts are getting in the way of my good time”
• “My favorite sport or activity would be so much cooler with better vision”
• “You should see life after the iLASIK® Procedure”

The prizes at stake are as follows:

$5,000 Grand Prize

First Prize (one in each video category):

HDTV package — a $2,500 value

Second Prize (one in each video category):

The Flip UltraHD™ camcorder — a $199.99 value

To win, you can tell your friends and relatives to see and vote for your submitted video. The votes play a big factor to make your entry win one of those fabulous prizes. If you want to learn more about this contest, you can visit this site, iLASIK Video Contest.

I can't wait to see the participating videos and how the lives of the owners were transformed because of having a better vision, and of course, on who will win this contest. I can relate well to the advocacy of this contest because I can feel for the people experiencing the inconveniences because of suffering from poor vision. I hope that whoever reads this post will be inspired and will want to know more about AMO and iLasik.


November 9, 2009

My 7th Month Pregnancy

I am now on my 7th month. I am starting to feel really heavy, though I really haven't had gained more than 5 lbs each month. As per my last weigh-in on Nov. 5, I was only at 110 lbs. My back is also starting to ache, perhaps from the weight inside my tummy. It is now easy for me to get tired whenever I am out just strolling at the mall. And unlike the last time, my baby is now stronger. She would do a 'somersault' inside my womb. She would kick really hard that sometimes the hit hurts and makes me gasp for some breath for a few seconds.

It has sometimes become uncomfortable for me, but I feel the fulfillment of being a mother nurturing her baby inside her womb. I must say that am enjoying all these inconveniences. Even the strong kicks and somersaults bring me unexplainable joy and pride in my heart. I can't describe the feeling every time she would move. I can't fathom the weird yet contented feeling whenever I feel uncomfortable because she feels heavy now. It's perhaps an emotion that only expecting women and moms can understand and share with me.

This is already my second pregnancy but it feels like it's my first, making me very excited to finally see and meet my baby girl. And the fact that Yad is also very excited for the baby to come out doubles my happiness and fulfillment. I can see it in his eyes whenever we would talk about her. He already has plans on how he would take care of his baby sister. I am thankful that he isn't the type of kids who get jealous whenever a new member of the family is born. He already talks about learning how to change diapers and how he would take care of his little sister.

Baby, we are happy that you came into our lives. You are a blessing that I know will keep our lives fulfilled, happy, and contented. You will become a reason for everyone of us to continue fighting whatever the odd is. You will become an inspiration to me, your Mommy, Kuya Yad, and Daddy D. We can't wait for you to come out into this world and share the goodness of what it can offer us. We love you, baby!

November 2, 2009

DCTV - This Is A Letter For You!

Dear DCTV,

Here, please take a look first at the image above. I have been getting used to seeing that page and it has been my companion for a week that I thought we've already made friends and that it'll stick with me for a long time just like a loyal friend would.

What happened to our sweet deal, huh? Have you checked the paper that we both signed more than a year ago?

I have been very pissed lately with you, DCTV. It's almost a week since my internet connection was off and also a week of interruptions on my freelance writing gigs. You promised to restore it last week, but what? Still nothing? And guess what? I have been having bouts of intermittent connections for the past months too, for reasons that I don't have any idea of. Okay, I give credits to you for sending technicians aboard to fix whatever is there to fix, but why do the same trouble has to come back again? I do think, this all happened because of your poor service commitment to your loyal clients. And again, here is my news, I have confirmed that you have not been attending to your server, particularly to where my IP is connected, causing my internet to get ruined. So, isn't that called poor service?

I hate at the thought that I am paying you a complete month's subscription fee but I cannot fully take advantage of the agreed unlimited supply of online connection. Shouldn't you be paying me back for the week's loss of service? Or since I've already settled my latest account, at least a discount for my next bill? To think that I've already bought a Globe Tattoo and made unnecessary expenses because of your poor service! Shouldn't you be reimbursing that as well? And lastly, shouldn't I be considering calling our signed deal off and changing the internet subscription company now?

A Pissed Customer,