June 3, 2014

This Blog Is Soo Back!

It has been a long time. I thought I would never be able to 'resurrect' this blog ever since I diverted my field of career (though I had not totally shunned this blog at all to the farthest part of my mind and I had always known that I will be back). And as you can see, I am so here now and I love it!

When I decided to end my Human Resource career of nearly three (3) years, I know that there is only one place I would love to go back to, the online world. Yes, you read it right! I am back to the world that I once so focused about. I miss my online writing gigs, the blogging projects, accomplishing surveys, and all the other online activities.

Yes, I am now officially a home-based online freelancer once again! I so love it and I am super excited for the months and years to come. Finally, I had my thoughts focused on one thing. I knew all along that the home-based freelance industry is where I belong, what with two (2) kids and a family to attend to. Plus, my other love, my dream of starting an entrepreneurial career is just around the corner. I knew it the moment I decided to drop my Human Resource career that this is the perfect time to get all my thoughts together and start working on that long-term goal.

So, good luck to me! This is the start once again!

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