June 30, 2008

More Complaints From Me...

Today is Monday. And Monday is the judgment day re my school curriculum case. Alright, I received the verdict. I am to continue my old curriculum, with subjects or courses that were assembled many years ago. Hooray for me! I am no longer to course through the new CS curriculum and that means I don't need to sweat two years out just to finish this long-overdue bachelor's degree of BS. Thanks, Mrs. Roque for that! Now, I have something to look forward to, as far as my future is concerned.

Now, am I finished with my enrollment yet? No. I have collected, which I have done so by rounding the University and getting my skin scorched to the heat of the sun(argh!), almost half of the subject courses I've yet to complete in two semesters; and I thought I was already there. BUT, it turned out, it was the beginning of a new dilemma! Now, I am actually experiencing the real pain of being a returnee to the University, after how many years of being out-of-school student. I've seen this difficulty experienced by other returnees in the past, but I've never thought I'd be one of them.

So, what is really the catch? Here: my program/curriculum was old, so that can only mean my subject courses were also outdated. Well, they were not literally outdated, but some of the components were different. Number of units also varies from the current subjects offered, so I am having a difficulty synchronizing my old courses to the new ones, meaning I'm going through real tough time of looking for subject courses that match those that are listed in the curriculum I took way, way back then. Now, I'm not really, really certain if I can make it all to my target date.

Tomorrow, I am going back to school, not to attend classes but to continue my late enrollment procedure. To think, I've started it more than two weeks ago. But, here I am, they're calling me late enrollee? Sweet? Not! I'm almost on the verge of giving up! If not only for the goals I've set ...

June 29, 2008

You'd think June Is My Month... Not!

I haven't completely enrolled yet because our course adviser wouldn't properly evaluate my subjects because, according to her, I'm an old student. She said, I might take the new curriculum, which means, I'd be in the University schooling myself in two years. Good grief for that! And duh for that adviser! My subjects evaluation would be due tomorrow, until such time, I won't be a legitimate enrollee at the University. Classes have started two weeks ago, so that also means I am absent for two weeks. Monday would be the judgment day if I would to take the new curriculum for the degree or the old curriculum, the latter would mean only 2 semesters, if availability of the subjects permits;

I still haven't heard from my former HR officer regarding my quit claim and COE. I need to get the check because part of it will go to my tuition and matriculation fees;

My mobile phone is broken. That spells even lesser communication with Zernan, who is miles and miles and miles away from me. And what about my communication with my friends and colleagues? I don't have money yet for a new replacement. Don't have any idea if the phone can still be fixed. Hope it will, to save myself the cost of an expensive new mobile phone.

So, you think June is my month? Nah! If I would to list all the things that I went through in the past weeks, June is really, really not my month!

I just wish July month would be a start of good luck/karma for me. I'm praying hard now...

Get That Must-Have Cisco Certification And Experience Immense IT Career Growth!

The last time that I posted about Cisco trainings, I have expressed how you should be adequately equipped with knowledge if you want to make it big in your career, specifically in the IT field. I have suggested that the better way of getting yourself sufficiently armed with the right credibility builder in your career is to secure a proper Cisco certification that matches your chosen field. So, here are the following certifications that you can take up to enhance your IT experience and get huge promising career in the industry.


  1. IP Networking


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  1. CCDP design
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  4. CCIP Service Provider
  5. CCVP Voice


  1. CCDE Design Expert
  2. CCIE Routing and Switching
  3. CCIE Security
  4. CCIE Service Provider
  5. CCIE Storage Networking
  6. CCIE Voice


  1. Advanced Routing and Switching
  2. Data Center
  3. Foundation for Channel Partners
  4. Security
  5. Wireless Lan

These IT certification programs can be earned via Cisco Career Certifications. Having these training programs is the most effective way nowadays if you want measurable rewards from your future employment. Even if you are currently employed in an IT company, you can lure your managers to notice your “presence” or abilities if you keep yourself sufficiently equipped with rich computer/networking knowledge. At the Cisco Learning Network, getting what you need to experience immense career growth is easy. Just enroll in the programs, and present that must-have certificate to your boss and climb your ladder up without difficulty.

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June 28, 2008

Thank You Guys For The Beautiful Shoebox Tangerine Doll Flats!

Yesterday, me and my former officemates went out for a little bonding and strolling at the mall. Ryan needed to get his shop on, so we accompanied him at the men's section, luggage and bags section, and at the toiletries section. We also went to the shop (I can't remember its name) at the Pacific Mall where it sells Havaianas flip-flops, Shoebox, and a lot other brands. I saw this lovely pair of doll flats, tangerine with a brown lining. Being one with an eye for fashionable yet comfortable feminine thingies, I automatically grabbed the pair of tangerine flats and tried it on.

Oh my! It fits exactly and comfortably my size!

A minute after trying it on, I knew I just need to have it because it's just looks so beautiful. It's made of faux snake skin, so the classy yet girly factor was there. The color is lovely too. But much as I hate going home without it, I am currently unemployed and paying for my own school tuition fees. I knew too that I can't simply afford to be the compulsive buyer that I am always guilty of at this time, so I was deciding if I can still fit the bill into my budget for this semester without feeling guilty at all. But how, if I may ask, if I don't have steady source of income to feed my fashion needs? Boohoohoo for me! But, always the lighthearted as I am, I refused to feel disheartened at the sad thought. So, to lighten my mood? I suddenly joked if Ryan, a dear friend who is transferring to Manila office (so I sure am gonna miss him), would buy the pair for me? I wasn't expecting that they'd think of it seriously; however, Talie apparently was when she suggested, why don't we all share for the payment? I got suddenly moved because I knew she wasn't in any way kidding when she said it.

I also knew she meant it b'coz she always do it when she says she would pay for your share or she would buy you a treat at a restaurant, coffee shop, or wherever we may happen to be idling at. She made Ryan and Yona pledge their share. And although they we're making fun out of it, they were actually serious when they said I can have the pair of Shoebox shoes as their gift for me. Aawww, I was so moved by the gestures! Thanks so much, guys! You were all aware how our former employer treated me, so that is probably why you were all exerting your effort to comfort me. I knew, buying the shoes for me was one of your ways to let me feel you were all here for me especially on the days when I was so down. I just am not certain if I showed to you how I deeply feel the gratitude towards you, guys; but, deep in my heart, I am really thankful and deeply appreciative. Thank you so much for always making me feel alright, guys! Hugs and kisses for you!

Again, thanks Talie, Yona, Sally, and Ryan! I love you guys! :-)

Why Can't I Access SocialSpark?

Was it just me or were you also experiencing a downtime with SocialSpark? I can't access the site. And that's too bad because I got an opportunity reserved, but how on earth can I complete and submit it if the socialspark site won't load up? I've been online for an hour and a half, but Mozilla Firefox won't still open it! Oh, puhleezz!!! Load up, please!

June 27, 2008

Keep Yourself Always On The Edge - W/ Cisco Certification

Eight years ago, I was so excited to enter the University because I am to take up a Bachelor of Science degree of computer science. I had thought that it was great because having heaps of computer knowledge seemed the trend back then. You are in if you knew lots about it, particularly programming and applications. But after four years, I realized there isn’t too many knowledge I acquired from the University that will land me into a prestigious job. That's when I decided that in the computer world, I need not rely on what I learn merely from the classroom during the baccalaureate years. If I want an exponential career growth in IT field, I need to keep myself constantly updated in the field in order that I can keep pace with the newer computer technology or IT trends.

The Cisco Learning is one of the best ways that can help me do just that. Why? It’s because the network has great Cisco training programs that can help one achieve the success they need in IT experience. It offers certifications that guarantee to be your credibility builder, especially in the IT industry. It has everything, from entry to associate, from professional to expert, and even specialist certifications – you’d have a great pick from Cisco training certifications. I’ve seen people with Cisco certification who made it enviously easy to the top. They never get through a great deal of works just to enter an IT company, and most especially BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing firms. The latter’s industry is presently in full bloom in some countries; therefore, there is a great need of IT professionals too. If you have plans on working in this industry, completion of the right Cisco certification program is a must.

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June 26, 2008

Flame Of Friendship

Against All Odds tagged me. Ü I want to post this because my friends are one of the elements that keep my life going sensibly in this world. Thanks so much, Jane!:)

The Flame of Friendship.
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June 23, 2008

Bunch of P**chotic, Selfish A*im*ls!

I thought I was totally over it, but last night proved me I wasn't. The night was long for me because of the thoughts that kept me hounding for like an hour or so. After crying buckets of tears Thursday, last week, I thought I had let go of everything. But, why did I feel anger was consuming me once again? Why did I feel so outraged at the thought of "Butanding" and all the "negative forces" who made us look like we are nothing but pigs? I thought I have forgiven them for letting us feel we are a nobody in the company? After all what we've done to them? After all the huge profits and revenue we brought under their very nose? Who are they, anyway? Are they the gods that need to be worshiped? That in just one flick of their fingers, they can tell us to lick their feet? To all I know, they are nothing but bunch of psychoticselfish, colonialist, all-time feeling-superior *ester**** trying to run third-world countrymen right under their fingers!

Yeah, I am bitter and I am not saying good things here, but I am venting my anger and nothing even a "Butanding" can stop me right now!

I Am Giving It a Try and See How Much Will I Make From This Site

I've been a member of Payperpost, but it wasn't until a few days ago since I really gave the site a long look. My friends and co-bloggers have told me about how they earned from this site and how it brought their blogs in good standing in the blogosphere. I know it also helped them drive traffic to their blogs, so that's one hefty bonus too, as far as blog rankings are concerned. It's just unfortunate that because of some things that kept me occupied, I didn't realize these things too soon. You could say I am kinda left behind, right? But, hey! It's never too late for me, is it? In fact, here I am too, giving it a shot! Maybe, just like them, I’d get to see my paypal fund heaping up in no time at all Ü I'm crpssing my fingers!

About the money I am about to earn from the opportunities? Hmm… I am currently a full-time student enrolled in a University here in our place. You know how much expensive college education is. So, perhaps, much of what I am going to make from this site will go to my matriculation and tuition fees. I also have a son, who is in primary school, so he will also to take part in the expenses I am about to shell out via my Paypal fund courtesy of Payperpost earnings. The other part of the income? Well, if you know me, you’d guess what I am thinking about, eh? I am an ebay addict, and I love shopping clothes, shoes, and bags! So, need I say more? lol!

June 20, 2008

We Just Move Forward...

I refuse to think that this week was hell. I mean, really, things went from okay to depressing, hell-cursing and, yeah, really maddening. But what can I do now? I am not expecting the company I have provided my service and loyalty for almost four years to grant my plea, but I am waiting. I am not discounting the fact that not all bosses are as hardhearted as that person who unluckily has given me only one reason to cry buckets of tears yesterday. But, right now? I am just letting the most superior being above to give me what is really due for me. He knows what is for me, and He knows what is good for me. If I get what I am asking from them now, that's going to be a big bonus I am going to appreciate. But if not? Well, what can I do? There's more in store for me... I know... and I am waiting... just waiting... I am patient, and I love being one.

What happened the past few days was beyond my control, and there's nothing I can do except to move forward. I am going to school next week, I am a full-time student. So, perhaps that's where I am going to focus my life in the meantime. I am going to give more time to bond with my son, Yad. Yeah, we need it. Forget about what happened. Forget about the frustrations and anxieties. I am still going to live life soooo beautifully! And that's talking without any hard feelings now...

The Right Cleaner We Need To Save Energy

Nowadays, electricity bills keep on skyrocketing that you no longer know what actions must be done inside your household to save on energy consumption. Perhaps, you resorted to hiding your electric cleaners at your garage so you won't use them when you are cleaning your house? You use your own bare hands to the household chores? How was it? It is quite exhausting, right? And what if you are like me who is so slooowww that even cleaning my own room takes me the whole day and yet there were still some unfinished tasks? And since I get physically exhausted quite fast, I can’t continue with the tasks for fear of draining my energy out of me. Aahh, that’s a frustration for me because I hate the sight of dust, dirt, and grease!

I'm sure, cleaning without electric cleaners are not so fun and practical, eh? Am I right? But you can’t afford to see another electricity bill as high as the sky, again just like me. Am I right again? Well, I think it’s about time to look at the really cool yet cost-effective cleaners Dirt Devil has got. The site got new AccuraCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac that not only makes cleaning fast but lets you save on energy as well. So, that’s great double benefits in one! It is the first cordless cleaning technology that has an Energy Star approval, meaning it is really what we need if we want to save. So, join me and find out more about this product now! *wink*

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June 19, 2008

I Can Go Work Abroad Next Year, Yad Permitted Me :)

One fine weekend afternoon, me and Yad were having a light heart-to-heart talk. I mentioned to him about my plan of not working anymore because I had to finish my degree. I also told him about my going abroad next year to work. I was surprised for his violent reaction, "Iiwan mo na ko?!!(You're leaving me?!!)". I was crushed to see him with that reaction 'coz he thought I was gonna abandon him. And so, I explained to him why I need to work abroad. Said, I need to do it to earn money. You see? He's already in the fifth grade and barely two years from now, he'll be in high school, which I'm aware, is kinda expensive. Then after four years in secondary school, he's gonna be off to a university to pursue a degree. I can't imagine how am I gonna send him to a good school and university if I don't earn enough.

And then, suddenly, he asked me: "yayaman na tayo, mommy, pag sa abroad ka magwuwork?(Are we gonna get rich, mommy, if you work abroad?)". Oh, yad! You always surprise me with your questions! lol! I was kinda amused at the question but I hid my smile and answere, "Oo, yad. Yayaman tayo. (Yes, yad. We're gonna get rich.)", and added, "So, pwede na ko magabroad? (So, is it okay with you if I work abroad next year?"

His reply? He nod his head, then said:

"Sige, pwede ka na magabroad next year." (Okay, you can go and work abroad next year)... :-)

Don't Waste So Much Time and Energy When Cleaning Your House!

Dust, dirt, and garbage are something that I hate most. I’d do anything just not to see them. However, these things are also those that you can’t avoid especially inside your home. Inside my room, I get so frustrated that dust always seems to pile up each minute. There’s no way that I can clean that up every minute, because I am also a busy career woman and student at the same time, so they always end up in thick piles. I would nicely instruct my brothers to clean it up. Some days, they’d consider my request, but most of my requests are turned down. I end up frustrated at them, but what can I do? They aren’t at my payroll list (as if I have one:D), so I can’t really force them into doing it. And when I do it myself, I end up consuming the hugest energy because I am soooo slow, as in I’m like a super-slow turtle. Cleaning my room for me is a long process that after a day of dusting up and arranging my things, there will always be some tasks unfinished. *sigh*

I wish I have a super-cleaner device, which can do all these things in a matter of 30minutes, or even less. I’ve been ranting to my friends and family why I can’t do it without wasting so much of my time and as well as money, which is from the consumption of energy.


But wait, I heard a buzz about this thing that I’ve been dreaming for a long time now. Dirt Devil has it, people! Their Dirt Devil Stick Vac, Hand Vac, carpet cleaners, and other devices are supers to your cleaning tasks. They allow you to do your job fast, very fast. And you know what? These are perfect for those who are slow-movers, like me. Because, even if you don’t have to put extra effort to clean up dust, dirt, and grease, these cleaners with Energy Star approval, will make it really quick for you. I’m sure gonna refer these products to my cousin, who is also ranting and ranting about the hassles of housecleaning. You? Do you want it easy and fast? And more importantly, do you want to save lots of energy – and money too? Check them out now!

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My Pants That Did Not Fit Me...

A few days ago, I saw this pair of pants I've been looking for weeks now - aqua-colored skinny pants - at ebay. The pants in the picture looked so gorgeous and I instantly fell in love with the cut and color. Of course, if you know me, you knew I won't let that thing slip off my hand now that I already found a skinny pants I loovveeed adding to my wardrobe. So, to cut the long story short, I won the auction and the item arrived just two days after my payment via Globe G-cash.

When the Air21 package arrived, I couldn't contain my excitement as I knew it would look as gorgeous as on the picture. As of that moment, I was already imagining what shoes/sandals, bags, and top to pair with the skinny pants. So, I took out the pants, then spread them out in front of my very eyes. Oh, sure! It looked really gorgeous - the cut, the color, the fashion, and the material! They were all great!

Except for one thing...

This pair looks frustratingly big to my size! Yes, you could just imagine how disappointed I am. At first, I was in denial. I went to the comfort room to try it on. But no, it was really big:(( So, end of story?

The pants went to Yonabelle.

June 17, 2008

SocialSpark Is For Advertisers and Bloggers!

Hey, peeps! Did you sign up with SocialSpark yet? If not, what are you waiting for? You are losing on the opportunities of earning more and meeting new people from around the world. I’ve been with the site for over a month now and let me tell you that I’ve been doing great with them ever since.

The site is available to everyone and if you also own a blog that has been running for 90 days, submit it. If it got what SocialSpark needs, it will qualify then you can take opportunities targeted to your blog. Write about them, make sure terms and conditions are met, and then wait for approval. If they are approved, they send you payment via your paypal account. It’s that easy, right? I can tell, because I’ve been paid for the posts I did for the past month.

Now, SocialSpark isn’t only for bloggers. They also look for advertisers who want to promote their products via the net. You simply register your blog, and then create an advertiser account. If it qualifies, you can go have bloggers write about your product. After that, wait and see how it gets popular, and then the rest will follow. The site also helps both bloggers and advertisers get fair amount of exposure all over the internet by having someone blog about you then you blog about them in return. You can take this from spark under opportunities section.

The site aims to connect bloggers and advertisers, so this a great opportunity to see yourself getting the exposure you need on the blogosphere, right? So why not check it out now? Oh, before I forget, this is a paid post and I am picking up my SocialSpark profile for you to check it. You will see there the opportunities I've taken. I've also acquired a number of co-SocialSparkers in my network. So, why not join me there and add me up? I hope I'd see you there, alright?

June 14, 2008

I Miss Him...

Zernan must have sensed I badly need him yesterday. He kept on ringing my phone all day. It's a relief to hear my phone ringing knowing it's him, but I need more than his miscalls. I need to hear his voice. I need him to soothe my growing anxiety over my difficulty of performing my work tasks (writing car parts articles) and some other things that have been plaguing my mind for quite a time now. I need him to reassure that my plans I've been trying to boil over for the past weeks are the right things to do. I need him to tell me everything will be alright. Sadly, though, our current situation wouldn't allow that to happen. Things aren't as easy as before. Ever since they moved in to their new house more than a year ago, our communication was greatly compromised. I want to understand everything, but sometimes, it's tough. As I've said it, it isn't the same as before.

I just wanted to ask his opinions because he always seems to be the only person to give me the answers to my questions, the perfect soothing words whenever I'm confused, and the right solutions to my never-ending problems. But because of the current situation we have, it's kind of impossible now. See how much of an impact the relocation has had in our relationship? I know I'm being cheesy right now, but I really missed him so much. There's never a day that I don't, although there were moments that I get so mad at him. But, everyday, I need him. Unfortunately, ours is a long-distance relationship, which makes it really, really hard. Maybe if I don't love the person, I wouldn't hold onto this relationship for this long. Maybe I have given up long ago and never feel the complicated glorious moments of being in love. But, yeah... I couldn't... Because I love him...

June 13, 2008

It's Toxic! It's Suffocating!

Any minute now, I am going to break down. Work is really, really eating me up! Space is suffocating already. Piling tasks are getting in on me. I couldn't even finish a single auto part article. I know I've had enough of all this. I must take action now

... or else, end up losing the thread that's keeping my sanity whole...

Hubby, where are you?I really, really need your tight, loving embrace now :-(

June 11, 2008

Tag Your Baby Along and Have Fun With Mutsy!

I am a mommy blogger too caring for a 10-yr old son, so I should know what’s best for babies or not. For us mommies, it can be particularly a hindrance to carry along your baby when we are shopping in the malls or walking in the pavement without a stroller or a slider. It happened on me, and I can tell you, guys, it was hard so I always ended up cutting the trip to the mall short and nursing my frustrated feelings because I haven’t bought enough time for me to look at the things I wanted to have.

I don’t want that to happen to my friends who recently just have babies, like Burns and Bhebz, and to all my mommy blogger friends out there too (well, even to my male readers who happen to have a baby), that is why I am recommending to use Mutsy products. The company is offering the Mutsy Slider, a stroller meant for you to use conveniently and safely with its compact, low eight, and sophisticated and sporty look. It can be folded because the upper part is detachable from the frame. While, the handle is reversible so mommies can always look at their baby. The slider also has durable wheels, quick release 3-position seat, and protective hood for more convenience of use and safety for the baby. A complete system of this product sells for $759. If you prefer, you can have the individual stroller components as they are sold separately, with the slider chassis/seat unit for $569 and bassinet for $190. The next must-have product for new moms is the 4 RIDER “NEXT” CARGO. The complete system sells for $759 as well. Individual stroller components like the frame is available for $357, the seat for $187, and the bassinet $215. Car seat adaptor is available as well. Features include recline, removable front bar, leg rest, and protective hood.

All these featured products of Mutsy are meant to give you easy and fun time while your baby is tagged along on your trip. I just wish these were available when my son, Yad, was born so those days when I tagged him to my malling times wouldn’t have been so bad. But, you guys, should never have to make it difficult for you by simply having these products. Believe me, you’d have much fun with your baby, because I know they are made for such purpose.


Sponsored by Mutsy

June 10, 2008

The Road Not Taken

Let me post what Homar sent to me in response to my post Should I or Should I not, which kinda tells my confusion over a certain life-challenging decision I have to make right now. I know he understands what I am feeling right now, especially how I am regretfully intoxicated and exhausted with my current writer job, being in this one for more than three and a half years. I appreciate you, Homar, for getting yourself in my shoes and generating this Robert Frost poem for me to read. You wish it would help me on my decision-making dilemma; and thanks for that because it certainly enlightened me on some things. Although I haven't come up with the right decision as of this moment, I am going to read the poem below over and over until I am in the right direction.

Here, let me share this to you:

The Road Not Taken
(Robert Frost (1874–1963). Mountain Interval. 1920)

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

By the way, I also thank my cousin, Ate Lot, for the inspiring and motivating words you posted on the comment section. Big thanks for that, Ate. I sure am gonna read the comment each time I am getting confused. It certainly helps that we talk from time to time via YM chats. I am forever thankful that you are always there whenever I need you most. God bless always, Ate and Homar!

June 8, 2008

Find Mary Shannon!

In the previous posts I made about USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight, currently the much-talked about crime drama TV series in the US, I have introduced the lead character, Mary Shannon, but I really haven't posted any picture to make you familiarized of this already-popular woman agent. And I know you guessed it right! It is Mary Shannon in the picture above. She looked rather sexy, classy, sophisticated, and yes, she’s hot! However, Mary Shannon is also tough and smart! As a US Marshal working for Federal Witness Protection Program, she is challenged to protect the witnesses; and she has to hide this high-risk job from her dysfunctional family, which consists of her spoiled younger sister, Brandi, and her lazy mom, Jinx in order to protect them.

Of course, Mary Shannon also has a love life, but with a man whom she only gets involved with through sex and occasional favors. Now, that is really tough woman you got there!

Now, let’s see if you can find the above picture of Mary Shannon. Visit it hidden In Plain Sight website and tell me if you found it, alright? By the way, the crime drama premiered on the 1st of June.

Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight

June 7, 2008

Decision-Making Time (Should I or Should I Not?)

I haven't visited Aquinas University of Legazpi to enroll my subjects yet. I know I should have done it a week early so things would have been a bit clearer for me. But since I haven't, things are even getting vague for me. I'm confused, but right now, I feel like I'm still a helpless creature trying to put together some pieces to build a puzzle. So...

Should I resign or not? Should I quit my job and concentrate on my studies so in 2-semesters time, I'd graduate? Should I do that, so after a year I can go seek another job which can help me grow more, career- and personality-wise? But should I also quit the job and receive no more monthly salaries, which, I admit, have been very helpful to survive my personal and non-personal finances needs?

Oh, these questions have been plaguing me for a couple of months already. But until now, I haven't decided yet... I'm in the stage where confusion is best getting hold of me. I wish tomorrow that stage moves on and clears my mind, so I can decide firmly on the issue...

*Sigh* I'm hoping I could do the decision-making process in couple of days.

June 6, 2008

In Plain Sight - Peculiar Personas

After watching the pilot episode and reading the character bios in the USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight, I couldn't help but think of my cousin, Ruth. She is married now and living abroad. One thing why I associated her to this all-new crime drama, is because of Mary Shannon (played by Mary McCormack), the lead character of the program. My cousin, just like Mary, is sexy, smart, and busy. I find her too serious with her career that you wouldn’t see her idling in her office seat. She’s just too focused and loves what she is doing; and mind you, she is my idol because she always succeeds in every path she chooses.

Mary Shannon is just like that – too focused with her career and highly-determined to be successful with her chosen path by being the active US Marshall highly-attached to the Federal Witness Protection Program. And they have another thing in common. While they were busy dealing with their career challenges, they still have time to carry the weight with which handling family is providing them. So, just like how I love my cousin, it isn’t surprising too that I love this character of Mary Shannon. This crime drama is a hit I'm sure everyone, including me, couldn’t afford to miss. So, if you are thrilled with the tv program, catch the drama, thrill, risks, stress, and excitement in Mary Shannon’s life. The program premiered on US televisions on the 1st of June.

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Some Days You Aren't Lucky!

It comes to you when you least expected it - unlucky! I know there are a lot of people who are going to relate when I say, if you're gonna get luck out of your hands on a particular day, then you really is unlucky on that day. Today is one of those days for me. I knew I am already late, but I also knew I can make it to work at exactly 9:00A.M. or at least within the five-minute grace period after that if I hire a tri-wheel vehicle (read: tricycle)to drop me off to my work place. But if luck's going to get out of my hands, it sure is going to do that. Just when I am walking my way to the tricy's location, I remember I had my wallet left in my room. And also my mobile phone!

No, I can't go to work without it! What if my Hubby calls? I haven't talked to him for more than a week now, so I know I gotta talk to him once he calls, right? And besides, how am I going to pay for the service ride if I don't have my wallet in me, and I don't have any extra pocketed in may pants or in my bag. So, there is no choice but to get back to the house and get my belongings, right? So, off I go and then head back to the tri-wheel vehicle. Thank God, I knew I can still make it if the vehicle does not get trapped in the traffic or jammed to any sort. Alas, this is really not my day! We were caught in a short-traffic, but each minute at this time is so precious. In fact, if only someone sells me an hour, or at least extra few minutes, I would actually buy it from them just to extend the length of my ride.

But since that is impossible, I can't. So, what's the end? You guessed it actually right! Black and white! I'm late for two minutes? Imagine that? Oh, I'm hearing everyone someone uttering: What's new, Jirlie? Well?

June 5, 2008

Advertisers: You Are Wanted Here And In SocialSpark!

I've joined SocialSpark some weeks ago and have been active ever since, adding friends and taking opportunities that pay me for writing about them. As a member, I can say that it is one of the most competent and effective media I have come across with when it comes to connecting bloggers and advertisers. In a blogger account's point of view, I would say that SocialSpark has given me what I have failed looking for months in other similar sites. It has given me real fun time while fattening my account too. Taking the opportunities and writing about them have given me benefits of not only earning but learning their products that otherwise I wouldn’t have known if not because of SocialSpark, which leads me wanting to talk about this one.

We know that the online world can be a very wide place to put your products and get them widely known. But is it enough to set a website up then wait for your merchandise to sell without having people talking about them? That’s simply futile, if I would say so. Oh yes, we know too that there are other online marketing strategies available. However, do you know the current efficient and effective way of accomplishing what all other advertisers' goals are, getting widely known and profiting?

Well, here it is! Sign up with SocialSpark.com and find out how you can get everyone talking about your products by having bloggers review about them. The many bloggers writing about them, the more chances of your products getting widely known in the internet world. And, that also means fat chances of getting more profits for you, right? So, what advertisers do I want sponsoring my blog? Personally, I would love to write reviews on different kinds of products since I have a wide range of visitors, but I want advertisers who promote the following list of products(but not limited to) gracing my site:

Chanel, Topshop, Seven for all mankind jeans, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Victoria Secret, H&M, Gap, Sara, Mango, Nine West, Levi's, etc. etc.(Oh,why not? It's obvious, I'm a self-proclaimed fashionista!LOL)

Software applications and sites (I love discovering new software and new sites!)

Diet and health websites (I'm quite a health-buff!)

Latest gadgets and technologies (Ericsson mobile phones, Samsung, Iphones, MacBook, Dell laptops and pocket pc... Do I need to say I'm a geek?)

Entertainment and music (Who doesn't love current music and movie releases?)

Books (Well, I also read a lot. Doesn't matter if it's e-book or paper bound books)

Cars (Honda, Lincoln, Volks, Hybrid cars... It's because I love cars, cars, and cars!)

So, advertisers! Come on out now and give my site even more exciting things to blog about! :D

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Beauty Secrets Tag

*Sigh* I'm never into doing tags, but The Baby In Between has been tagging me for a few times already and I haven't found time to do them all. I wouldn't want Bem to think I continue to ignore her tags, so here, for the very first, as in my very first meme (is this what you call them, Bem? i'm not sure eh, hehehe) here in my blog. Informer code_M also tagged me, so, yeah, I'm doing it now...

Beauty products? Oh, I love them! Very much! In fact, I'm thinking of wearing makeup anytime soon. But, I don't have many... I'm just too afraid of trying many products on my skin 'coz I dunno what will turn out of me... Some basics, I got. But elaborate ones? Those that contain multifarious chemicals and substances you don't know what real elements they are made of? Those that would eat up many of your time applying them? Nah! I may fall in love really, really hard with them in the future, but right now? I'm not into them. Although I got some to share to you...

Here they are:

My Foundation: None, simply hate it but I have a concealer...
My Mascara: Don't have it, but I used to wear the natural, clear one when I was in my secondary level in college
My Blush: I got in my purse a cheek-and-lips color, but barely use it
My Day Cream: None for my face, but a lotion for my hand and body
My Lipstick: Hhmmm... this I can't go out without in my purse. I also have a few back home, although, again, I rarely wear one now. What I use now? My Lip Gloss/Balm, to moisturize my lips... yeehh
My Beauty Product Brand: Nivea, Avon's natural tea tree and grapefruit
My Essential Beauty Product: My natural tea tree and grapefruit facial wash with beads
My Favorite Makeup Product: Uhm, I don't have any, but if I would to buy, I'd have Max Factor, or a Maybelline, or a L'oreal - the real ones... Kindly excuse me, but it's kind of risk for me to use cheaper ones (I'm not saying all cheaper brands) because of the news alleging them to contain lead or mercury - I know you all know what they are. If not, search the net, will yah?
My Perfume: Rarely wear one, but I have Avon's Urban Flowers (London and Paris)
My Nails: Nothing... I just keep them clean. Used to wear them long but Hubby doesn't like it, so these are cut short now
My Feet: Petroleum jelly and socks, plus a foot lotion
My Hands: My Nivea or Victoria Secret lotion

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: A scary thought and a hard question at that 'coz I'd like to bring the whole of my wardrobe! Ü

But, seriously, I'd have my:
toothbrush kit
a hair tie
my sunblock lotion (hate catching skin cancer, you know!)

Woman I Admire for their Beauty: Heidi Klum
Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Of course, Kate Moss!!! Who else?
My Ultimate Dream: To be as beautiful as Natalia Vodianova and get filthy rich, rich, rich! Nah, I'm just kidding:) I'd like my Other Half to marry me and have kids as many as we can... Now, I'm talking sensibly hereÜ
My Favorite Fashion Publication: Cosmo, Glamour, Preview (But, I don't collect them)

Now let me tag a few people in my list: Flo, Inner Whispers, Psychosanctum (c'mon now, dex... I know, men like being vain these days. Share it to us, ohryt? Ü), In His Time, Shout for Joy, and Raziella.

June 3, 2008

Who Is Your Style Icon and What Is Your Pants Style?

When people ask me who is my favorite style icon, I'd say my top choice is always, Kate Moss. Yes, Kate Moss epitomize my kind of fashion. Never mind the drug issues lodged at her not too long ago, but her sense of style never fails to turn me off. Whether she is clad in the most glamorous designer evening gown or cocktail, or in a light casual, summer dress, Kate always exudes an aura of elegance and sophistication. And as I love wearing pants most of the week, I always look up to Kate when she is wearing jeans, capris, and denims. Sometimes, I emulate her sense of style, and that is probably the reason why some friends and acquaintances are complimenting me all the time with my own sense of style too *wink*

Kate Moss is one of the most sought-after ramp and commercial models. And talking about commercial, I wish Kate will appear in a Dockers contest. She wears pants as if these are second to her skin. She looks great in all pants style, so I am sure Dockers will make it big with Kate campaigning for them. Oh, well, so much for that.


What I really want to talk about in this post is the on-going Dockers contest open to both men and women. If you are a commercial model-wannabe, here is the chance for you to appear on TV if you win. Mechanics are simple. You just make your own Dockers commercial, then submit the video. Make it your best video ever if you wanna win the commercial gigs and some prizes too. Let your fashion sense appear in the video. Give your own sense of style, and be sure it is unique but trendy.

So, are you in for commercial video challenges now? Get your cam video now and don't wait until the contest ends and lose your chance to be in the Dockers commercial to be played on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Remember picking of the Grand Prize winning submission will be between June 7 and June 13, 2008. The winner will also get lots of exposure as the video will be available for viewing online between June 14, 2008 and June 20, 2008.

Sponsored by Dockers

When You Are Suddenly Confronted With A Life-Challenging Decision

Lately, I’ve been dealing with the difficulty of decision-making process. This has got to do with my current job, where I have been with five days a week, from Tuesdays to Saturdays, for as long as three years, seven months, and one day to be exact. Just for a bit of information about myself, my job requires me to produce quality articles about auto parts daily. They gotta be unique and not copied. Copy writing, which means using another source as the inspiration of my copy, is allowed; however, plagiarism is a big no-no.

Doing that for three years and a little over half can never be good on one’s patience and resourcefulness. I mean, writers can produce a number of articles in a daily basis for three succeeding years and six months. But take note also that I don’t particularly say they can do that out of sheer resourcefulness, creativity, diligence, or whatever hard-working positive attitude is motivating them to continue writing without ever complaining. Because in some days, I know they were forced to write for the plain reason of “we are required and paid to do this”. In short, only in the name of quite hefty monthly compensation correct, my dear co-writers?. However, I don’t believe one can do the same thing, creating quality articles only about a single interest in the same time span without ever falling trapped to the web of being burnt-out and just wishing work is not like this or hoping the company gives me plenty of days for myself to relax and vacation but still, hey, I get paid. But, on a positive note, I do believe writers can make it for three years, and even five, ten, or perhaps for a lifetime, provided the interests and topics are diverse. I know, many of my co-writers will agree with me on this.

But why am I telling you this? It’s because I am under that spell - suffering because I can no longer bring myself to be resourceful and diligent enough to write articles about auto parts. Imagine me having to do come up with a good topic about a certain auto part, like Honda electrical parts, and write about it over and over again? The monotony of work has posed me lesser challenges in my daily life. It had led me to think: Am I doing this for the rest of the next few years or so? Will I ever move on from this current so-called career? Is it even a career that you can call writing about the same auto parts over and over again?

You read a note of bitterness and complaints? Yes, I am exactly complaining about my life now; however, I am not bitter about it. Life goes on, but I need to decide on one thing – the decision is a matter of giving my life a more meaningful adventure. I am helplessly exhausted, but I can’t continue being in that shameful condition because my loved ones are going to be highly-disappointed in me. If you've been reading between the lines, I knew you know what this post is leading to. And if you do, then let me tell you that it’s been in my empty nutshell for quite a few months already.Right now, I am still in the process. But in time? I know I'd get there, where I should supposedly be.

In the meantime, I would want to hear what Ces and Totie would always say,


Make Your Pants Talk Too!

Oh my, my pants would be the most frequently used pair of clothing I have in my wardrobe. I have dresses, skirts, and shorts, but the pants are what people often see me wearing. In fact, if only these pants could talk, they would probably say,

"Oh, I love you so much for always taking me to different places!",
"I love it so much when you wear me up and let me see your gorgeous, cool friends", and
"I love you so much for making me your favorite amongst the pile of clothing you got in your closet!".

You see, all my favorite pants would literally hug me if only they could. Because even if I sometimes overuse them, they knew I take care of them like they are a treasure in my box. ;)
Anyway, guys, if you have a story to tell about your favorite pants too, submit it to Dockers contest. Make your very own Dockers commercial video and let the whole online world see it.

We will vote for the best Dockers commercial TV video, so take your best shot at it! Be sure your video entered at Dockers contest is the best one you got to win the cool Grand Prize of the video shown on air via The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Please Read!

I wasn't tagged by the site owner from whom I got this breast cancer awareness month tag, but according to her, this can be posted to your blog if you want it too. I'm a woman, so I naturally want this post here in my blog. It's not only for me but to other women reading my blogs too. I know a distant relative from my place who died because of breast cancer.

Moreover, I've seen in television women celebrities (mostly, actresses) who were also battling with the same illness. Although, they are still living, I know they are going through painful and tough times surviving breast cancer. They are also actively campaigning to make women in the country be fully aware about the cancer. While I can't join them, I can do the campaigning in my own little way, posting this tag and getting my visitors read this vital information and disseminate it as well.

So, here it goes:
  • The first sign of breast cancer usually shows up on a woman's mammogram before it can be felt or any other symptoms are present.
  • Risks for breast cancer include a family history, atypical hyperplasia, delaying pregnancy until after age 30 or never becoming pregnant, early menstruation (before age 12), late menopause (after age 55), current use or use in the last ten years of oral contraceptives, and daily consumption of alcohol.
  • Early detection of breast cancer, through monthly breast self-exam and particularly yearly mammography after age 40, offers the best chance for survival.
  • Ninety-six percent of women who find and treat breast cancer early will be cancer-free after five years.
  • Over eighty percent of breast lumps are not cancerous, but benign such as fibrocystic breast disease.
  • You are never too young to develop breast cancer! Breast Self-Exam should begin by the age of twenty.
Resources: American Cancer Society National Cancer Institute Komen Foundation

You can help the lives of many women by spreading the word about The Breast Cancer Site pink button as many times as you can. If The Breast Cancer Site receives 8 million clicks on the pink button in June, their premier sponsor -Bare Necessities- will donate $10,000 for more free mammograms. CLICK the pink button today!

Here, I'm tagging everyone, including YOU, who want to help promote the breast cancer awareness month...

Bleach the Movie - And My Manga Character Name

Yeah, I know, I'm too old to be talking about manga and anime series, but believe me, I love watching them at home. In fact, we have got a collection of DVDs and together with my son and my brothers, we watch them and have fun all the time. And yes, silly as I may sound, I love fantasizing that I am one, cool manga character, wearing ultra-sexy, mini leather skirts and tiny top, with cute little headdress and yellow long sword that in one wave, turns everyone wearing the same fashionable men and women dresses. Nah, that would be silly but I'd like to be a tiny part of my girlie magic :-)

But my real mantra powers? Oh my, I'd get them charmed at my beauty with one wave of the sword. Every command I make, they follow. With every sprinkle of magic bubbles, they'd be full of love and peace.

Take note that I'm in the good side of the mantra series, huh?

Okay, so what's my manga character name? Uhmm... I'd be called, Sapphire Matoko Temero! Isn't that cool!!!

Well, I'm talking about this mantra/anime because there's one cool upcoming movie I'm sure everybody will love - Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody. It's going to make its North American debut, a 2-night event happening in theaters at June 11th to 12th. Find out if Ichigo can save the two worlds, World of the Living and Soul Society, from the diabolical plot of revenge about to destroy them by some unknown beings. If you don't want to lose this movie, I'd advise you to purchase advance tickets through their website.

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My Anime Name!

The next post after this is going to be fun since it requires me to give my anime/manga character name. I had initially decided to call myself, The Swirling Bubble, but I ended against it as it was kind of corny heheh. Not good enough, so I decided for the next hour just to baptize myself a new manga character name. Then, I started browsing the name and luckily, came across a website that helps you automatically generate your anime/manga character name by simply entering your birth name. It produced what I thought the coolest name ever on the planet. And do you know what it is?

My anime name


Sapphire Matoko Temero


I love it!!! Isn't it cool! lol

I had fun with the anime generating activity, and I'm quite sure, you will be too. So, guys, would you like to get your own too? Would you like to find out if it's cool, just like my Sapphire Matoko Temero name? Quick, get yours now! Click the website below and enter your full name. The tool will automatically generate your new name. Cool, eh?

Take The Japanese Anime name generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

June 2, 2008

Create Your Best And Sweetest Signature Ice Cream And Win Fabulous Prizes!

Are you in for some great and fun way of putting your sweet taste buds up for challenge? If so, you got to read this post:


iMix America has announced about a contest that puts not only your sweet tooth into practice but your creativity into use. If you think you can whip up your own Signature Creation by using Cold Stone Creamery ingredients, have your friends or relatives try and buy it, then you are most eligible for this contest. You got to be between 13 to 19 years old and residing in United States, including Puerto Rico and Guam, in order to qualify. If you meet all these qualifications, then, you got what it takes to join Awesome Cold Stone Contest.

If you are already tempted by this announcement, be quick to join because they are receiving applications only until June 5, 2008. And if you want to win this contest, be sure to tell your friends, classmates, relatives, neighbors, and even your online friends to vote for your Signature Creation online. Contestants with the most votes are sure to win with prizes that range from $50 worth of Cold Stone Creamery gift card to as much as $4,000 value packs. Grand winner awaits a whopping $30,000 worth of value pack that includes cellular, automotive, travel, and computer. If these aren't enough to tempt you young lass and lads out there, I don't know what will.

So, if I were you, I am going to visit the site now, enter my application, then start creating the most luscious, most delicious, and most beautiful Signature Creation sweet food ever. Voting deadline at December 31, 2008 and announcing of the winner takes place at January 2009. So, what are you waiting for? Join now and win fabulous prizes!

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