February 8, 2009

Shall I Close This Site Down Or Not?

For a time, I have considered closing this site down for good. For what reason, you probably might ask me. Well, major one is sort of personal but another reason is I find no lots of time to attend to this. This site is very important to me. Although it hasn't been as successful as those sites ranking #1 at search engines and raking in pots and pots of dollars, Bubbles of Thoughts is significant to me. It is an extension of my life, in the sense that when I don't have someone to discuss with, to talk with, to pour out my thoughts with, I turn to this site and do those things like it has a life of its own and can understand me. I know my fellow bloggers know what I am talking about. I wrote random things here as a result of my imaginations, opinions, thoughts, and just sheer nonsense. Presently, I have been occupied by a lot of other important things that I don't know if I still can regularly update this blog. Now, if you would ask me, I am still in the process of deciding whether I would have to keep this blog or not. For those who have been visiting this site even though it has been sitting for a long time, I thank you for appreciating it and I apologize at the same time for not updating it so often. I wish I'd have more heart and will to continue looking after this blog. After all, it has done me a lot of good things, not only money-wise but the chance to meet other people on the blogosphere.