July 3, 2009

For The Nth Time, Lights Off Here In Ligao!

For the nth time, the lights went off and nothing was saved so I am starting again with this post. I am not home, I am here in Ligao City, in an internet shop, while waiting Dadi to return from his visit to the quarry site for machine testing. It's really frustrating, but I know, it was beyond my control. So, hold your temper, little Jirl!

Try Again...

Just when I was about to finish my entry, the lights went off and nothing was saved. So, here I am again, starting from scratch. Sigh! By the way, I am not home. I am here in Ligao, in an internet shop, waiting for Dadi to come back from the site he is visiting for machine testing.

My post was about trying to revive this blog. It has been months since my last update, so I am pretty much stuck up at what I should do to make this blog alive again. In the months that this site went stagnant was also the months that brought so much changes in my life. If I would to with them down here one by one, one day or few days would not be enough for me to do so.

So, even though It's hard starting this blog for the second time, I am trying. I have not only missed the blogging times when I wanted to put down my opinions and personal thoughts but lost so many opportunities, and maybe a few hundreds of dollars in equivalent.

But never mind, what's important is that I am back again...

I Am Reviving This Blog!

I need to revive this blog. But I don't know how. I have a vague idea when this site's started to get stagnant. I have lost many opportunities, that could amount to hundreds of dollars, and one that I could use to so many things right now.

In the months that I left this blog without the updates that it needed from me, more than a thousand of things has happened in between. Things that would forever change my future! If I would to write them down one by one here, perhaps, it would take at least not only a day but weeks for me to do so.

By the way, I dumped my old URL months ago. And perhaps, you are wondering why. Well, if you are a close friend (or even not so-close), you probably knew the reason. So, forgive me, but nothing for me to elaborate here.

But, anyway, now that I have started thinking about this blog, it is a signal that I am back once again. I want to start doing those opportunities as extra dollars has always been a big help. I want to regularly update this blog because it is one way to release my inner feelings and just to have somewhere to write off when I have an opinion to write down. And more importantly, to continue the friendship I have made with many co-bloggers from across the world.

So, now, please welcome me back! Coz, I intend to not let this blog rot down into oblivion.