April 30, 2008

I got into a little vehicular accident!

Oh, wait! I am going to post about what happened when I got involved in a little road mishap, but not now. I'm fine now, but I'm still trying to get the trauma off me. Let me put the details here later, because right now, I gotta go and get something to put in my stomach. It's rumbling and I don't wanna feel worse than I am feeling right now. So, off I go! ciao!

I'm not joining them to Magayon Festival Fireworks Display!

My co-workers are going to take the night for fun because tomorrow is a holiday. Yes, May 1 is a Labor Day, in case you don't know it! lol! They are gonna witness fireworks display, which is done to conclude the month-long celebration of Magayon Festival, and take some booze to make them feel high with spirit. hehehe.

I have been into Magayon Festival night-out spot at PeƱaranda Park, Legazpi City twice when Epoy, a dear friend of mine, came home to visit Legazpi for some personal matters. I missed him dearly that he was able to convince me to join him and his other pals. On any ordinary days, one wouldn't be successful enough to try convincing me to go out, especially on a night-out. But since, it has been several months since I last saw him, we had two nights in a week to catch up with each other's stories.

Right now, they were asking me to join them. But I just don't have it... Going out for a drink or two is no longer my way of taking fun. I would rather spend the few hours having a good night's sleep. I would rather watch DVD movie with Yad, or just fiddle around with my PC at home. Fun for me now is doing things that make me grow up more, and not to get my sobriety level up and feel wasted in the morning thereafter.

So, guys! Just have fun! I know you'd all have it even without me. Just take those pictures and lemme see them next time... :-)

Sedentary lifestyle is no way good for me...

I got so many things to blog about, but it seems I got no time to do it. Funny, because I actually have so much time to do it, but I can't find myself getting the nerves to crop up my brain and start doing what must be done.... For example, right now, I know there are millions of things to blog about just waiting for me to post here, but I just can't set my mind straight to do it. I don't know what to put first and I don't know what things to set aside... Am simply having trouble prioritizing things. I have other tasks waiting for me to accomplish before the day ends, but as usual, I have no energy to do it all. Oh yeah! You'll find me now just sitting and staring at nowhere. Lucky enough that now, I am writing, though about nonsense things....

*sigh* I really gotta help myself up; but as usual, am a failure. Am a lazy, little creature trying to look busy but never accomplishes anything right on time... It sucks!

April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dexter Baldon!

Tomorrow, April 27, 2008, is Dexter Baldon's 30th birthday (hehhehe!peace, dex!).

But this afternoon, we feasted on the yummy foods that he provided on the table for all the employees here in MBSTEK-Legazpi to enjoy and celebrate his natal day. As expected, foods are palatable: pancit, fried chicken, and chicken sandwich, and chocolate + custard cakes (courtesy of MBSTEK-Legazpi family). Yum, yum! His dad cooked those for him. He always does. Ever since I was employed here, I always get to enjoy his culinary expertise whenever it is our Sup's birthday.

And yeah, you guessed it right! I'm so full now and I need to thank Dex for the snacks. Thanks, Dex! At the same time, I want to wish you long life, more happiness, and more contentment in life! I hope you'd always be the same Dex-cum-supervisor-cum-friend for all of us here. Of course, I wouldn't end this post without wishing you best luck for your LOVE LIFE! (Hello, Catheter!:-D)

Here's a toast to your lovelife and career!

April 19, 2008

What's More Scandalous Than The LadLad Cebu Youtube?

So, you thought, it is only about sex video scandals that you'd have to be careful not to get involved with and watched by millions all over the globe? In these days when high-technology is gradually prevailing and controlling our lives, everything private about you is no longer private once that technology got a hold on you. What I am particularly talking about here is pertaining to the recent local news that popped up early this morning involving a certain youtube video showing one homo patient apparently mocked and made fun of by his very own medical team while performing a certain rectal operation on him. You can find this news here. If you want to watch the video, you can visit youtube site.

Really now, the advanced world of the internet era has given us immeasurable amounts of conveniences. But in every good thing that we have, there's another to pay price with, right? But the online world makes us pay hell more than what we need. The victim of this latest prank (or would you really call it merely a "prank," when there are some people who are, although unintentionally, laughing at you because you are in a pretty much embarrassing condition?), is even sleeping and hoping to get treated at the time the whole "shooting" time transpired. That's one sick, offensive joke you got there, buddy! And, mind you, no one needs this kind of joke at all!The fact that this story is a very classic example where breaching of the policy regarding confidentiality between a medical practitioner/institution/hospital and patients happens makes it even worse!

So, what else do we get to expect from Youtube, or other video, and even photo sites? Tell me now, is there more sickening scandal you know of than this video of this person having an awkward anal operation and being viewed by the whole world? It's really a sick world we have here! In this highly-advanced century, you'll never know what's in store for you, as far as online world is concerned. But, I should hope now that this should serve as a lesson to everyone out there! Not only for the individuals but for those practicing professionals and insitutions.

India Through The Eyes Of An Indian

If you love India and you want more information about this great place, visit the site called, India Through The Eyes of an Indian.

April 17, 2008

Lakshmi The Rattler

When I visited the site of Lakshmi the Rattler, I can’t help but get envious that she had a nice layout, a far nicer site layout than mine. It’s so obvious that the owner is a woman. With the white background sprinkled with butterfly and wild flowerette images, plus the summery and pastel colors used on the rest of the details, there’s no denying it. And just judging at these details, it suggests that she is a happy, bubbly, and contented woman at that!

Another thing that got into my mind is that we had something in common here, white background. But while my blog white layout is yet to meet some re-arranging needs, hers was a very neat and organized one. I remember a comment made on my blog by a certain blogger, he said that only few bloggers can make a neat and organized blog site. But well, now? I am pretty sure that he won’t say the same thing if he found out how much nicer Lakshmi the Rattler blog is. I love the manner in which she arranged the details because it made the site so easy to browse, easy to skim, and so refreshing to the eyes. Just the thought of it makes me wanna go to the beach, strip off my clothes, and then plunge into the warm water...lol! (It’s summer season here in the Philippines, so I thought her blog design suits very much our vacation and relaxed mood here)

I knew lots of women blogger, and in fact most of them are my friends. But it’s either that their site was laid in black, gothic background or softer yet with darker colors, but never in white. So, chancing upon this blog of Lakshmi is a welcoming relief and I’m quite sure that I will come back for more updates of this site.

Magic of Illusion!

OMG, it's goosebumps I had after following the instructions below! Some may have tried this "magic of illusion", but others may have not. So, if you haven't, I want you to also experience the weird feeling I got after trying it. You try it to believe it! Go!

Here's the drawing illusion:

Here are the instructions:

1) Relax and focus on the 4 small dots at the center of the picture. Do this for about 30-40 seconds.
2) Then, allow your eyes to stare at a wall near you ( any smooth, single coloured surface)
3) You will see a circle of light and an image developing.
4) Blink your eyes a couple of times and you will see a figure emerging...
5) What do you see? Who do you see?

By the way, I got it from a fellow blogger, called wats. I asked permission from her if I could re-post it so my readers could also experience it. Click here to visit her site.

April 12, 2008


I clicked the website of BeNolSatuEm and found many interesting things to continue browsing with. The website says it is providing different media entertainment, including software, games, mp3s, e-books, movies, graphics, magazines, and even PC driver. I got interested with the website because I love reading books. A few years ago, I ditched the heavy hardbound or paperback book versions in favor of the much more convenient to read, e-books as I can read any of my downloaded books anytime with my pocket pc, Dell Axim X30.

So, because this website is telling that it got these things, I continued browsing it. But yet again, I got my time hooked by the first post that I chanced upon, which is about Nesox Email Marketer. According to reviews by BeNolSatuEm, it is a professional newsletter program with email marketing application. The management software is designed for list building, sending and tracking at your very own personal computer or laptop, and email campaigns creating. With these tools, this application is perfectly designed to help online businesses have a better relationship with their readers, visitors, clients, and customers.


I am posting this article for a fellow blogger called, NAGALLOYD. I opened his website and the first that caught my eyes is about KUAN FOOD FETISH, according to this writer is a site that features various reviews on all sorts of foods, specifically exotic foods found around the globe. Being a lover of fine cuisine and great tasting foods, I’m sure going to visit this site later and refer it to my daddy (another food lover!) if I found food reviews good. In the meantime, I explored his blog first. And I found other interesting details that caught my interest. Further clicking other links in the site brought me to the website of i.ph. Nagalloyd is apparently using this website’s services including being able to setup and run multiple blog accounts in one domain. But that is not all! Aside from giving you your own domain name (for instance, as my own, jirlie.i.ph… isn’t it great having your name in the domain?), it is offering full packages ranging from personalized mailbox to photo gallery capabilities and from full-featured blogging to webhosting. I think this is a good way to strike yourself up with your own place with full capabilities and applications, so I’m gonna visit the site sometime and consider myself getting my own i.ph domain.

April 11, 2008

Pinoy United - Filipino Magazine

It is not undeniable that a huge chunk of Filipino population can be seen in probably every corner of the globe. But whether they are working to earn double, triple or even more salaries as compared to what they normally earn here in the Philippines, or they are living permanently in their respected migrated lands, it is likewise undeniable that they sorely want to feed themselves with current news and issues from this homeland where their roots came from.

It is a good thing that there are various media tools all catered to local current events and issues that they can use such as newspapers, magazines, and television channels so they are always updated about what has been happening in the Philippines even when they are miles away. In addition, there are also online versions of these tools and apparently considered as the current most convenient and easiest way to remain connected with the Filipino homeland.

For even greater news, there is this site called, Pinoy United, an online Filipino Magazine which Filipinos working and living abroad can become a member by signing-up absolutely free of charge. It is like a social networking site which aims to connect all Filipinos worldwide, whether you are from the Middle East, Australia, Asia, Africa, or from USA, South America, Canada and Europe or UK. This is a great website that you bet I am going to disseminate to all my relatives and loved ones living and working abroad so they can sign-up with it and continue getting in contact with us.

April 10, 2008

Baby Lali The Duplicate Face of Saini Sunpura, India


Seen this news at GMA 24 Oras. I was astounded and speechless to see this duplicated face. 2 pair of lips, 2 pair of eyes, 2 noses, everything copied, except the ears! This child was born to two poor parents living in the village of Saini Sunpura, 25 miles east of New Delhi. She was called Lali and being worshipped by the local villagers believing her to be the reincarnation of a certain Hindu Goddess.

The parents said that their daughter is doing well, drinking with from her two mouths, opening and shutting all four of eyes at one time. According to the doctor, baby Lali is inflicted with an extremely rare condition called, craniofacial duplication.

April 8, 2008

A Very Special Gift from MY Yaddy!

I just wanted to post this piece of cut-out and paper. It may look insignificant but it is special for me. In fact, the most special gift I have ever received this year. In the past few months, I have collected myself gifts all coming from some dear friends and of course these are all special in their own rights.

But one thing that makes this piece of paper hold a very special part in my heart is it came from my Yaddy, my 10-year old son. We were watching our, or rather his favorite movie of the month, "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory," one fine weekend morning when suddenly he entered the room he shares with his Tito Jay, my youngest brother.
Moments after, he came out and handed me the paper. I thought it's just one of his paper wastes he is about to discard. Then he took it back, and I shrugged the item off. He went inside the room once again. Out he came, then handed me back the cut-out paper. He boasted off the "paper work art" he made and I offered him compliments for the efforts he did and I said it was beautiful. I thought it was just that.

But, apparently, he wasn't finished...

He pointed the letters he inked on the paper. As you can see in the picture, it says "Thank You." I asked him if it was for me. He said yes. Asked him again what was it for. He answered, "nothing." Said he just wanted to give me that.

Awww... my heart melted as soon as I realized that he did that for me. He wanted to thank me for something that I don't even know what was that thing. It made me consider for a moment, perhaps I've done him something good to make him happy?

Isn't that sweet? I really love you, My Yaddy! I hope you grow up into a fine man someday, just like how a fine young man that you are today. :-)

Stop Being Lazy!

I'm sleepy and want to sleep like the cat above yet I need to be up and finish my tasks before the day ends... Good thing, I got here in PC screen a YM window that an officemate, currently based at our Manila branch, sent just this morning:

"Never be lazy in your work, but serve the Lord enthusiastically. Romans 12:11 (NLT)"

Sure helps to remind me it is a nonsense and a sin being lazy.

Aileen Alcomendas makes sure she sends us our daily dose of spiritual vitamins just before work starts. I need bible verses like this one and Ai has always been so forward and patient as taking a little of her time everyday just so we are able to read passages even without visiting our bibles. It helps me in a lot other ways, so thank you Ai for your little yet significant doing. :-)

April 3, 2008

Shopping Cart Software To Boost Your Online Business!

People have already succumbed to the great conveniences that online technology has provided us. Virtually every routine that takes place in our everyday lives is anchored to the internet world making it not only extra convenient but less time-consuming for us. One of the easy things that allowed us to enjoy is the online shopping. With the internet, we do not necessarily have to go to the malls and shop on foot.

Since most of the individuals now rely on the internet technology especially as far as shopping is concerned, you need to have an accessible and friendly spot on the web for the online shoppers to easily find you when they need something to buy. In an online world where competition proliferates, it is important that you employ the kind of strategy that will let your online shopping store survive in the midst of more often complicated industry. It is for this reason why shopping cart software is introduced to become an essential part of your business.

But when it comes to installing shopping cart software, you don’t simply pick one application that offers you benefits but will make your online store clunky and cluttered in the end. If you don’t want to compromise, trust a reliable company that can provide your store genuine benefits. Ashop Commerce is the website that provides real solutions when it comes to shopping cart needs.

Stuck to the reputation of being a leading provider of hosted ecommerce software solutions, the one thing that you can do best for your online business is to install it with the software that Ashop offers you. Whether you are just about to start your business or you want to upgrade your shopping cart tool, you can be confident using the site’s software. There is nothing to worry since it is 100 percent search engine optimized, customizable, easy to set up, and most importantly, affordable.

April 1, 2008

Let Go Of Your Old Shopping Cart Software and Upgrade!

For more than three years now, I have been shopping online because I considered it currently as the most convenient way since I wasn’t always available with enough time to shop on foot at the malls. I also happen to find some things that I want to sell and naturally you’d guess I do it online. Yes, online selling is yet another project that I had no difficulty dealing with because of the flexible time and many opportunities I was presented with.

But I needed some great solutions to make the online store a convenient and friendly place for buyers to deal with. I consulted some friends and one of the best ways I happen to get from them is to utilize shopping cart solutions. They have asked me to search on the net what ecommerce software application will best suit my needs. Not long after, I came upon on this website that says it offers various services which are essential for internet savvy business individuals.

If you are doing the same thing selling stuffs online, you might be interested with the shopping cart software that I found with this website. The software has solutions that promise to make your online selling business a thriving one. From the research I made, the application is user-friendly enough and does not need any programming skills to have it running on your website. Furthermore, the software helps your website give better search engine rankings with the organic coding structure that it comes with.

In addition to the shopping cart solutions, you will be able to enjoy other services such as healthy web promotion, great choices of design services, domain registration, merchant accounts, tips and tools in ecommerce solutions, and affiliates. Whether you need shopping cart software to initialize your online business or upgrade the existing online website and get rid of its old clunky shopping cart, the solutions offered by ashopcommerce.com are your best options. In an era where competitors are dominating it, you need great ecommerce solutions like the one the software that I have found.

Busted Existence!

I wanted desperately to finish my bachelor's degree. It's what's keeping me from giving my life the meaningful reason. If I could just pull the year, so I'm off the university and ready to tackle my most awaited future plan - working and living abroad - i will. I promise you, i will! But i don't have that kind of power, so I won't!

I have been so stupid and careless in my early twenties as to not care about the precious years and months that all went by wasted and me busted up. Too late to realize these things, but I could only do so much at this time as to mend up for the wasted years. I need badly to get off the current world that I feel is closing in on me - in a fashion that is intoxicating and suffocating already. I need so badly to fly from this place to another land where I would have a new personality, a new life, and a new future. I need to start a new dimension of my personality. I want to get a new perspective in life and not keep this less meaningful existence.


Until I get my diploma, I am stuck to this so-called shallow world I belong to...