June 22, 2014

Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs For Pinoys (Online Work)

On my previous post, I have mentioned that you too can take an online research and data entry job at UEP or Unemploypinoys. Yes, that's right, it's for everybody out there who is at least 15 - 45 years old and who wants to have an add-on work-at-home job opportunity. Aside from this age requirement, you only need to have the following:
- Internet connection at home
- Laptop or desktop set
- Registration fee of Php350.00 for your own dashboard to be activated.
No Dashboard, No Work Opportunity!
You need to register as a member in order for you to receive weekly tasks for a year. A registration of Three Hundred Fifty Pesos (Php350.00) shall be required for your personal dashboard to be activated. The dashboard shall be your platform where you can see you task for the week and your earnings. Don't worry as this registration is done only once a year. This fee is used by UEP to sustain its system and resources while the members are using them for their work-at-home job.

In exchange of this fairly nominal fee, you get twenty-four (24) tasks which you will be working on a weekly basis for the whole year. The tasks would be entirely up to you if you want to take them as your part-time or full-time online job, as long as you complete each task at a given date of deadline of submission. You also have the option not to take the job, by which case, no payment shall be received from UEP. Theirs is a NO WORK, NO PAY POLICY, so better check first if you are amenable by this.

Explore their Website
I will be elaborating more about UEP on my succeding posts, but if you want more information, kindly explore their website, www.unemployedpinoys.com. After exploring the site and you decided to also join the program, please read their TERMS AND CONDITIONS here so that you would know what to expect before signing up.

Referral By Member
And oh, please be reminded that you cannot join the program by simply signing up. You need to be referred by an existing member in order for your application to be accepted. This is UEP's another way for the members to earn more. Since you are already in my blog, please use my details below for your referral should you desire to sign-up:
UEP Member ID: MI201405-1185
DTI Registration
If you are doubting about the legitimacy of this Pinoy-based community and the research and data entry job it provides to the Filipinos, don't worry, as this is purely legitimate and working. UEP is DTI-registered under the Business Name of SPLUNKEEZ INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, meaning this is not a scam. You can also take a look at the screenshot below:

photo credit: Seeking Savvy

If you have more questions, kindly leave comments below.

Earning Potential
I do not guarantee how much you will earn, as it depends on how frequent you would want to work on the tasks. However, earning potential is a maximum of Php2,100.00/week. Aside from the data entry jobs, you can also earn from blogging, off-site SEO linking, and referral. You can also get an incentive if you submit a well-placed, well-encoded reports. Salary is weekly and is sent via LBC courier.

Note: I have not received any earnings yet from this job as I have just started to work on my third task for the year and will be submitting my report on Thursday of this week. I failed to work on my first two (2) tasks as I was busy with other occupation; nevertheless, I am excited to continue working with the remaining twenty-one (21) tasks for the year and receive my weekly pays. As soon as I get my first payment, I promise to post a copy of the voucher.

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