November 9, 2009

My 7th Month Pregnancy

I am now on my 7th month. I am starting to feel really heavy, though I really haven't had gained more than 5 lbs each month. As per my last weigh-in on Nov. 5, I was only at 110 lbs. My back is also starting to ache, perhaps from the weight inside my tummy. It is now easy for me to get tired whenever I am out just strolling at the mall. And unlike the last time, my baby is now stronger. She would do a 'somersault' inside my womb. She would kick really hard that sometimes the hit hurts and makes me gasp for some breath for a few seconds.

It has sometimes become uncomfortable for me, but I feel the fulfillment of being a mother nurturing her baby inside her womb. I must say that am enjoying all these inconveniences. Even the strong kicks and somersaults bring me unexplainable joy and pride in my heart. I can't describe the feeling every time she would move. I can't fathom the weird yet contented feeling whenever I feel uncomfortable because she feels heavy now. It's perhaps an emotion that only expecting women and moms can understand and share with me.

This is already my second pregnancy but it feels like it's my first, making me very excited to finally see and meet my baby girl. And the fact that Yad is also very excited for the baby to come out doubles my happiness and fulfillment. I can see it in his eyes whenever we would talk about her. He already has plans on how he would take care of his baby sister. I am thankful that he isn't the type of kids who get jealous whenever a new member of the family is born. He already talks about learning how to change diapers and how he would take care of his little sister.

Baby, we are happy that you came into our lives. You are a blessing that I know will keep our lives fulfilled, happy, and contented. You will become a reason for everyone of us to continue fighting whatever the odd is. You will become an inspiration to me, your Mommy, Kuya Yad, and Daddy D. We can't wait for you to come out into this world and share the goodness of what it can offer us. We love you, baby!

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