July 16, 2014

NBO Global - Legazpi

I joined NBO Global on 3 July 2014, that's Thursday last week and the first day I started helping my friend, Rico, in the office (in short, he got me hired to assist in the operation of the branch center). 

Prior to this, I was already decided to become a member and do the networking business again while working as a homebased freelancer. But when I got that call from him, I accepted the job offer right away although the rate he offered me was comparatively small, and leaving all plans of working at home via Virtual Assistant and/or Online Writing jobs on hold.

Why did I do that? Because after lots of researches done about this Company and its marketing strategy, I fell in love with it and I just had so much faith in the business that I thought I needed focus should I decided to venture into it. Being in the office, working as its staff, will just help me do that; so here, in this office managed by my friend, you would find me.

Now, as day by day transpires, I am really loving it: my job, the office environment, Rico and his wife, my co-staff, and all the people that keep coming in to bring their business with us.

The place is full of positivity, and if you know me, I love this industry so much because it is here where you would find mostly positively-motivated people. I love being surrounded with this kind of people. You would seldom find here people that would belittle your ambitions, your dreams. If any, they would be there to help you achieve those. That's what I love most about networking.

Of course, earning is another story. Who wouldn't love the potential of earning big? That's the bonus, I call it. And as I realized, it is really possible with NBO Global where it was not with the other networking company. NBO Global, if you want to earn without necessarily recruiting and selling just like me, is just perfect for you.

So, for those who are interested to join NBO-Global, why don't you send me a message and we will explain to you how its marketing strategy works and how you will earn from it. Please, don't be left behind. This is a money-back guarantee. And for the people whom I already talked about this opportunity, don't say I didn't tell you!

July 7, 2014

Diversion of Career

The main reason why I resurrected this blog was because I wanted to document my journey towards achieving my lifelong goals and visions particularly my self-entrepreneurial business plans. I have already talked in my previous posts about my desire to resume my work-at-home online job to initiate these plans; however, due to some recent change of circumstances, I have decided to put my online virtual job journey on hold to give way to the call of networking industry.

I am not a newbie to this industry as I was part of Global Fusion Incorporated (or GFI) some four (4) years ago. To those who are familiar with the company, the most popular product at the time was the Lean and Fab slimming capsule. Now that I am no longer active, I know that they are currently marketing the equally popular, Aura Skin Nutrition System, a stem cell sort of beauty products.

Anyway, I was contacted by a good friend to join them in their networking business and offered to be part of the upcoming Grand Opening of the Legazpi Branch of the company. I had accepted and now I am looking forward to a productive business endeavor, if not for a lifelong term, at least for the years to come. I still had other more serious entrepreneurial plans to embark on and I am not permanently setting those aside; so this new business endeavor is merely one attempt to get that ball running.

I wish myself lots of luck for this. I knew I have it in me. It's just a matter of perfectly executing it one by one, tiny step after tiny step, to big leap after big leap. In God's perfect time!