June 10, 2014

Why I Dropped My Corporate Job And Went Back To Homebased Online Work

On my recent post, I was enthusiastic about going back to blogging which I have neglected for a few years after I took myself a traditional eight-to-five day job, as a Human Resource Department Head at a local distributor company. This company was the first to tap my services after I successfully completed my Bachelor's Degree, so I would forever be grateful to them for trusting and believing in me. However, much as how appreciative as I was for the opportunity and the trust reposed upon me by my former management to handle such crucial position, I was having concerns with this job:

  • Physically and mentally draining but pays little. The job consumed most of my time each day, leaving my energy drained at the end of the day (or rather night), and most of the time, with lesser to spend for my children. This was the most difficult part especially since my daughter has already entered pre-school and is now in her Kinder 1 stage.

    When I would come home at night from work, I would be so drained that I would go straight to my room to take a short nap and recharge; but, somehow, I would always end having long naps that there would be no more time for me to check on the progress of my daughter at school.

    Ignoring the times when my daughter needed me on her first stage of education was the biggest regret... because I was always depleted with energy to move up and about. The one-day off, Sunday, was used to be the only day to stay at home and rest so nothing left for other extra-curricular activities as well except to pay go to church.
  • Lesser time left for my other activities. With the time-consuming HR job, it afforded myself limited of my time, tied even... and this is one of the biggest disadvantages when we are working in a traditional office.

    To attend to other aspects of my life (social, relationships, spiritual, the quest to continue learning and improving oneself) was simply a luxury for me as major part of my time was confined to someone else's hours for me to get paid for a living.

    The job was a six-day-in-a-week routine and I was devoting 42% of my time at work; 30% to sleep (I needed minimum of seven (7) hours of sleep per day); and part of the 28% left was for my children and family; hence, very little for myself.
  • No future stability. I always knew that it would be impossible for me to enjoy maximum earning potential with this job as aside from the low pay, I didn't have extra hours to even take sideline or part-time jobs.
    Lots of sacrifices had been made, so I know I simply had to make a choice: TO LEAVE THE JOB OR NOT TO LEAVE THE JOB!

    After a lot of decision-making and meditation done, I had finally succumbed to the nagging inner voice inside my head, saying, "Go back to being a freelancer and do whatever you love to do and earn, and spend more time with your family at the same time!"

    And so, armed with dreams and visions vividly etched in my head, I finally mustered all my courage and gracefully said my goodbye to the Company.

    Of course, I went through the lengthy process of turning over my position and training my replacement after that. Nevertheless, it was all worth it. In fact, it was the best decision I had ever made in my entire career life if only because I have now more freedom of time to finally focus on my entrepreneurial self and maximize my earning potential by using the internet.

    After finally leaving the traditional office, I had set up my computer and internet set and initiated the entrepreneurial goals by resurrecting this blog and looking for a part-time homebased online job. This initial attempt landed me this research and data entry job*, my very first online job after quitting that office job.

    I had taken it as just a part-time online job as I'm more focused on getting myself a full-time online homebased job, specifically Virtual Assistant job, and hopefully soon, on opening my first small homebased business as well, plus whatever part-time traditional or online job that I can still squeeze into.

    Now, I'm all ready to start reaching for that dream, my goals and visions! The ball is entirely now in my hands! I have my own time, that I will manage without a boss constantly at my back, the opportunity to maximize my earning potential, while at the same time, looking after my kids and my family.

    Now, that's what I call real freedom to work on one's own time and not on other's. The perks of being a homebased entrepreneur!

    UNEMPLOYEDPINOYS COMMUNITY *Note: The research and data entry job that I was talking about is from www.unemployedpinoys.com, a Pinoy-based community that provides online homebased jobs to members, from data mining/entry to blogging tasks, with options to become part-time and full-time. I will write and explain more about this on my next post, but if you are also interested (yes, you can get this online job as well), kindly visit UNEMPLOYEDPINOYS.COM or UEP for more details.

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