September 30, 2008

Put Your Analog and Digital Photos Into Quick Digital Makeover

My favorite episode featured on My Moments was the "Wedding Day Crunch." But before you start feeling bored with yet another tears-moving story, let me just remind you that this is not about that. It is simply a story about how the couple featured in that episode wanted to use a multimedia tool to put all their analog photos together before the wedding takes place. The couple, Michael and Monika, wanted to display relevant photos before the guests right at their reception. But they cannot do that with the analog photos, and with just two weeks preparation time.

That's when they found out about the Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover. Here, the resident photo diva, Zoey, and the video guru, generously helped the couple how to set up their analog photos into a great digital makeover. In a very little time, the photos were immortalized in a multimedia show and of course the couple to be wed in two weeks time is ready to entertain the guests.

Would you like a quick digital makeover to your analog or even digital photos? Sure! Just visit the site or watch below. You can even join the game and get featured too so that you can win cool prizes such as cameras, HDTV, and others.


September 27, 2008

Betrayal By A Best Friend

Disclaimer: This is a very long post, and which you may get bored reading through, but this is the product of my reflections. If you aren't interested, you can always pass on this one. But if you are like me who treasures friendship most, why not try reading? *wink*

Due to studies and freelance work concerns, I have been neglecting this blog for almost a week now. I knew I have a number of issues that must be put into words through this site but I have been busy.

But after watching "The Tyra Banks Show" just a little before noon today, I couldn't suppress my urge to write about it. The show had too interesting a topic for me to ignore and leave it without penning anything about it. So, well, here I am, back blogging after getting this site shamefully idling for quite a time.

It was about about betrayal by a loved one. It featured two segments, one between two friends and another between two sisters. I don't have a sister but have lovely and great best friends, so naturally I totally related on the former. The segment showed a young American woman telling the world how she was betrayed by her former boyfriend and ex-bestfriend.

It happened one day when the boyfriend was missing the same time the bestfriend was. Turned out the two fled to cheat on her, and whether intentional or not, to hurt her. It devastated her, of course. It was the most horrible thing to happen to her because not only was it the least expected thing but it was a double devastation...
  • one caused by a betrayal by her most trusted bestfriend; and
  • another from her so much loved boyfriend.
While narrating her experience, she didn't know that her former bestfriend was at the backstage watching her with tears in her eyes via the big tv set. And as emotional as I am, I couldn't help but get into tears as well because I felt both for the two women.

I felt deeply for the woman betrayed, because I can feel the pain she had been nursing for the past 7 years.

I felt even more for the former bestfriend, because I can feel within my chest the agony of not being able to hug her bestfriend - only because of a single yet biggest mistake she had made 7 years ago.

I knew the woman betrayed drew more sympathy from the viewers while the former bestfriend - maybe, tons of disgust than sympathy; but I am not a judgmental person. I mean, who are we to judge anyway? We had our own shortcomings in life, with little or no resemblance at all, but nevertheless, have pained someone dear to us.

So, being one that went through so much in life, I always look into the other side of the story. While most of us would likely condemn than understand this bestfriend, I don't see a need to crucify her. Instead, she needs so much understandings from us after getting into so much pain just as her bestfriend did. She may have had committed the biggest mistake in her life, but that doesn't mean she no longer has the right to live normally - or the right to forgiveness.

People make mistake, in one way or another, but it's not the gravity of the mistake that matters. What should is how much you suffered and became repentant after realizing the immaturity of it all.

It is very human to make mistake then pay the price afterwards.

That's where we get lessons.

Therefore, even if the woman can be considered the worst girl friend on earth, she still deserves a second chance. Besides, she already paid the price. She lost her "stolen boyfriend." And that didn't even match compared to the anguish she suffered knowing she was responsible for ruining both her and her bestfriend's lives.

Going back to the show, it had tried to help the ruined lives by bringing the bestfriend right into the face of the wronged woman so they can talk after seven, long, painful years of hatred and anonymity. Appearing before each other was not the easiest thing to do. But in the name of winning her back, she consented and appeared to ask her forgiveness right in front of the millions of televiewers.

I must say it was a very big step. It may not completely erase the painful experience between the women, but that is going to be the start. It will not immediately patch things up, but healing takes time. Anguish and pain will gradually heal themselves. It may never be the same as before, but in time, both will likely realize how much they'd missed each other. It is never impossible to bring back the warmth and sincerity of their friendship.

I am such a very emotional and melodramatic person who looks into true friendship as a sacred thing and a rare gem to treasure forever, so I really wished both women well, albeit they couldn't possibly read this post. They actually made me remember and miss my few best and closest girl friends.

September 22, 2008

Have Fun With Your Family With Banzai DVD Game!

I had another great news to tell Yad, my son, and to my family. It's about this fun Screenlife game, Banzai. It's actually a DVD-based betting game opportunity with real clips from the hit TV show, Banzai, included. At the website, there is a free game where you can play and download wallpapers. It is easy to learn this game since the site provides a "how to play section" for tips and instructions. You can first go there if you still don't know how to play this game. But this game is nothing frilly or complex at the most. All you need is to have your own chopsticks ready, in addition to your DVD player, television set, and the of course, your remote.
This is a very funny and exciting game you can play with the whole family. This is the most fun part: using the chopsticks, everyone races to put their bet of fake plastic sushi to the bowl. They bet on the Banzai stunts. The DVD controls who are going to win the game. If you win, you get the sushi bets. If you are interested with this game, as I'm sure you will, you can buy it online via the game's website. You can even visit their MySpace site to learn more of this game.

ScreenLife Games is at it again.

They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:

September 16, 2008

You Lose Some, You Gain Some

I'm just done dealing with a potential client after like 10 hours of chatting with him. At the very start of the conversation, we were already having communication issues because of some inappropriate technical words or terminologies used. The project could have been a good resource of dollars...and mind you, could be enough to pay for my tuition fees and some personal needs. That is... if it went well. Because, it did not push through. Imagine talking with each other for 10 hours but in the end no deal was sealed? It was like, it was a precious time we could have both used for more productive things but ended up utilized on something that we didn't get anything in return.

But, no. I did not regret losing one potential to earn lots of money. We simply don't understand each other. I can't take it because much as I need money resources now, I can't risk on taking jobs that I know I can't deliver well because I didn't get the whole picture of what the client wants from me. I am blaming neither of us, because we both had our shortcomings. But, that's life. You lose some, you gain some. I lost a potential paying job, but I gained sleep and pressure-free time, plus the lesson of saying no if you knew you can't do it. I hope he will find a freelance worker though (he doesn't need a freelance writer, like me) who could give exactly what he wants. Right now, I can't risk my health and end up not working for the succeeding days for I might get sick due to one whole night sleep deprivation.

September 14, 2008

Pinoy Dream Academy Top 6 Winners! Bugoy Did Not Make It To The Top...

I am a Bicolana, so naturally, it came down as a disappointment when Bugoy Drilon (Bugoyan) was called as the 2nd Grand Dreamer of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2. I was really hoping that the native from Camarines Sur will emerge as the Top PDA Scholar, considering the fact that he had topped the class for a number of times and speculations were circulating that this Bicol native will emerge winner by landslide. Many also have anticipated Bugoy to be the ultimate winner, probably due to the fact that the Bicolano has always made it either second or to the top while Laarni Lozada (Losala) either ranked next to him or the spot before that, but never ranked before him. But in the end, it's the public who made the decision, so his impressive rankings amongst the top 6 scholar were not enough to help him bag the Grand title.

Surprise also hit me when Liezel Garcia came down as fourth placer. I was anticipating her to bag the third place, but Miguel Mendoza instead took it home. Liezel was a consistent Star Scholar, what with her unique and crystal clear voice, but I must say that her attitude does not fit a Grand winner. Despite her weekly achievement, she did not display a hint of confidence with her talent, and never believed in her capability. How many times did she doubt what she can do about her musical talent? While Miguel on the one hand, had showed little of that attitude. He has always been a gentleman all throughout, and worked with determination - probably the most reason why he won the hearts of many. So, congratulations to Miguel too for I knew he deserved it since he had worked hard from the beginning until the end of the scholarship program.
About the Grand Winner, I must admit that there was a strong contention between Bugoy and the Grand Dreamer PDA Winner, Laarni from Sultan Kudarat. As disappointed as I was at the recent turnout, I want to congratulate this provincial lass who dreamed big and made it big tonight. I knew she deserved it. Notwithstanding the many times how she showed her weakness, she rose with a vengeance, worked very hard (an understatement at that), and gave every scholar, including Bugoy and Liezel, a run for their money. It was a touching moment to see her broke down while singing her piece, Manalig Ka. And even a moving although amusing scene seeing her wailing while receiving her prizes.

This time rags-to-riches story did not appeal to the sympathy of the public, huh? Was it the endless wailing drama? Just asking;). Made me remember Sandara Park (don't you?), another wailing lass who joined and won second during the first Star Circle Quest season, also from ABS-CBN network.

Anyway, here are the top 6 winners in order of PDA Season 2 with vote percentage results:
1. Laarni Losala - 35.21%
2. Bugoy Drilon - 29.70%
3. Miguel Mendoza - 13.69%
4. Liezel Garcia - 13.36
5. Van Roxas - 6.06%
6. Cris Pastor - 1.97%

Again, congratulations to all the Grand Dreamers! Kudos!

September 13, 2008

St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants E-Learning Education

It is not a hidden fact that going to college can be extremely expensive venture. With colleges and universities charging thousands of dollars to students who wish to finish a degree, this can be quite frustrating to those who just can't afford the figure. Medical courses are one of the most expensive education programs one can get, so not everybody gets the privilege to enroll into one.

But here is the good news!

Medical assistants have always been at a great demand especially by the offices of health practitioners and professionals such as physicians, chiropractors, and podiatrists. Medical assistants earn a decent living by just keeping these offices smoothly running by simply performing administrative and clinical tasks. Now, the sweet thing is everybody can work as medical assistants without enrolling into an expensive medical education. In fact, you can get a medical assistant program in as little as 6-8 weeks. And that is what St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants is going to provide you. Without shelling out thousands of dollars and spending this amount for several years, you can get the Medical Assistant certificate and be hired by one of the mentioned offices.

The great thing is it can only cost you as little as $645 to get the certification. And wait! There's another great news for this. This medical assistant school is an e-learning distance school. Which means, you enroll and study at the comfort of your home, or anywhere you may happen to be - great thing for anyone who doesn't have time to go out. Medical assistant education and training certificate programs are available, so you can pick your choice. All education programs and training certificates are offered 24 hours 7 days a week and are handled only by the most efficient and qualified distance education faculty, advisors, and consultants so you get only the best value of education available online. This is extremely an efficient and effective chance to get into the medical world, with courses and subjects that are needed to master your skills and train your responsibilities.

You can secure yourself a job and be one of the highly-paid medical assistants as St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants is just one of the most reputable and trusted medical assistant schools available as of time. So, what are you waiting for? Take action now, register vial online registration form, start taking lecture and laboratory classes right in the comfort of your home, then get a high-paying job right away after completing the program and enjoy your life to the fullest with this great opportunity!

I hope Manny Pacquiao Does Not Commit The Same Mistake Again...

And you thought Manny Pacquiao has learned his lessons when he attempted and failed to enter the dirty world of politics during the past election? I had thought so too. But with recent murmurs that have been coming up at the newspapers and tabloids, it is clear that the POUND-FOR-POUND fighter hasn't. Talks are circulating that the boxing champ has secured himself a slot under the administration ticket. Which, honestly, gave me the chill. I refuse to imagine how those supposedly "political friends" of Manny are going to take advantage of his very vulnerable perception about "politics."

I'm sure no one has forgotten that Manny has lost in favor of the now Congresswoman Darlene Antonio-Custodio in his first attempt of coveting a Congressional seat. Manny is without a doubt the nation's much-loved boxing champ hero, but he was no match to Custodio's political power and dominance. That, I believe, should have been concrete testimonial to Manny that any of his political ambition would be better shelved than pursued.

Manny must have forgotten what happened. After the first failure, the boxing champ was supposedly furious because he didn't get what was due for him - the promised refund of political money he spentwasted on his campaign elections. The refund was supposedly to be given by a political figure/s purportedly very close to Manny. There was even the story of Manny withdrawing all his money from several banks in General Santos because he was very upset. Reportedly, the banks have to secure money from Manila branches because the fund was not enough. Yes, that's how rich Manny is.

I wonder what miracle had boomed that made Manny very motivated now to run for a political seat. Or, is it miracle itself? I doubt so. Some political personas from the opposition and even others from the administration have advised Manny against his political plans, urging the boxing champ to retreat before it's too late. Ordinary Filipinos have expressed their disgust over this news, saying Manny would be better off to remain as the boxing champ but not a political figure. Some political analysts also gave their opinions about it, one of which pointing Manny as too afraid to lose his supposedly new-found "trusted politicalpowerful friends" and he is enjoying this friendship that he really wants to plunge into the dirty world in order to continue this camaraderie.
picture sourced here
Personally, I really don't know what has gotten into Manny Pacquiao, but I do really hope he does not commit the biggest mistake once again by attempting to enter the politics. He should have learned the lesson three years ago. It's still a good 1 year and 8 months before the 2010 election. He still has enough time to back out.

How about you? What is your opinion about this issue?

September 10, 2008

Do You Wear Your Lingerie Sexy and Confident?

Okay, I understand. People don't see what you are wearing underneath your clothes so it is okay for you to wear whatever lingerie you pulled out from your closet. But are you comfortable with that? Does it illicit confidence from you? Now, is it not possible to get an ounce of confidence and sexiness by what lingerie you wear? Not at all. Lingerie is sexy, if you wear the right thing. Lingerie will make you confident, if you wear it sexy. In fact, I claim that a big part of confidence oozing from me is accountable to what I wear under.

Everyday, I choose with care what underclothes to wear. I don't simply get one that I can't be comfortable wearing together with the clothes/getup I don. I think of whether the undergarment will make me comfortable trotting around or that it will make me feel as if my bra and panty do not exist with my body. It is in this way why I can move around without worrying whether my bra strap is getting off its proper place or my panty lines have gone off their right line spot. And I tell you, I feel more confident when I don't think of my underclothes at all. When you're confident, you're sexy, right? Therefore, I am sexy because I am confident! lol!
If you want to indulge into this sexiness thing, make sure you wear the right lingerie. When we say the right lingerie, we say the comfortable and sexy lingerie. Speaking of comfortable and sexy lingerie, any woman should never forget where to get it. Boudiche got a wide range of Designer Lingerie, designer underwear, knickers, french knickers, swimwear, and others. You can even get bra in different sizes including D+ and GG cups. They got this amazing collection, such as Freya Lingerie and Fayreform Lingerie, which women of different sizes and ages can select from. If you want to indulge yourself into a feeling of exquisiteness, Boudiche is the lingerie store you should go.
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September 7, 2008

Christmas Season Is Almost Near

It's the first Ber month of the year, and before we knew it, Christmas is already fast approaching. I think I'm also starting to feel a little cold Christmas breeze now, although during the daytime the temperature can still go so impossibly high. And with the local FM radio stations starting to play Christmas songs and carols, there's no denying now the season is a mere three months away. *Sigh, I'm starting to miss My Other Half again:-(*

At school, we are already in the middle of the first semester of the year. When it ends come October, I still have 1 semester to go through. Just thinking of fighting the remaining months until I finish all subjects I had dropped many years ago, and graduate (am crossing my fingers here!) on April the following year makes me restless. I couldn't keep myself still. I keep on thinking of the next venture that I am about to undergo after graduating. Sometimes, the thought of going into a totally strange place and dealing with equally strange people and environment makes me nervous that in effect almost made me chicken out from my plans and goals. But I know I have to be brave, else, I wouldn't become the person that I should have been years ago. I couldn't let my fear and weakness consume me for the reason that I love my son, Yad, and my family so much that I am ready to sacrifice and do anything just so they would have a great and convenient life.

Now that Christmas season is almost here, I know it wouldn't be long till I accomplish those goals. Although at this time of year it always makes me a bit sad, because of the lost years and happy times, there is so much to hope for. In the past years, there were few Christmas seasons that brought me nothing but anxieties and depressions but I don't want to let that happen ever again with me. I am going to think of Christmas as a happy time when people are reunited, are giving gifts, are hugging and loving each other because Jesus Christ is now born to be here with us.

Hey, is it too early to greet you all a Merry Christmas?

'Coz, I just wanna wish that we all have a Christmas with so much love and grace.

On a different note, I want to greet HAPPY GRANDPARENT'S DAY TO ALL GRANDPAS AND GRANDMAS out there! I hope you guys already gave your grannies little gifts and love. :)My grandpas and grandmas on both paternal and maternal sides have reunited with Papa God, nevertheless, I want to send to them my love and greetings. I knew they are just there watching over us, especially my Papay Onofre.

It's past my bed time already, so I am wishing you now sweet dreams tonight!

Ciao and goodnight!

September 5, 2008

Shop and Have US Goods Delivered Right Where You Are Located

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So, now that you know it isn't impossible to enjoy the things or goods you want from United States, what are you waiting? You can hit those online retail stores now and start ordering those things that you so want before. Don't worry as Access US does not charge exorbitant shipping fees. Visit website to check the difference of this company from others. And, of course, enjoy your shopping at US!
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September 4, 2008

God Is Always Good...

While I'm on my way home from school after taking part of the midterm examinations, negative thoughts flood my mind. Perhaps, it was due to my low emotions habitually contributed by this flu which I haven't fully recovered yet. There were several things running in my brain, some of which are relationship and future career. It saddened me to think that at my age, I wasn't yet in a stage I had thought 10 or 15 years ago I would be. It slightly depressed me to remember that I haven't taken cared of my life's future as I was supposed to, that's why I'm still here planted in a time I should have finished dealing up with a long time ago.
But, you know, God is always good. Every time I feel this way, He opens my eyes when I am about to slip into a world full of regrets and sad thoughts. He lets me see things around so I would suddenly have so much to thank Him for. He warms my heart when anger and exhaustion are about to take over my consciousness so that I don't turn into a a person full of pessimism. He never permits me to be such. He showers me the love and care that I need, so that I don't give in to all these evilish thoughts. He embraces me so that when I feel alone, I end up feeling abundantly cared and loved for.

Whenever my emotions are so down because things have turned out not the way I wanted to, He guides me so I don't surrender with my fight to conquer my weaknesses. He whispers softly yet intently in my ears to tell me that He has plans for me. Good plans that would provide me the answers to the questions of the past. He talks to me so that I am reminded that no matter how many times I fail in every aspect of my life, there is something in store for me. Something that would complete me in the future. Something that would make my life more meaningful. And something that would define my existence here in a universe, called, Earth.

God Will Always Be Good...


September 2, 2008

Thank God My Fever Went Down Quickly

Thank God, my fever went down quickly after I've eaten this morning. So, as I have felt a little better after that, I thought there is no need to tell my family to send me to the hospital. Prayers work wonders, aight? But, of course, I still don't discount the fact that this flu might be something else. So come tomorrow, I will sure go to the school doctor and get a checkup. And tonight? I am going to start retiring to bed early and never compromise my health again. Thanks to people who have prayed that I recover quickly. Ciao!

September 1, 2008

My Fever Is High Now! :-(

I'm really sick now. My fever has gone up high. I thought I recovered a bit yesterday, but when I woke up this morning I'm feeling really hot now. I know, I know. Don't scold me. I just went to do this quick post so in case you don't see me doing posts here for the next few days, you'd know I might be at the hospital (Pray Lord, I won't! Please?:( ) and seeking treatment. Anyway, my family still don't know it, but I am going to tell them later to send me to the hospital if I don't get well for the next hour.

Folks, do pray that my flu won't get more than that and get serious to hell. My midterm examinations are just a couple of days away. As I've said in my previous post, I can't afford to lose them coz I don't wanna fail with my subjects. But more than that, I need to be strong coz I don't wanna see my son suffering because he knew mommy is not well. My family would get worried too if my condition gets worse. I don't wanna put a burden to them especially Papa who is already paying for my tuition fees. Please, help me pray I'd recover as quickly as possible and this illness that took over me since saturday is nothing serious. Please, Lord, please get me strong:( I believe in your powers to heal your sick children.