November 2, 2009

DCTV - This Is A Letter For You!

Dear DCTV,

Here, please take a look first at the image above. I have been getting used to seeing that page and it has been my companion for a week that I thought we've already made friends and that it'll stick with me for a long time just like a loyal friend would.

What happened to our sweet deal, huh? Have you checked the paper that we both signed more than a year ago?

I have been very pissed lately with you, DCTV. It's almost a week since my internet connection was off and also a week of interruptions on my freelance writing gigs. You promised to restore it last week, but what? Still nothing? And guess what? I have been having bouts of intermittent connections for the past months too, for reasons that I don't have any idea of. Okay, I give credits to you for sending technicians aboard to fix whatever is there to fix, but why do the same trouble has to come back again? I do think, this all happened because of your poor service commitment to your loyal clients. And again, here is my news, I have confirmed that you have not been attending to your server, particularly to where my IP is connected, causing my internet to get ruined. So, isn't that called poor service?

I hate at the thought that I am paying you a complete month's subscription fee but I cannot fully take advantage of the agreed unlimited supply of online connection. Shouldn't you be paying me back for the week's loss of service? Or since I've already settled my latest account, at least a discount for my next bill? To think that I've already bought a Globe Tattoo and made unnecessary expenses because of your poor service! Shouldn't you be reimbursing that as well? And lastly, shouldn't I be considering calling our signed deal off and changing the internet subscription company now?

A Pissed Customer,


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