June 25, 2014

My First Take On Unemployedpinoys (UEP) Online Work

On my research and data entry tasks given to me by UEP (www.unemployedpinoys.com), I use Google to do the researches and then enter the data into excel. I don't do it daily as I have other occupation to attend to, but on my vacant day, I devote the whole day for this task alone. I'm still managing my daily time as there were other online and offline jobs that are coming but I am planning to devote at least 2-3 hours per day for the UEP tasks.

I know I won't be able to earn that much right now as I am still fairly new to this community, however, based on the other tasks that UEP is giving to the members, I am also awara that earning potential can become at lot promising especially if I take this job seriously.

For instance, if my membership level is upgraded and I become a blogger for them, the maximum potential to earn is Php5,000.00 per article, so that's a lot already. This is where I am excited the most because I am taking blogging activity seriously at this time. As you know, there is a lot of ways to monetize your blog, and UEP is aware of that too and giving their members that opportunity. I am new to UEP, but I am already loving you... Kudos for that!

For the skeptics, if salary is an issue why you are still having second thoughts in joining the UEP community, you might give your third thoughts for this. I am still not in the position to say so, but who knows, this might become a major income distributor to an individual.

Still yet to find that out, but as for me, I am definitely going for it as while I still don't see any potential of this homebased opportunity in the light of long-term issue, might as well grab the opportunity while it is hot. As what they say, strike while the iron is hot!

By the way, in case you changed your mind and you decided to join anyway, I would like to remind you that you cannot join by simply signing-up. You need an existing member to refer you to UEP, and that's the only way for you to have your personal dashboard too. For the new readers of my blog, please do a back-reading of my posts for the requirements and other details to become a member of this Pinoy-base technology community.

Here are my referral details:

ID Number: MI201405-1185
Member Name: Jirlie Bajaro

For more information, please do visit this UEP link and do not forget to read their terms and conditions too.

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